Unleash Your Inner Beauty And Make It Visible

Beauty shouldn’t be hard to define but it is, isn’t it?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“Beauty is pain.”

“Beauty is only skin deep.”

These are a few of the popular phrases that people use to define beauty.

On the other hand, the Oxford Dictionary defines beauty as “A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, which pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.”

Despite all these, we can never come into a single conclusion of what beauty really is.

Each culture sees beauty differently. In some parts of Asia, having pale or white skin signifies affluence and beauty. To the Kayan tribes, they see long necks as a sign of beauty and so they start priming the necks of the girls with brass rings from the early age of five.

The media and pop culture have also shown their own brand of beauty painting a stereotype from the colors set by celebrities, fashion, cosmetics, and beauty trends.

For sure you have often thought about your own definition of beauty. Truth is no one person can define what beauty really is.

Beauty is defined by how you see it, how you perceive it in yourself and in others.

Sometimes the world’s standard of beauty will fog up the vision you have of it, making it unclear. The worse thing is it also limits how you see beauty by the symmetry of a face, age, color, race, the structure of the bone, body shape, weight, size.

You cannot deny that every time you look in a mirror, you see a new flaw. Everytime you went out to go to work or to take a walk, you see someone who is better dressed than you are and you wish you could have what they want. You see yourself as someone who is greatly lacking in a lot of aspects.

That is how you define your own beauty – by looking at other people. You constantly feel ugly and insecure because you count your flaws and shortcomings against you.

You must believe that real beauty is accepting who you are, all your flaws, and all your past mistakes that haunt you, your doubts, and your fears. It is everything that is positive and all that is negative, everything that makes you ‘you’.

All that makes you beautiful is a part of your beauty – from the comfort of your sweater, the messy bun in the summers, your smile that touches the hearts of others, your kindness to others. It is the complement of a stranger and the amazing you wore, and the perfect make up you have donned.

You need to remember that beauty is already inside you. You do not need to search far for it you just need to own it.

What makes you feel that your beauty is your most depleted asset? 

Beauty is an asset.

According to economics professors, attractive people have better chances of getting hired or getting approval from banks. Moreover, they have better chances during interviews.

This just means that being presentable is important.

Do not be confused. When we said that beauty is within you, it does not mean that you neglect how you should be seen outside.

Working on your physical appearance is not vanity. It is your responsibility to be seen as someone who is dignified. It is a way to attract positive energies that will help you in your everyday life.

However, there are times when you feel that your beauty is becoming a depleted asset making things more difficult for you when it comes to love, career and success, and opportunities.

This is when you have seen how beauty becomes a ticket for certain privileges. Undeniably, there are too many occasions when society has neglected the more deserving people and someone took advantage of their looks to get what they want.

Somehow, you might have experienced being rejected in an interview because someone is more beautiful than you are or you might have lost a promotion to someone whom people liked more than you.

You noticed how those who are beautiful have a seemingly perfect love story. You see how people are attracted to beauty making it a basis in looking for a partner.

At some point, you curse at how beauty makes the world seem so unfair and you wished it wasn’t so. You would reach an in denial state and refuse to work on your own beauty in a misconception that you are sympathizing with those who have been neglected and taken advantage of.

It will become more difficult when you deny these facts and refuse to see beauty as an asset in your life.

Show people your beauty and you will open more doors of opportunity. Most importantly, you will show people that beauty is not fickle but that it can be utilized to further develop your individuality and achieve success.

How to enhance your beauty

You might wonder how some people seemed to have an unending supply of beauty.

You see those people know how to show their beauty and attractiveness. When you observe these people, you will see that they comfortable in their own skin, they know their identity and they show it in the way they dress and they present themselves to others.

Do not despair, for you also have that power. 

Work on your confidence and your charm. This will naturally enhance your beauty and make you more attractive as people will notice the glow of your energy.

Stop undermining your attractiveness. Sometimes, you have this attitude that makes you always think that you are unattractive. Stop it. Remember that beauty is how you perceive it, thus, when you channel in the right thoughts, like how good you look today, like how cool your outfit looks like, you will be shrouded with the energy of beauty.

Love yourself. This might be the most important thing to work on. Loving yourself will make you prioritize your needs. You will strive to give yourself the better things in life when you love yourself. Loving your true self means treating yourself the way you wanted to be treated.

Know your worth. This is the next step to loving yourself, you see. When you have loved yourself, you will know what is good for you. You will never question whether you deserve something because you know your worth and thus you are not afraid to ask people to treat you fairly.

Develop good posture. Work on your posture such as standing tall with your shoulders back. This will show that you have great confidence in yourself. You will also look more comely when you have good posture.

Look people in the eye and smile. Looking people in the eye, while talking to them, will show them your sincerity and your true intentions. A smile in every interaction will touch the heart of anyone. It could lift up a spirit more than a good look can.

Love your life. There are times when you get tired of life especially when you have been struggling and hustling for a long time. It is how we have been trained to see life as, constant competition and hustling. But there is so much to live than being a constant race. You can offer so much more. Be constantly interested, passionate, and in control. When you do this, you will feel more empowered and that is another secret to making yourself more attractive.

Change your perception of physical beauty. You need to realize that physical beauty becomes average, boring, and normal. The variations in our physical features, our faces, skin complexion, and physical proportions, make us unique and beautiful creatures.

Somehow, this physical beauty that most people get obsessed with will fade in time. Those who value youthful good looks as their most important asset in life will soon realize how futile and foolish it is. Developing good and strong characteristics is a better weapon in finding a richer and more blissful life.

Role of Angels in Beauty

Did you know that there is an angel of beauty? Yes, her name is Jophiel. Your beauty angel will help you create order and beautiful inner feelings and outside appearance to help enhance your beauty and make it sparkle.

No matter how we look physically, there’s a certain kind of visible beauty radiated in your aura when you are at peace, loved, cherished and happy and all the time.

This kind of beauty is unmistakable and magnetic. It will attract people to you as positivity is a magnet. People would want to be around you if you feel good about yourself.

Your angel of beauty will help you raise your energy vibration to help you tap the power of the universe to help you download spiritual blessings that will help you feel beautiful inside and out that will be radiantly displayed on your outer self.

Here at Celestial Inspiration, we will help you tread on a celestial path where you will be guided by angels as you journey through life. Our full and comprehensive course is packed with powerful tools aimed at creating a positive aura and changing your energetic fields into high vibrational energies so you will attract only beautiful things in your life.