Unleash The Power Of Your Voice And Actualize Your Life

Do you realize how powerful is your voice?

Were you able to use it for the highest good? 

Many people do not know the power a voice could possess. Most do not understand how important it is for their voice to be heard and what great things they can do with them.

Some use their voice for the wrong reasons like gossiping, spreading hate and bitter words. Some would choose to tear people down with their words instead of giving courage and lifting others up. Some just do not know how to use their voice.

Sometimes, it is because they have been repressed from speaking their feelings since they were young, sometimes they had a traumatic experience where they have received harsh criticism from speaking their mind.

What they do not know is that our voices are gifts that need to be developed and to be used not just for ourselves but for others as well. Our voice is our contribution to the country, to the world, to this age, and for the civilization to continue and flourish.

We have the power of speech and to be heard is a right and not a privilege. So, no one can prohibit you from speaking and you are expected to convey what you feel.

Here are some of the reasons why it is important that you speak and let your voice be heard.

  1. Your story has an effect. You may think of your story as something that does not need recognition and so ordinary. But every one of us has a different story to tell, may it be a painful story or a happy one. And each story can move a heart who hears them. Someone might have the same experience and is just waiting for another to tell their own account and they’ll realize they are not alone. Moreover, telling your story to other people will be a re-experience of the event and you’ll feel the pain-alleviating and share the joy of that moment.
  2. You create and gain confidence when you use your voice. Using your voice could be difficult as you are enveloped with fear, doubt and uncertainty about whether people would listen to you or ignore you. But letting others speak for you because you are afraid is like losing a part of you – your own identity. When you start using your voice, you will slowly gain confidence every time you stand in a crowd and slowly your fears and doubts will diminish until it is gone.
  3. Your voice is a tool to spread awareness. There are things you know but some people are oblivious about. When you use your voice, you could make people listen and make them be aware of the things that are happening around them. You can speak for people who are afraid of using their voice, or those who are not always heard. You can speak for justice for you and for others.
  4. You can bring people together. There are so many media you can use to make your voice be heard. It is not always through words and speech. Many would use music, art, poem, and other means to make their voice resonate to the masses. This expression of oneself brings people together no matter what ethnicity and principles they live by. We are humans who were made to express and not repress ourselves. Throughout the history of our civilization, expression of oneself has revolutionized us, has bonded us together amidst our differences and led us to the modernity we have today.
  5. With your voice, you can share your opinion. It seemed to be the simplest reason to use your voice and yet it is the most important. When you are asked to share your ideas and opinion do not hesitate to do so. You don’t need for your idea to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be the best. The only important thing is that, it has a purpose for it to become perfect. Sometimes your opinion could change someone else’s mind, sometimes it would cement their own belief and both times your opinion affects their own views.

Most important of all, using your voice is a form of self-expression. You are not just sharing your story or trying to gain confidence. You can do more than just want to spread awareness and unite people or share your opinion.

Self-expression is something that so many people are struggling with. Too many would opt to blend in the background, to be average, and to be unknown because they are afraid to express themselves.

Still, it is undeniable that throughout history, humans have been expressing themselves through different media, arts, music, dance, poems, writings, and public speaking.

Why are people so afraid of self-expression?

It could be because self-expression necessitates baring your soul to others, getting your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and opinions exposed.

To some, you become vulnerable. It is like inviting other people to scrutinize your work, delve deep into your entire being, and become open for judgment. This sense of vulnerability is the mother of the fears and doubts that hinder our expression.

Using your voice may be the most direct way to express yourself and is the hardest and most dangerous.

Your words will be taken at face value. There will be no interpreting it in different ways like in art, dance, music, or writings. Sometimes you will be misunderstood, your words twisted, and you will be held accountable for all of it.

But you must remember the great reasons and benefits that come with expressing yourself.

For one, expressing yourself will make you reflect on your whole life: the actions you took, the decisions you made, your relationships, your belief, and your perceptions. As you discern what you want to express about yourself, you constantly think of these things and you know that these are all parts of who you are.

Mistakes are inevitable and we’ve made a lot in our younger years. But with self-expression, you can turn these mistakes into lessons that hold insightful understanding which will help you become a better person. Essentially, self-expression is a crucial key to self-improvement.

Another reason why self-expression is important is because it is like a tool that will help you prepare for life and what the future hold.

You can use self-expression as a coping mechanism that will help handle the difficulties that life throws at you.

Collaboration is another important benefit of self-expression. You will become more adept at communicating with others and interacting with people.

Your social skills, management, and learnings will surely improve as you work with other people in your expression whether it is art collaboration or in a group presentation.

As you focus on a common goal, you can set your ego aside and think of ways that will further your group’s vision.

In expressing yourself, you will discover that there is a community for people who thinks like you, those whose interests are the same as yours. You can establish networks aside from a chance to socialize with others.

As such, you can gain new opportunities, possibilities, and develop new perspectives. Moreover, you will find life-long friends that will support you and bring you a sense of fulfillment.

Self-expression is not boring like other people thought it was. Expressing yourself can be fun too. There are satisfaction and enjoyment in making people see who you really are by sharing your beliefs, thoughts, opinions, and views.

Your outlook in life will become more positive as you express yourself.

Finally, expressing yourself is freeing your mind. As you speak your mind openly you become more connected to the present and you will see how each of your decision is an expression in itself.

There is no doubt that you could be stressed at work, in your relationships, or in the way the world works in general. There is a struggle in our daily lives and self-expression is a way to effectively relieve these negative energies.

Moreover, you become more conscious, more aware of things around you as well as the forces that you once never thought about.

Self-expression is sharing your being but instead of losing a part of you, you will become more complete.

You do not need to be an artist to express yourself. Like we said, using your voice is the easiest and most direct form of self-expression. The hard part lies in how you can effectively communicate using your voice.

Here in Celestial Inspiration, we focus on the underlying conditions why people are not able to find their voice and speak up for themselves by clearing your energetic fields of any fears and doubts that hinder you from expressing yourself.

The angels of expression will help you tread the celestial path to self-actualization where you will discover and fall in love with yourself again.

Our full course and powerful tools will free you from the bondage of self-doubt and break the negative thought patterns that have held you captive for a very long time. If you give this course a chance, you are allowing yourself to live your best life.