Tuning In To Source – 5 Steps To Access the Infinite Intelligence of Your Intuition

What really is infinite intelligence?

If you still don’t know, infinite intelligence is the purest, greatest energy in the universe. It is the origin of all creations and the force that calms chaos and gives order in the world. It is also the source of all energy and it is everything we know in the universe.

We humans, with our spiritual self, are reflections of this infinite intelligence. With this fact, we know that we really have no limitations. The limitations we thought we have, are only products of our mind, our perception of the world and of our own capabilities.

Infinite intelligence has no religion. It is in all of us, no matter what faith we have or what culture we grew up in.

How does INFINITE INTELLIGENCE works? And how does it help you?

Infinite intelligence helps you achieve your life purpose and find the reason for your existence. It will also show you your ultimate path.

Infinite Intelligence and Your Intuition

Intuition is your ability to know things beyond the rational or logical aspect. It is already a part of every human being ever since you were born. It is like an internal compass, a navigation system, that leads you to your greatest future. It shows you the truth in any situation and it leads you to the right direction that will bring you to success and greatness.

Intuition is considered as the highest form of intelligence. And the infinite intelligence of the Universe speaks through our intuition. Through our intuition, we are guided, loved and led by the divine.


What is your relationship with the Infinite Intelligence?

We are an extension of the infinite intelligence, the Source, or what we call the pure energy of the Universe.

To describe our relationship with the infinite intelligence, imagine a universal network, like your internet router, only more powerful and infinitely more encompassing. Imagine that there are nodes connected to it. This universal network is the infinite intelligence. And the nodes connected to it are us, humans. Yes, we are already connected to the higher intelligence.

Deep within us, we know what was, what is and what will be. Deep inside us, lies the secrets of the universe, the great power bestowed upon us by the Source, the boundless energy, the pure love and the light.

The question is, why do we rarely feel this amazingness, this wonderful and powerful energy?

It is because we are still asleep. We are sidelined by the material world we grew up in. And we get distracted by the temporary things we thought are important.

This connection needs to be awakened. It needs to be strengthened so that it will align once again. We need to strengthen our intuitive capabilities so we will have an uninterrupted connection with the infinite intelligence.

Look at intuition as the conduit for our connection to the source. With strong intuitive abilities, there is no danger of the connection going haywire or getting interrupted. And we will have the door to infinite knowledge and guidance wide open.

We will hear its whispers more clearly. We will feel its nudges and we’ll instantly know when it is telling us something.

But because the world seemed to be in a race, our intuition is in danger of getting drowned. Drowned by what we perceived as practical things and by the stress of wanting to go far in our careers. And it gets lost in the dreams we thought we ought to achieve.

So how do we access our infinite intelligence of our intuition?

Here are 5 simple steps that will help you access your infinite intelligence.


#1 Connect with your true, inner self. At some point, we have developed this perception that we are isolated and alone in this world. That we and our life are separated from everything and we must do and go through everything alone and on our own.

The truth is that we are all connected, and we are connected to the Universe. Thinking that we are alone in our struggles will block our intuitive gifts and disrupt our connection to the source.

Connecting with your true, inner self will make you realize that you are a part of the tapestry of the universe possessing powerful energy and love and in the path to highest awareness.


#2 Develop and live with inner peace. To have inner peace means you have a serene mind. Our intuition becomes clearer when we are free from the chaos and turmoil of our mind. Our mind processes so much information but it is in us to decide which of this information will serve us and which will only stress us. We must let go of the stressors which will only disrupt our connection to the infinite intelligence.

Meditation is the most common and most effective way to achieve inner peace. It will also help you in opening yourself to the guidance of the Universe. Commit yourself to practice meditation at least 30 minutes every day. As a bonus, we have some angelic guided meditations at our youtube channel you can start your journey with.


#3 Become more aware and curious. Ask questions. The kind of questions that will make you more aware of your place in the universe. The kind of questions that will lead you to the path you are supposed to take. Questions like…

“What am I supposed to do in this situation?”

“Am I making the right choice?”

“Is this the right decision?”

Open your mind to every possibility. Become more aware of your surroundings and of other people because again, you are not alone, and you are being guided. There are signs and synchronicities around you. All you have to do is to be more aware of the messages from the Source.


#4 Believe the message. When we are given signs and usually our immediate response is to doubt it. We write it off as mere coincidences. But how can we explain the perfect timing? The frequent occurrences? It is time to trust the message that the universe is giving us.

This could be flashes of light, the invisible nudge or grab, the sudden warmth, or hearing your inner voice. These are our intuition trying to contact us. Trust your intuition. Trust the feeling you have with that nudge and that sudden warmth. Know whether you feel the positive energy or the negative energy and proceed accordingly.

Remember that the infinite intelligence of your intuition knows all and everything. Its guidance and message will always be true.


#5 Make your intention clear. While the infinite intelligence is the guiding force, we need to clearly state our intention for that guiding force. We cannot be ambiguous about what we want.
Daily Affirmations are very effective in making your intentions clear. Affirmations are not just mantras and encouragements. They become the goal, the energy with which our every step and every decision will lead to.

Make clear of your intention to receive the guidance, the knowledge of the infinite intelligence. This way your intuition will be more receptive of the messages and signs from the Universe.

Every step we have mentioned is important for your easy access to the infinite intelligence of your intuition. Make a habit of these steps and you will be assured that the guidance and knowledge you are receiving are true and accurate.

It will take determination and constant practice for your intuition to grow strong and become a strong conduit of the infinite intelligence.

You may lose sight along the way. But we will always be here to guide you and help you in your journey.