Your Guardian Angels Have An Urgent Message About Your Life's Path!

"Never Be Disconnected From Your Angels...

Never Miss Out On Their SIGNS & BLESSINGS...
Never Deviate From GOD's PLAN For YOUR Life!"

Watch Until The End So You'll Learn How Your Angels Will Help You To RECEIVE MORE MONEY, RECEIVE HEALING... MEET YOUR SOUL MATE / TWIN FLAME and...

ALIGN With The Highest Path So You Can Embrace Your Destiny!

Are You Worried When You Struggle To Stay Connected With Your Angels? Are Negative Energies In The World Sabotaging You?

Dear one, if you're reading this now... it means that your angels have led you here with a very important message concerning your future. In fact, it is because of the overwhelming negative energies on the earth right now, your connection with your angels is weakening... sabotaged by the toxic energies the world is going through...

Because if you're disconnected from your angels now...

You are definitely MISSING OUT on all the guidance, beautiful blessings, and miracles they have to offer for you.

Your angels have been desperately trying to reach you because if you're don't stay connected with them, you'll encounter all these below as well as in the near future:

  • The negativity comes from evil spirits and is working through others so they are distracting your angel's connection...
  • Life overwhelms you with responsibilities as demands on your time, attention and effort continue to weaken your connection to your angels...
  • As your connection weakens, you'll feel more and more disconnected from God's plan to prosper you...
  • Lack of confirmation and certainty from your angels makes you second guess all your decisions you made
  • Ultimately you will miss out on countless money opportunities and beautiful relationships in life...

In spite of all those challenges, your angels want you to know that you're not alone.

In fact, the very reason you're reading this is that your angels want to help turn everything around.

That's right... in spite of your challenges with money, your health and your relationships or knowing God's plan for your life...

They know about your personal struggles and have guided you here to help you to connect with them.

By the time you read till the end of this letter, you'll learn how you can restore your connection with your angels...

So that you are fully aligned with God's plan for your life.

Pay Attention To The Signs That The Angels Sent To Guide Moses Through The Wilderness!

There is a story in the book of Exodus... where the Hebrew people traveled through the wilderness... towards the land God promised to Moses.

God sent a very powerful angel believed to be Archangel Metatron... who is associated with God's name.

Archangel Metatron traveled with God's people through the wilderness, acting as a personal guide through the following angel signs...

"By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night. Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people." (Exodus 13:21-22)

The Torah and the Bible says that when God sends an angel ahead of you, it is to shine a light upon your path and guide you through the wilderness.

Going against that sign is unwise... but following it... you'll find that blessings and miracles will soon follow.

You may be going through your own wilderness experience now... but rest assured that when you pay attention to the signs, you will be blessed just like God's chosen people when they follow God's plan.

Because the consequences for not being aligned with God's plan... is regret and lost because when the Hebrews didn't follow God's plan and paid attention to the signs given by the angels, calamity soon followed and their blessings were denied.

How Do You Know If You're Following The Right Signs? The Key Is In Raising Your Vibration!

If you are having a lot of misalignment in your life...

Your finances aren't doing well...

Your health isn't ideal...

Or your relationships are filled with disharmony...

It means that you're not aligned and you can't sense your angels.

You see, there's a reason why it's so hard for you to sense your angels...

Remember the story about God guiding His people?

In spite of all the blessings given to them, not keeping their eyes on God and His angels caused them to spend 40 years wandering around the wilderness.

You are experiencing a wilderness experience because when your vibration is too low, a painful year will feel like 40 years as you wander around feeling lost in the lower vibrations.

Angels are high vibrational beings who exist in the celestial realms.

They operate on a very different frequency compared to us.

Imagine a radio station...

If you want to hear the music, you have to tune in to the right frequency... otherwise, your connection will be fuzzy.

Likewise, if you are not tuned in to the right angelic frequency, you can't feel their guidance.

Even if your angels are always guiding you by sending you signs, blessings, and miracles...

Unless you are maintaining a strong vibrational match with them, you will be missing out.

The quality of your life will suffer when you're not aligned with your angels and you can't read their signs.

Removing The 3 Biggest Roadblocks To Having A Higher Vibration And Connecting With Your Angels...

There are three very big problems that cause us to experience vibrational drops all the time.

They are:

  • Worldly distractions - demanding schedules, toxins in the environment, and others' negative emotions!
  • Childhood traumas - it is hard to heal when you haven't dealt with your unresolved issues in life!
  • Lack of Mindfulness - it takes a lot of concentration to stay in a high vibration. This is a moment-to-moment battle!

Humanly speaking... there is only so much we can do. The flesh is weak and temptations are everywhere.

These challenges will constantly hold you back unless something is done.

Thankfully, your angels know about your weaknesses and they want to help you (but only if you accept their help because they are bound by the law of free will...)

Something more is needed... and here's the solution...

The Angels Have Revealed To Us What YOUR Life Would Be Like If You Follow 12 Major Signs In The Upcoming Weeks...

God is faithful. He has sent not 1, not 2... but 15 archangels to send you 12 different signs...

Archangel Metatron is here now to guide you through these 12 major signs. He is leading his band of angels with his mighty wisdom to help you.

These signs are your 'clouds and pillars of light' to help guide you through the wilderness of your life.

They want to bless you and prosper you if you will let them.

They want to help you overcome the lower vibrations of worldly distractions, childhood trauma and lack of mindfulness...

The signs they send, should you choose to embrace them will help you to do the following:

  • Make better decisions by awakening your intuition just as Moses followed God's command to lead God's people through the wilderness and make the right decisions
  • Receive God's messages for your life just as Archangel Gabriel sent a message to Mary regarding the birth of Jesus
  • Inspired signs to help you become more creative because you're made in the image of God - the ultimate creator
  • Finding your beauty as God sends His angels to renew you day by day
  • Finding the love of your life as the angels lead you to find your soul mate or your twin flame
  • Finding your inner peace even as Jesus calmed the storms, so will He calm the storms of your life
  • Receiving miraculous healings just as Jesus healed the woman with an issue with blood
  • Receiving protection from God so that no weapon formed against you shall prosper
  • Abundance and prosperity just as how God blessed Abraham, David & Solomon with riches
  • Knowledge and understanding the same way God blessed His followers with the 'gift of tongues' so you can learn things at a much faster rate
  • Guidance for life your life filled with purpose directed by God's plan for your life. You can trust in Him as He sends His angels to guide you on His sacred paths
  • Help with Divine wisdom just as He has blessed Solomon with great wisdom to become one of the greatest kings in Israel

These 12 major signs are here to guide you and help you to do the most important thing:

Raise your vibration so you can connect with each Archangel and receive their blessings and miracles in 12 major AREAS of your life!

Who Are We And Why We Can Help You?

Welcome to Celestial Inspiration. Our angelic channelers have helped tens of thousands of angel enthusiasts like you... to strengthen your connection with angels since 2014.

Angels have called us to serve humanity by spreading love and light on the planet. We do it through our invocations, meditations, prayers, music, and guided audios.

Our mission and purpose is to bring you back to that Divine connection...

Our Angelic channelers are also ready to help you to work with angels that will align you back with God's plan.

Through The Right Angelic Channelers... You Can Have A Strong Connection With Angels In Minutes!

Life happens. We get so busy in our day. We’re distracted by a thousand things. That is why you must use the right tools to save time.

All you need to do is leverage the work on an angelic channeler.

That's right... the messages you're reading now, the messages of your angels... all came through our an angelic channeler.

Like Moses, angelic channelers are the great intercessors between people and the angels.

Angelic channelers know how to access angelic frequencies... experienced ones work with angels to help you raise your vibration in a fraction of the time.

They spend hours, even days at times immersed in the presence of the angels through hours of meditation and concentration.

They receive direct guidance from archangels... they record their transmissions so you can experience them without spending hours yourself.

To help you connect with angels for only a fraction of the time, this is where we come in...

How Our Tools Strengthen Your Connection With Angels?

At Celestial Inspiration, you get to leverage the work of a powerful angel energy channeler who are:

  • Fluent in speaking the language of angels
  • Understands the celestial realms
  • Guided in many disciplines of helping souls on their journey
  • Able to directly translate thoughts, advice, memories, feelings, or energies of angels for you!

Our angel guides will bring this advice, energy, and wisdom to the comfort of your home.

You might get a minor thought that appears in your head... a deep emotion in your heart... a soothing sensation in your body and the moving of your spirit from your angels.

With our powerful guided invocations and meditation for angel channeling... you'll have a solution and exact guidance for any challenge or goal in your life.

You'll experience a very personal experience between you and your angels. You'll save time and energy as our immersive audios work deep into the level of your soul.

People Who Have Their Lives Transformed By These Tools...

Henry had been contemplating quitting his current job... because of the unfair treatment, he gets from his co-workers and immediate supervisor.

He kept getting the bulk of the work as his co-workers ask him for favors. And slowly, he found he wasn’t happy with his work life anymore.

In the beginning, he just wanted to be accepted and be friendly with his peers but these occurrences made him feel lonely and tired.

After working with the Celestial Library Program, he was able to connect with his angels and his true powers.

He realized how important it is to set boundaries for himself so people would not take his kindness for granted.

Right now, Henry’s integrated state helped him communicate his needs and boundaries so he could get the treatment he deserved.

Eva was a struggling single mother who had been suffering from many health issues for so long.

She believed in the providence of his angels and prayed to them for help. However, her health issues persisted despite the temporary cure she found from her doctors.

Slowly, she got swamped with her daily hustles that she couldn’t keep a consistent connection with her angels and it set her to a low vibration state as she felt hopeless and helpless with her situation.

However, after using the Celestial Library program for 30 minutes every morning, she was able to find the best alternative for her healing process.

Eventually, she found different ways to heal her energy and consequently her physical health.

Right now, she has been living her best life with her kids and all because she had worked on her integrated state and aligned his vibration with the Divine.

Mia had always been known to give so much love without question and yet she had always felt empty.

She realized that she had been giving love without loving herself and it made her question her worth.

When she started using the Celestial Library program every morning, she started to correct her idea of what love really is and how she should love herself and others.

She discovered the love of her angels and she started fine-tuning her vibration so she can start loving herself as she deserved.

Starting the program showed her the happiness she never dreamed of.

She learned to love herself more and in return she found it easier to love others and get love in return. She doesn’t feel empty anymore.


The Celestial Library

The World's Largest Collection Of Angel Resources And Tools!

Here at Celestial Inspiration's Celestial Library, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding specific guidance in any moment for your life... big or small, there's NO QUESTION we don't have a tool that you can use to guide you.

Our tools will help you to receive blessings and experience miracles in your life.... you'll receive not one solution, not two solutions...

But 12 different major signs leading to blessings and Divine solutions ensuring that your life will never be the same again!

Like Metatron being the archangel of Wisdom, we've discovered that each of the 15 archangels work specifically with each area of life. (E.g. Michael with protection, Raphael with healing, Ariel with receiving money, Gabriel with receiving God's messages...)

Each archangel guiding you on each area is not only the 'theme' but guides you specifically in that area.

We cover a broad range of topics so that when you need the help of your angels to resolve a certain challenge... guidance to make the best decision... or seeking an angelic blessing for a situation, you can ask for a sign for different areas of your life.

These solutions contain angel invocations and meditations... each designed to strengthen your connection with that angel... as well as understanding each of their messages for your life.

Because each area of life carries a certain energetic vibration... each area of life has an angel in charge that will be your guide so you can receive more blessings and miracles.

Because of the sheer volume of this collection, it is not 12 products but 12 product bundles in the world's largest collection. There are enough tools in each area of life to last you for an entire year if you just focus on spending a month working on each area!

Here are each of the 12 signs, their corresponding angels, and what they will do for you...

Major Sign No.1 - Intuition Initiation Signs:

The Blessings Of Awakening Your Psychic & Intuitive Powers From Haniel & Raziel

The 1st sign is the sign of enhancing your intuition so you can make better decisions guided by your angels.

When you’re having challenges trusting yourself... regret most of the decisions you’ve made in the past... and wish to make better decisions in the future, or you just want better guidance in your life: Use Our Archangel Haniel & Raziel Audio Tools To Enhance Your Intuition!

Haniel is the high priestess of grace and feminine spirituality. Haniel is the embodiment of intuition in the feminine sense. She helps you to develop your clairvoyance and intuition.

Along with Archangel Raziel, he is the angel of mysteries and keeper of spiritual secrets. Together, they form the 'spiritual duo' to help you raise your intuition and help you to see the future.

Here's what the tools contain:

  • Seeking Guidance To Make Better Decisions
  • Receiving Guidance, Blessings And Signs For New Opportunities
  • Make Clearer Decisions By Activating Your Clairvoyant Abilities
  • Enhancing Your Psychic Powers And Opening Your 3rd Eye
  • Strengthening Your Intuition To Stay On Course For Your Life's Path
  • Awaken Your Psychic Powers To Enhance Your Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Muscles
  • Creating Infinite Possibilities Of Your Most Ideal Life Path
  • Visualizing Your Ideal Future And Witnessing Your Greatest Life Unfolding
  • Awaken Your Full Intuitive Power Through Archangel Raziel And Haniel
  • Enhance Your Intuition With The Powers Of Archangel Raziel And Haniel

Using our Haniel & Raziel audios, it will open up doors of opportunity for you. You will receive the guidance to make the best decisions!

Major Sign No. 2 - Authentic Expression Signs:

Receive The Blessings Of God's Messages For Your Life Through Archangel Gabriel & Sandalphon

The 2nd sign is the sign learning how to understand the messages you'll receive from God's angels.

If you want to learn how to influence... move others with your words or tell better stories that mesmerizes others... or even a burning desire to fight for a cause: Use Our Archangel Gabriel & Sandalphon Audio Tools To Enhance Your Ability To Express Archangel Gabriel is the most popular messenger angel.

If you need to communicate something important with someone or to a group of people... this messenger will help you to find the perfect words.

That's why he works great with writers, artists and teachers. You can call upon Gabriel to help you to find your message. Together with Archangel Sandalphon, he delivers your prayers up to Heaven.

Here's what the tools contain:

  • Finding Your Voice & Sharing Your Message
  • Discovering Your Life's Message & Meaning Through Receiving Angelic Messages
  • Expressing Your Truth & Your Authentic Self
  • Opening Your Expression And Improving Your Powers Of Communication
  • Connecting With Your Anointed Voice To Speak Your Divine Truth With Love
  • Light The Spark Of Inspiration To Become An Embodiment Of Divine Expression
  • Integrate The Energy Of Your True Self And Express Your Purest Nature
  • Personify Your Purpose And Express Your Authentic Expression

Connecting with Gabriel & Sandalphon will help you to express better and leave your legacy!

Major Sign No.3 - Inspired Creations Signs:

Receive The Blessings Of Career Prosperity With Archangel Uriel Guiding You With Inspiration & Creativity

The 3rd sign is the sign of receiving inspiration to awaken your creative force.

If you want to become your own boss... be in charge of the projects you love... or you love to create things with your hands, have a wild imagination that you can’t wait to unleash: Use Our Archangel Uriel Audio Tools To Get Inspired And Create!

Call upon Uriel to help you come up with new solutions and ideas. Uriel helps to enlighten your mind with insights and epiphanies... so you'll be able to use his gifts in your creative endeavors.

Here's what the tools contain:

  • Get Inspired And Receive New Ideas For Your Creations
  • Kickstart Your Creative Endeavors And Projects
  • Finding The Right Resources For Your Plans And Designs
  • Manifest Your Dreams And Visions Into Reality
  • Igniting Your Inspiration & Highest Creative Path
  • Receiving Clarity And Motivation For A Passionate Career
  • Trusting The Divine To Provide So You Can Create Your Grandest Creations
  • Creating Infinite Universe With The Energy Of The World Builder

Using these tools will help you to connect with the Divine creator's energies so you can create great things with your hands!

Major Sign No.4 - Blissful Beauty Signs:

Receiving The Blessings Of Archangel Jophiel Guiding You To Reinvent A More Beautiful You And Bring Order To Your Life

The 4th sign are beauty signs - signs that will help you to become a new creation and make your world a better place..

If you want to reinvent yourself, feel seen by others... find the hidden gifts in your life and make a better contribution to the world... or you’ve come a long way and you’re ready to make a comeback: Use Our Archangel Jophiel Audio Tools To Enhance Your Beauty As the angel of beauty, she is the perfect angel to call upon.

Her beauty blessings will help you boost your positive thoughts about life... She'll also give you positive feelings about people and positive emotions about the beautiful things in your life.

She is also a 'organizing' angel who can help you to reorganize and declutter your home. With her help, you will be able to find more beauty in your household.

Here's what the tools contain:

  • Experience Divine Beauty So You Can Experience Love & Joy In Life
  • Receive Gifts & Beauty By Embracing Your Divinity
  • Developing Self Acceptance By Discovering Your Inner Beauty
  • Beautify Your Surroundings With The Power Of Organizing
  • Create Beauty And Structure In Your Life
  • Recognizing The Power Of Your Divinity And Releasing Negativity
  • Stepping Into Your Light And Awaken Your True Beauty
  • Transforming Yourself So You Can Be The Most Beautiful Version Of Yourself

These tools will greatly help you with sleep, energy levels, your mood and these will contribute to your outer beauty as well!

Major Sign No.5 - The Eternal Bond Of Love Signs:

Receiving The Blessings Of God's Chosen Life Partner For You Through Archangel Chamuel & Raguel

The 4th sign will lead you to your life partner (or if you're already in a relationship, to... make that romantic connection filled with even more passion...)

If you want to find your happily ever after... find your soulmate or twin flame... or if you’re already in a relationship and you want to strengthen your bond to the level of a soulmate or twin flame: Use Our Archangel Chamuel & Raguel Audio Tools To Feel More Love Archangel Chamuel is as the angel of unconditional love.

If you need help to find a soul mate or a twin flame, you can call upon Chamuel to help you find your true love. He can bring a lot of love into your relationships with other members of your family and friends as well.

Along with Archangel Raguel, he can help you resolve misunderstandings and disharmony. If arguments abound in your relationships or you need help with forgiveness... Raguel is the perfect angel to call upon to restore harmony in your life.

Here's what the tools contain:

  • Experiencing Deep Love As You Let Go Of Fear And Pain
  • Restoring Harmony And Balance In Your Relationships Through Celestial Love
  • Opening Your Heart To The Healing Energies Of Love
  • Clearing Love Blocks In Your Heart Chakra
  • Building Peaceful Relationships Through Being A Giver & Receiver Of Love
  • Creating Romantic Experiences With Your Loved Ones
  • Activating The Energies Of Divine Unconditional Love Within You
  • Experiencing The Highest Forms Of Love With Your Angels

Through using these tools, you will find that even if you need help meeting new people, Raguel and Chamuel will make a way to send you your soul mate or twin flame!

Major Sign No.6 - Perfect Peace Signs:

Receiving The Blessings Of Archangel Azrael Guiding You Find Your Peace To Overcome Stress & Worry

The 6th sign is the sign of finding your inner peace and calming the storms of your life.

If you want to find your peace, reduce the stress in your life... find your flow so you can be more effortlessly productive... or create more serenity and tranquility every single day: Use Our Archangel Azrael Audio Tools To Connect With Your Peace Azrael is also the angel that will bring you peace to your most challenging emotions.

He not only moves you forward from grief, he helps you dissolve anger, guilt, shame, and pain.

Here's what the tools contain:

  • Relieving Stress And Letting Go Of Grief
  • Finding Your Peace And Comfort
  • Rest Better And Cultivate Your Inner Calmness
  • Transforming Your Worst Pains Into Your Greatest Powers
  • Surrendering Control To Become Who You Were Meant To Be
  • Transmuting Your Grief Into Your Glory In Life
  • Living By The Flow Of Divine Peace
  • Being One With Inner Peace So Everything Falls Into Place

These tools will help you experience constant flow of peace and harmony even if you're struggling in life.

Major Sign No.7 - Health, Healing And Happiness Signs:

Receiving The Blessings From Archangel Raphael That Your Healing Is Coming And You'll Be Blessed With A Long & Vibrant Life

The 7th sign are powerful healing signs from heaven's celestial doctor.

If you want to find healing for your life especially if you’ve had challenges with illnesses... or you want to improve your health and your body so you can look and feel fit, or improve your vitality: Use Our Archangel Raphael Audio Tools To Receive Your Healing Raphael is the Celestial doctor of heaven.

If you need healing, call upon him and he will send you his aid. He will also keep you safe so you won't fall sick during traveling.

He can also send healing to your loved ones as well. If you need vitality, call upon him.

Here's what the tools contain:

  • Healing Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually
  • Activating Your Healing Light To Strengthen Your Vitality
  • Clearing Blocks And Barriers To Your Healing
  • Embracing Mindfulness And Balance In Life
  • Revive Your Energetic Body So Deeper Healing Will Begin
  • Aligning With Optimal Health & Wellness
  • Awakening Your Healing Abilities
  • Embracing Your Gifts Of Being The Healer's Healer As The Embodiment Of Life
  • Finding Your Reason to Live Long and Prosper
  • Achieve Optimum Health & Longevity With Archangel Raphael
  • Restoring Your Health, Vitality And Energy With Archangel Raphael's Help

These tools you will help you to live long and prosperous life!

Major Sign No.8 - Power & Protection Signs:

Receiving The Blessings Of Archangel Michael Guiding You And Protecting You With His Sword, Shield And Wings

The 8th sign is the sign is a powerful protection sign from the leader of the Archangels.

If you want to feel safer in the world, be protected from bullies in life... or strengthen your personal power or protect others from harm or become stronger: Use Our Archangel Michael Audio Tools To Enhance Your Power And Receive Protection Michael is the most popular archangel for a reason - he protects and he empowers you. He can protect you over any aspect of life or situation you can think of.

Whenever you need physical protection... whether protection of your belongings from theft... your professional reputation or even from negative people on social media... he can help you.

He is an angel of strength for a reason because he is the most powerful archangel who will help you to charge forward in life.

Here's what the tools contain:

  • Releasing Your Fears And Lower Energies
  • Receiving Protection From Archangel Michael
  • Activating Your Inner Strength With Powerful Energies
  • Embracing The Empowerment Of Your Inner Warrior Or Goddess
  • Having The Courage To Face Difficult Challenges
  • Receiving Powerful Guidance To Face Great Challenges
  • Awakening And Stepping Into Your True Power
  • Embracing Your Extraordinary Strength And Infinite Possibilities

Through using these tools you will learn how to connect with Archangel Michael and receive his constant protection and guidance!

Major Sign No.9: Abundance Awakening Signs

Receiving The Blessings Of Archangel Ariel Guiding You To Receive Money, Abundance & A Prosperous Life

The 9th sign is are rich, abundant signs from the steward of God's resources - Archangel Ariel.

If you want to manifest more than enough money in your life... put an end to scarcity or fear of having not enough resources, or become a giver and a provider in the lives of others: Use Our Archangel Ariel Audio Tools To Receive Abundance & Prosperity Ariel is the angel who is the closest to earth and nature and she can help you with your material needs... such as money, food, resources and protecting your home.

If you are in a very difficult financial situation, Ariel is here to help by sending the right people to your doorstep. She also takes care of your plants and animals as well.

Here's what the tools contain:

  • Receiving The Energies Of Abundance
  • Manifesting The Right Resources So You'll Have Everything You Need
  • Develop An Abundance Mindset And Becoming More Resourceful
  • Manifesting Great Opportunities By Strengthening Your Root Chakra
  • Receiving Providence & Protection For Your Resources
  • Developing Abundance So You Can Take Care Of Others
  • Awaken Your Magic To Enjoy Having More Than Enough
  • Living A Life Of Providence And Prosperity
  • Connect With Your Angels And Let Prosperity Flow Through Your Life
  • Raise Your Wealth Vibration With The Help Of Your Angels
  • Receive Money & Abundance Blessings From Your Angels

Through using these tools you will be able to deepen your connect with Archangel Ariel and receive overflowing abundance in all areas of your life!

Major Sign No.10: Divine Knowledge & Mastery Signs

Receiving The Blessings Of Archangel Zadkiel Guiding You With Divine Knowledge And Learning Abilities

The 10th sign is the sign is a sign that will help you remember who you are.

If you want to become smarter or more intelligent... develop the skills to improve your memory... learn faster, master skills better or become the best there is on your chosen path: Use Our Archangel Zadkiel Audio Tools To Receive Divine Knowledge And Understanding Zadkiel is known as the angel of remembrance. He can help you to find a higher level of freedom as you pursue your skills and your goals.

He can help you to remember who you are and awaken your inner genius... so you'll be able to learn things faster, remember better and become a master on your path. Look at him as your Divine teacher especially if you're a student.

Here's what the tools contain:

  • Activate And Improve Your Learning Abilities
  • Strengthening Your Memory And Learning Retention
  • Exploring Infinite Possibilities For Your Mind And Thoughts
  • Releasing Past Regrets So You Can Gain New Knowledge
  • Connecting With Divine Knowledge To Master New Skills
  • Awakening Your Divine Intelligence & Your Greatest Expertise
  • Activating Your Inner Genius & Embracing Your Gifts
  • Master Skills On Any Path You Are On

These tools enable you to access Archangel Zadkiel's violet flame and healing power of transmutation so you can release blocks and past troubles that are holding you back from pursuing your Highest Path!

Major Sign No.11: Crystal Clarity Signs

Receiving The Blessings Of Archangel Jeremiel Guiding You With Clarity, Certainty & Living Your True Purpose & Destiny!

The 11th sign is the sign that you'll find your life's purpose and your destiny.

If you want to get clarity on your own life... especially if you feel lost and confused about your life’s direction... or to find your purpose on earth or you’re ready to embrace your destiny: Use Our Archangel Jeremiel Audio Tools To Find Clarity & Receive Confirmations Jeremiel specializes in a great review of your life so if you don't know where to go, Jeremiel will lead the way. He has clairvoyant and spiritual visions to use in order to guide you on your life's journey.

Ask him to help you and he'll give you clarity and certainty.

Here's what the tools contain:

  • Receiving Clarity For Your Life's Purpose
  • Gaining Certainty When You're At A Crossroad In Life
  • Giving Yourself A Life Review To Gain Clarity With Life's Choices
  • Connecting With Your Divine Purpose By Activating The Crown Chakra
  • Having Faith You're On The Right Path By Surrendering To The Divine Plan
  • Receiving God's Guidance So You're Aligned With God's Plan
  • Receiving Foresight So You Can Plan Your Life Clearly
  • Embracing Your Greatness And Living Your Destiny

These tools will help you find clarity about your highest purpose and your destiny by learning about the divine plan for your life so you will never feel lost about your life’s purpose ever again!

Major Sign No.12: Wisdom & The Quest For Self-Mastery Signs

Receiving The Blessings Of Archangel Metatron Guiding You With Divine Wisdom And God's Highest Plan For Your Future

The 12th and final sign is by the very angel who have led the Hebrews out of the wilderness - the same angel who will help you to bring everything together.

If you want to become a wiser person or access the infinite wisdom of the cosmos... or to become a teacher and guide others to live a better life or build a legacy of wisdom: Use Our Archangel Metatron Audio Tools To Receive Divine Wisdom & Enlightenment Metatron is the angel of sacred geometry and he uses Divine law to the utmost advantage to help you.

His Merkabah Cube is also made in the shape of sacred geometric proportions. Meaning, He can clear your energy to give you the wisdom you need for your life.

Here's what the tools contain:

  • Gaining Great Understanding And Recognizing Divine Patterns
  • Accessing Divine Wisdom In Your Life
  • Receiving Spiritual Understanding From Archangel Metatron
  • Understanding The Guidance Received From The Universe
  • Finding The Most Optimal Timeline For Your Soul's Trajectory
  • Understanding The Meaning Of Life By Embracing Wisdom
  • Activating The Divine Wisdom That Is Already Within You
  • Awakening Your Path To Ascension

These tools will help you access Metatron’s divine wisdom through his cube & merkaba star to activate your own highest wisdom so you can be in sync with the highest timeline for your soul’s journey!

More Life Transformations...

"I finally found the missing link of my abundance manifestation efforts in this program."

I have tried a few manifesting methods, but there was always a missing element in it. I finally found the missing link of my manifestation efforts thanks to the power of the Celestial Library. It really helps me to stay connected with my angels longer. Thank you!


"It changed my energetic field and helped me heal emotionally, spiritually, and physically."

This program has brought so much peace and beautiful energy vibration in my life that it also changed my energetic field and helped me heal emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


"This program has helped raise my vibration helping me to find confidence and self-love that I am able to attract the love of my life."

I never had a boyfriend ever since and I wonder if I’ll ever find one. This course has helped raise my vibration helping me to find confidence and self-love that I am able to attract the love of my life.


How Much Do These Tools Cost?

With so many successful students finding their path with and embracing new possibilities in their lives, you’re probably wondering how much this course is going to cost.

Here’s a breakdown of the investment of each module.


With our Intuition Initiation signs and blessings, you will gain the following:

  • You can live a guided life.
  • Live your life without regrets.
  • Make the best decisions in your life.
  • You will never lose any opportunity coming into your life.
  • You can easily make decisions.

Original Price: $199

With our Authentic Expression signs and blessings, you will gain the following:

  • Become confident in showing who you really are.
  • You can confidently tell your truths to others.
  • You can inspire others with your story.
  • You can express yourself without being misunderstood.

Original Price: $199

With our Inspired Creations signs and blessings, you will gain the following:

  • You can confidently take charge of big projects.
  • You can create the life that you want.
  • You can turn your ideas into reality.
  • You will never lose inspiration anymore.

Original Price: $199

With our Blissful Beauty signs and blessings, you will gain the following:

  • You can create a beautiful life
  • You can become confident in your own skin.
  • You can organize your life towards success

Original Price: $199

With our Eternal Bond Of Love signs and blessings, you will gain the following:

  • You can easily attract your soulmate
  • You can heal from your past relationship traumas
  • You can become the best lover.
  • You can make any relationship work

Original Price: $199

With our Perfect Peace signs and blessings, you will gain the following:

  • You can better manage stress
  • You will never be overwhelmed by anxiety
  • You can create peace in your life

Original Price: $199

With our Health, Healing And Holistic Happiness signs and blessings, you will gain the following:

  • Reclaim your youthful vitality
  • You can live your best life
  • You can improve your inner healing
  • You can always be on-the-go to chase your dreams

Original Price: $199

With our Personal Power And Protection signs and blessings, you will gain the following:

  • You can demand to be respected
  • You can create strong personal boundaries
  • You will be able to say ‘no’ whenever you want
  • People will never take advantage of you ever again

Original Price: $199

With our Abundance Awakening signs and blessings, you will gain the following:

  • Attract wealth with your every action
  • Manifest the life that you always wanted
  • You can get out of the scarcity cycle
  • You will recognize and take great money opportunities

Original Price: $199

With our Knowledge And Mastery signs and blessings, you will gain the following:

  • You can learn anything immediately
  • You can become the master of your life
  • You will know your capabilities and will create better opportunities
  • You can take advantage of your skills to get the job you want

Original Price: $199

With our Crystal Clarity signs and blessings, you will gain the following:

  • You will know what steps to take in life
  • You will never be confused or stuck in life
  • You can be confident about your future
    You are divinely guided

Original Price: $199

With our Wisdom And The Quest For Self Mastery signs and blessings, you will gain the following:

  • You can make the best decisions to achieve success
  • You can heal from your past mistakes
  • You can be brave to face the consequences of your actions
  • You will have the wisest decisions

Original Price: $199

So with all these 12 product bundles...

Each of the 12 Bundle Having 8-10 specific tools Costing $199... so the grand total all the bundles added together will cost $2,388!

You're not going to pay anywhere near that price.

We originally wanted to sell each product separately because we wanted our customers to focus on one area of life at a time.

But we found that our customers will GREATLY BENEFIT from having 12 blessings for 12 areas of life rather than just 1...

So after debilitating and wondering what's best for you...

We decided to combine all 12 bundles in to one giant collection...

And charge you, NOT $2,388... Not even $999 or even $499...

We want to make this as affordable as possible...

We want you to receive EVERYTHING and connect with ALL ARCHANGELS to receive guidance, blessings, and miracles... for ONLY $127!

Select from the two payment options below to start immersing yourself in the angelic energies now!

The Celestial Library

Your Angels Are Waiting For YOU!

As powerful as your angels are, they are bound by the law of free will and will not intervene with your free will.

You will only be able to access his power if you choose to open yourself to him.

Now, there are three options:

  • You can go back to the way your life is forgetting you’ve read this letter
  • You can figure it out on your own, trying to maintain a high vibration by yourself and battle with all the difficulties of staying strong in the modern world
  • You can give this a try for a very low price and a risk-free money-back guarantee. You will have all the tools you’ll need saving you from all the guesswork of figuring it out on your own.

I’m sure by now you’ll know that the 3rd option is the most feasible way to enhance the power in your life.

If you've been wandering in the wilderness of your own life, know that God has sent you 12 signs... 12 signs that you will be brought out of this.

Buy now! It’s risk-free!

Don't Be Like The Man Who Drowned Because He Denied God's Signs For Help 3 Times...

There was a man stuck on the rooftop in a flood.

He prayed fervently for God to help him.

Another man in a rowboat came by... shouted him saying, “Jump in, I can save you.”

Though stranded, he shouted back, “It's alright - God will come and save me.”

Then a motorboat came by. “The fellow in the motorboat yelled, “Jump in, the water is rising and you need to get to safety.”

To this the stranded man said, “It's okay... I am praying to God and I trust that he is going to save me. I have faith in His power.”

Finally a helicopter came by and the pilot shouted down, “This is your last chance to get off - the water has risen up to the roof and you have to get up.”

Once again, the stubborn man replied, “God will save me! I don't need to go up.”

Finally the man drowned and he went to Heaven.

He met God and angrily exclaimed, “I had faith in you but you didn’t save me, you let me drown. WHY?”

To this God replied, “I sent you a rowboat and a motorboat and a helicopter, what more did you expect?”

God has sent His angels to talk to you. The angels has sent you not 3 signs but 12 signs to change your life's situation.

Will you act upon it or fail to act like the stranded man?

But you can find your solution if you act today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence?

You probably have some questions about the course and how Celestial Library works.

How does Celestial the Celestial Library work?

Our Celestial Library was created carefully to enhance the 12 most important areas of life including wealth, relationships, health, protection, guidance, and more. Based on our research, each area of life carries a certain energetic vibration. Hence, our powerful angel energy channelers worked hard to bring those specific energies in our guided meditations and invocations.

Am I paying for 12 courses for the price of 1?

YES! You will benefit from 12 powerful courses (Originally priced at $2,388) but today, you will only pay $127 for the entire program!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

YES! You Are Protected By The Covenant Of 30 Days Guarantee. We’ve removed all the risks for you. If you’ve applied the tools and you still don’t experience any energy shifts, you can write a message to our help desk although we doubt that you’ll need to do so if you use the tools because it is easier to access heavenly strength and divine protection using our powerful celestial tools. Also, if you have any questions or issues about your purchases or you want a refund, please contact our customer service via our OFFICIAL HELPDESK at We will only process refund requests sent thru this email within the 30-day money-back guarantee period.

We’ll end with this story.

God has always taught His people to tithe 10% of their income to the church. Tithing doesn't deprive His people but rather, it makes them much more abundant than ever. They know that tithing will open the windows of the heavens and give us blessings beyond our ability to receive them.

By choosing to tithe or give offerings, it is also an act of faith - that you will be blessed financially.

If you're willing to invest in working on following God's plan (for only a few cups of coffee), God will bless you 100 fold financially and in all areas of your life! You’ll definitely be blessed abundantly by your angels as the windows of heaven open up and abundance flows in!

All you need to do is click the BUY NOW button below to begin your journey!

The Celestial Library

Connect With Your Angels And Access Their Powers Like Never Before With The World's Largest Collection Of Angelic Tools!

...So You Can Receive Endless Guidance, Blessings And Miracles From 15 Archangels In 12 Major Areas Of Your Life!