The Mysteries of the White Butterfly – What it means around the world and its spiritual symbolism and meaning

Have you been seeing a white butterfly, lately, as you go about your day and even in your dreams?


You might be wondering why this particular butterfly has been appearing before you.


Undoubtedly, white butterflies bring with them amazing messages that you wouldn’t want to miss.


Discover the messages and the symbolism of this beautiful and white butterfly.


Like everything else in the world, different cultures hold different meanings and stories about the white butterfly.


Some Native Americans, especially the Zuni Indians from the Southwest, believe that the white butterfly brings summer. When they see a white butterfly, it means that the hot season is about to start. But when the butterfly flew in from the Southwest, it could also mean that rain is coming.


Many Native Americans also believe that white butterflies carry with them the dreams of a person who is sleeping. It could also lull a person to sleep when you stare at it for a long time.


The Chinese believe that the white butterfly is the soul of a loved one who has already passed.


The white butterfly also means that your angels are watching over you and guiding you.


In Ireland, a law that lasted until the 1600s prohibited them from killing a white butterfly. It is believed that the white butterfly carries the souls of their dead children.


There is a popular legend about the white butterfly in Japan.


Seeing a white butterfly in the new year will bring extreme good luck throughout the year.


Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of the White Butterfly

It is undeniable that the white butterfly holds so much symbolism and spiritual meaning.


The color white symbolizes purity, abundance, peace, and divine light and energy.


Like every butterfly, white butterflies show themselves to you to remind you of your coming spiritual transformation.


Our angels use butterflies to assure us and to give us messages.


When you start seeing white butterflies, it’s your angels’ way of giving you the peace and confidence that you need at the moment.


They might have noticed your restlessness, your worries, and inhibitions, especially about your spiritual journey.


So, they send to you the white butterflies so you can be assured that everything will work out well and that you are on the right path.



The white butterfly is a sign that you are soon to align with your higher self.


The angels also want you to remember to keep your vibration high and yourself open to their guidance.


The angels send to you the white butterflies so you can let yourself slowly discover your divine purpose.


This is the time that you truly make plans and take actions for your visions and dreams and slowly achieve them.


When the white butterfly enters your home, expect that more blessings will come to you.



Another traditional symbolism of the white butterfly is its affinity to our deceased loved ones.


It is believed that when a white butterfly comes to you, it is your deceased loved one visiting you.


But the white butterfly brings messages from someone you cared for that has passed.

This, someone, was very close to you and you take support in their presence when they were still alive.


Sending to you the white butterfly is their way of telling you that they continue to watch over you, they send to you their support and guidance.



Lastly, the white butterfly you have been seeing bears the energy of your guardian angels.


The pure energy of light and love from your angels serves as a guide to the white butterfly as it flutters near you.


Let the healing energy of the angels come to you through the white butterfly.


Be aware and open yourself to the guidance of the angels and the divine.