What Are The Things That Angels Can And Cannot Do For You

Angels are creatures which was bestowed with great power from the heaven. They are existing in a dimension beyond the spheres where the human beings exit. They are armies and instruments of our Creator that plays as the messenger between Him and the people.

Although they have names, they also compose of different characters and specialties. They can communicate with their co-angels and as well as with the human they have been assigned to. They have the higher thoughts of what is the difference between right and wrong and the proper morals.

They help us with whatever we do, especially when we ask them to. Whenever we cry for help and struggle, but they can only offer their aid when we ask them to intervene. With this, it is important to know that our guardian angels do not only live to guide us in our battles, but they are also there in our dreams, wishes and desires in life in which they are capable of helping.

However, they also have limitations on what they are gifted and unable to perform. If we feel like they have been unresponsive in our calls on them, it can be that they are inept to do the request we have been crying out for.

Here are some of the things that our angels cannot do for us:

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#1 They cannot change the ways of the universe

Angels can be our helpful guide but altering the laws of the universe is too much of a task for them. Although they may guide us to the best path we desire, they cannot change the manner on how the world revolves.

One example of this is the law of Karma. It is sometimes believed that Karma is the cause-and-effect law of the universe where a person is deserving to receive or experience a certain happening as a result of the good or bad thing he or she did.

Angels cannot supersede this universal decree but what they can do is to offer compassion and help on the outcomes of the karma the person is experiencing. They will give us the knowledge on how to react and work with this universal law to ease us or give us ways that would correspond appropriately to the current situation.

#2 Angels cannot change the Master’s plan

God is higher than the ways of man and He has a great plan for each one of us. He has woven it intricately and with the capacity of our thoughts and senses, we are unable to decipher it.

While our angels can understand God’s plans for us, still they cannot change it. If we pray for something and request the angels for a certain situation and that would alter the will of God, the angels cannot be able to complete it for us. Even with God’s timing, they cannot push through their way there. Sometimes, we just need to extend our patience and trust in how God and our angels work for us.

There may be many other ways that the angels can help in achieving our devotions but asking them to overshadow or modify God’s ways can be too much for them. We may receive answers from our deep prayers, but it would not be exactly the way we wanted it. If they would insist on changing it, they would become fallen angels and become an enemy of the heavens.

#3 Angels cannot prevent us from upsetting lessons

The escape we have been wanting to avoid disappointments and painful experiences cannot be deleted from us by our angels. These cannot be evaded but they may help us from seeing negative things into positive perspective.

Our angels can help us to move forward in these agonizing hurt and guide us in knowing what to learn and developing our character from the happenings that did cause us pain and suffering. They can help us manage our fleeting feelings and overcome us from our grieving and minimize the sad emotions. Although our angels love us very dearly but they also want us to become strong and let us learn and realize many things even if it will cause us distress. But still they want to ensure we can be resilient and safe with their guidance.

#4 They cannot punish

Angels are so true and loyal to us that they are not able to judge us in every thing we have said or done but love us unconditionally as instruments of God. They still give us the freedom to choose and the will to follow that we think we ought to ensure.

We may have a different choice from them, but their supervision will still get us through even if it may take us in a different path. And even though we ask them for a punishment or revenge, they will not do it. They can not and will not critic us even in our adversaries.

#5 Angels do not perform without permission

Angels need permission in performing help to us. Their character is not about interfering with our freewill or the choices of anyone else as well as asking them to intercede in another person’s life and alter the plans in their living.

Except in situations that are in danger or emergencies, our angels are very active in saving us. They will be immediate in rescuing us if we are in extreme danger. But we cannot expect them to move in us if we do not allow them to get into our lives and help us.

That is the importance of communication with our angel. Although they are always present with us, we still need to establish a personal relationship with them to let them move in our lives.

Our guardian angels’ help us undeniably and are always available for us. They are always there to hear our pleas, requests and prayers and never leave us hanging. However, it is also a fact that they are unable to do all things that we ask them to do. There are also some things that are beyond their abilities and is beyond the line of their objectives even if they completely understand the things that are happening.

But after all, they still make ways in making us better despite all the shortcomings they may have been unable to fix. And that is one of the advantages of these wonderful creatures because they still provide us with the care and help we need even if they cannot perfectly perform all our call.


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