What Are Fairies And How They Communicate With You?

Fairies are known as playful and lovely “nature angels”. They have a deep and close connection to the earth and are great at healing and helping with everyday concerns such as relationships, health issues, and finances.


But when they make their presence known, you can feel, hear, and even see them with your naked eyes. They may also manifest as flashes, balls, and twinkles of light, mostly appearing in the corner of your right eye.


They are both known to appear to humans as light sources because essentially, that’s what they really are as they exist in an energetic body.


Have you experienced seeing flashes of light in the corner of your eye?


Will you be able to distinguish if it was an angel or a fairy?


Angels and fairies both give us assistance but there will also be times when angels send their help and message to us through fairies.


Angels belong to a different dimension, and they are of very high vibration. This means that their frequency is very different from the human frequency which hinders us from hearing our angels. That’s why angels use signs and symbols and sometimes the help of fairies and spirit animals.


Angels sometimes course through their message through fairies and spirit animals as both are earth elements who are closer to us in the hierarchy. It will be easier for fairies and spirit animals to communicate with humans that sometimes angels send them to give us our most needed help and guidance.


Here are a few ways for you to tell whether you were visited by an angel or a fairy. Learning the difference will help you honor them accordingly.


Take Note Of The Color Of Their Lights


Angels often appear in bright and cool-toned colors. They may come as bold sometimes but are often in pastel color infused with white light from the background. It usually looks immense and widely dispersed.


While fairies often appear in vibrant and warm-toned colors and their light appears more compact. It can be likened to the colored string of lights we usually see on a Christmas tree.


Their Lights Vary in Brightness


What separates the angel light from that of fairy lights is that angel light is much bigger in size and shape and extremely bright which can take up your entire visual field.


On the other hand, fairy light is smaller in size and gentler on the eyes. Therefore, with fairies, you may see lots of little lights while with angels, there’s one abundant light.


You Can Tell By The Movement of The Light


Fairy lights have more movements than Angel lights. It tends to jump more from one place to another. While angel lights are more inclined to stay in one place or hover and have a direct path in and out of your frame of vision.


Take Note of the Length of Time


Angel lights appear incredibly bright but for a much shorter time. It tends to last for a few minutes to an hour.


While fairy lights appear slightly longer and sometimes can be around for days or even weeks. This may be due to fairies being closer to the physical realm than angels.


You Can Tell The Difference By Their Purpose


Another worth noting difference between the two is where they help.


Angels are more inclined to help in matters like life purpose and goals, your energy vibration, or anything that has to do with human affairs at a wider vantage point.


Fairies, on the other hand, are more towards helping with earthly matters, mood, and things that are associated with the planet or other beings around you.


Working With Fairies To Manifest Healing, Relationships And Money


The fairies are playful guides to work with. When you work with fairies, expect to have a surprising and enjoyable experience. They will help you to see your health in a different light – because stresses happen when you’re not having fun and when you treat your health in a more playful way, you will let go of the stresses and healing begin.


If you want to spice things up in your relationships, ask your fairy guides to help you to explore more playful things you can do in your relationship. The extra fun you bring will help you to let go of mundane routines and put more spice in your interactions with others.


You can also ask fairies to inspire you to focus on the fun parts of your work. most of the money entrepreneurs manifest in the world is because they love their work so much, they can’t stop working on it. It doesn’t feel like work – it feels like play. Are you playful in your work? Invoke your fairies to help you and money will flow naturally.