What Should I Do With My Life?

Are you lost in your life journey? Or are you stuck in this particular phase of your life?


Everyone will come to a point in their life when they are wondering what to do next and what step to take. This is when you realize that you are stuck and that you do not know which direction to take.


You may have reached a place where you’re not enjoying your job, your relationship isn’t what you dreamed of, or you’re simply tired of the same routine day in and day out. Feeling stuck can make one feel completely de-motivated and it can seem like there are no options available for your situation to change.


If you are feeling this way it may be helpful to hear that you are not alone. A study in the UK found that 69% of participants felt trapped in their routine and 40% were unhappy with their life in general. Of those that stated they felt stuck in their routine, they also disclosed that the reason for not making changes in their lives was that they had no idea where to start.


What Makes You Feel Stuck?

So why do so many of us feel stuck? For a start, the prominence of social media can have an impact on our life satisfaction as we witness portrayals of the best version of people’s lives and compare our own to this vision of perfection.


This can be an unhelpful comparison and perhaps lead you to be a harsher critic of your current situation than you need to be.


Despite this, if feelings of dissatisfaction persist beyond your scroll through social media it could be time to make some changes.


Another cause of feeling stuck can be the constant pressure to achieve in a world that values progress above everything else.


This can make it incredibly difficult to take the time to reconsider areas of your life that you are not currently satisfied with, for fear of the potential uncertainty that may happen as things start to change.


For example, you might have a successful career but find the daily grind of your job is no longer satisfying you. However, in changing careers you fear the financial uncertainty, what you will do next, and what your friends and family will think about you leaving your position. This is a classic case of external pressures leading you to stay stuck.


Not addressing feelings of being stuck can mean that these feelings get pushed away but remain present in some way through the persistence of general life dissatisfaction, negative thought patterns, and growing anxieties. It’s important to remember that making changes in your life to reduce the feeling of being stuck does not mean that you have to make huge changes straight away. Indeed, in a few small steps, you can start feeling good again and break out of your comfort zone.


Signs That You Are Stuck in Life

  1. You revert back to old habits. You start doing things you used to do when you were younger and you become less self-sufficient. You start doing things you know you shouldn’t be doing but just do it “just because”. You think back to the past and how happy those times made you, and you don’t focus on how you could be bettering yourself right now. You just let yourself start slipping away while you’re getting caught up in the way things used to be.
  2. You go through your days and feel like you’ve accomplished nothing. You almost feel like there’s no point in getting out of bed in the morning because you don’t do anything productive anyway.
  3. You just do things to do them. You might not even want to go to your friend’s house but you figure it’s better than sitting on your couch bored out of your mind so you go, and you don’t have fun.
  4. You live your life on autopilot. You do everything from brushing your teeth to driving on autopilot and you barely pay attention to any details. You just snooze your way through each day trying to engage as little as possible.
  5. You feel like you have no real purpose. Sometimes you wonder what you’re supposed to be doing or if you could live a better life because this life right now isn’t doing it for you. You always question everything but you’re also scared to try to better yourself so you just stay where you’re at because the comfort zone is easy to live in.
  6. You have nothing to look forward to. You’re not working towards anything, you’re not planning anything big and you’re not feeling challenged at work. Nothing interests you anymore and you can’t help but feel like it won’t get better than this.   
  7. You become lazy. You stop picking up the clothes on your floor, you let the laundry sit in the hamper for weeks and just take what you need from it, you let the dishes pile up and you always order take up. You stop caring about the environment you’re in because you stop caring about a lot of life in general.
  8. You don’t necessarily feel unhappy, but you’re definitely not happy. You struggle to describe how you’re feeling to other people and yourself. You just feel like you’re stuck in a mud pit and you can’t get out so you sit there and just keep sitting there. You know you should ask for help and you know you should get out of the situation you’re in but you just keep sitting there because everything else takes work and you’re not ready to put in work.
  9. Nothing excites you anymore. You can’t even remember the last exciting moment you had in your life. Everything is just kind of a blur and nothing makes you feel alive. You feel like you’re just drifting aimlessly through life.
  10. Your appearance has taken a hard hit. You used to care about what you looked like, but now you put zero to very minimal effort into your look. You start to neglect yourself and let yourself fall apart as you feel like the rest of your life is falling apart.
  11. Everything just blurs together. You can’t keep memories separated, days feel like weeks and weeks feel like months. You can’t even figure out accurate timelines of events anymore because nothing seems noteworthy.
  12. You’re always tired. You have nothing to stimulate you so you just want to sleep and nap, even if you are getting enough sleep at night. You might start the morning off with motivation and drive but halfway through the day, you’re just ready for it to be over because you feel super unproductive and unmotivated.


Let Your Angels Bring Help You Out of Your Stuck State

Archangel Jeremiel can help you get out of your stuck state by guiding you to find the clarity you need to take action for your life.


As the archangel of truth and justice, he is the patron of judges, lawyers, police officers, and all who work to ensure that justice is served. He can help you find clarity when you are unclear about something or need guidance through a decision. He will also help you when you are seeking justice for yourself or others.


Jeremiel wants you to know that everything happens for a reason, so if something doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, there is probably some wisdom that can be gained from it—even if it’s not apparent at first glance!


Use this simple prayer to connect with Jeremiel and ask him for guidance in your life journey:


Archangel Jeremiel,

I’m here to ask you to bless me with clarity. I want to know what is the next step for me in this journey, and I want to be guided toward my success.

Help me to see clearly, so that I can make the right decisions for myself and others around me. Help me to have faith in my abilities and trust that you will guide me through this process.

Please give me the wisdom I need to understand what is happening in my life at this time, so that I may move forward without fear or hesitation.