What To Ask Your Guardian Angel?

Finding answers to all our problems seem to be a difficult feat because we’re simply limited and powerless.

But the idea that our guardian angels are with us, who are one call away, ready to cater all our prayers and ready to rescue us in their divine power, is so much comforting and inspiring.

Angels love to hear when we call on them and whatever we may ask for, they will happily hear it.

Contacting your guardian angel means you trust, love and lean on their unlimited gleam for your life. Good thing, we are free to do it!

Remember, angels only operate when we willfully let them because they cannot intervene in the human frequency without our consents.

So, every time we ask and call our guardian angel for help and blessing, it gives them the pleasure and joy to assist you and function as your guardian for life.

They have no other goal than to give you hope, light, assurance, direction, and lifeline.

What a privilege for us to experience the divine movement of celestial beings to intervene in our situations, problems, and hopeless emotions.

But before we can experience these divine benefits, we also must know the right things we should ask our guardian angels to bring us.

Because not all we ask of our angels can be granted or allowed to happen for our behalf, especially things that are against God’s law. That’s why we need a sure basis on the rightmost invocations for our angels to move.

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So to know what kind of prayers angels immediately respond, here are the things you must ask your guardian angel:

1. Divine Leading

Humans are born fallible. So, if we only lean on our own understanding and ways without asking the highest guidance, then we are on the road to failure. Failure in our decisions, emotions, heart condition and mindset.

And when we go from failure to failure we can’t help but feel trapped and lost.

This is why we need the Divine Leadership to supremely direct and guide us, and by asking our angels, they will surely be quick to give us assistance.

Angels bring love and light. And in our life when we feel most confused, this is the best time for us to tap on the power of our guardian angel and send us heavenly frequencies to overcome life triumphantly. 

Angels already know what lies at the finish line, so through asking for their leadership, we can be confident that our path is straightly headed towards our triumphant destiny.

We need the leading of our guardian angel, who is empowered by God, to make our endeavors successful and victorious and that nothing will go waste at the end.

2. Direction

We have our choices and free will. But sometimes, our choices seem to be immature and selfish, then it frustrates us in the end.

Asking our guardian angel for the right path to take is such as basic as drinking water every day. We really need to do it every time of the day!

Angels know what will happen at the end of the line, this is why we need to call and tap for their help to instruct us with messages and signs leading us straight to the right road and finish things successfully.

3. Peace and Light

Angels glow in heavenly light and carry a peaceful horizon. They’re absolutely free to share and offer these to anyone who calls them and for someone who needs a sense of clarity and tranquility.

If you’re ever feeling lost in the midst of darkness or confused in a between-life-and-death decision, then your guardian angel has always been ready to rescue you and find your way out.

Peace is a promise they keep, and when you’re asking for it, they will never have to think twice to provide you for it.

4. Healing

Your angel can perceive your current circumstance through an eternal perspective.

If you’re struggling in pain right now that you’re unable to escape from it, or you’re still trapped in the horror of the past haunting you, ask your guardian angel for healing and he will come near you.

Angels will help you let go of the worry and anxiety piled up in your heart and find restoration on your brokenness.

Your guardian angel can touch your heart, as it flows to your ethereal field, making your body alive again with positive senses and enriched mindset.

Through their divine power, they are able to repair any of your broken relationship with others or change any unhealthy habits you practiced in life

5. Unconditional Love

Love is the highest force of the world that cannot be replaced by any perceived substitution. Love transforms people, changes our mindset, clears negativity, opens up hope and acceptance and we just need all of these things.

Every day in our lives, we need love to let us experience healing, peace, and security.

Contacting angels to fill us with love will always come as a fat portion. If we need a drop of grace, a feeling of acceptance, care for our self or patience on afflictions, then we need love to unconditionally refuel us.

Angels are happy to serve us with love that comes from God and see us enjoying life with it.

6. Godly Character

We live in this world surrounded by wrong influences and falsely made standards.

And at times, we’re being swayed by the currency of the world’s character where it only teaches us greed, insatiability, brokenness, and competition instead of charity, love, acceptance and truth.

Asking the angels to grant us a spirit that knows the laws and attributes of God will make them happy to give us that need.

As we live on earth led by the highest guidance, the more we could find joy and wellness for life.

And the more we can decide with decisions that will align our future to the grandiose purpose of God and the better results will come for us and for our neighbors.

7. Protection

Angels have the primary duty to battle on behalf of us against the devil’s schemes in the principalities of air and heavenly realms.

We have been aware that the world we are surrounded now is covered by multiple spirits that opens up for negative elements to intervene in our peaceful realm.

Though we may fear about what the world may do to us, asking our guardian angels to protect us and secure us under their wings will make everything at peace and safe. As we call on their power to envelop and camp us, evil spirits cannot prevail nor enter.

Thus, our guardian angels clear our ways and clean our sense of danger to make us free from all elements that hinder our protection. They are more than happy to serve us as it is anchored in their primary assignment which is to defend us against the evil’s arrows.

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