When Will My Debt Situation End?

Can’t pay your rent, mortgage, or maxed-out credit card bills? 


When you seemed to be drowning in debt, you start to fall into despair. You wonder if you’ll ever find your way out of this well or if you’ll spend the rest of your days trying to get out without success.


It is so easy to think that this is your destiny, that meant to struggle this way.


But your angels care for you and want to help you out. They understand what it is like when you’re afraid to answer the phone or when you receive red notices in the mail. Know that it is not your fault that you’re in this situation and that your angels will always provide a way out if you pay close attention to the wealth signs your angels are showing you.


Deliverance is on its way! Your debt situation will come to an end.


The promise of God’s grace and your angel’s help

You may have heard stories of people losing their great jobs when the financial crisis hit or after the 9/11 tragedy happened. They went from earning well to just scraping by at a dead-end… into turning their situation around and now doing financially well again.


Do know that however bad your financial situation is right now, you can hold on to the promise knowing that with God’s grace and your angels’ help, you will be able to change the course of your life.


Some people may be hesitant to request financial help from angels. Somehow, they feel that angels and money do not mix and it is not something that angels would be willing to do.


Others may think money problems are very practical issues that can only be solved with practical solutions. And so they try to fix financial issues themselves only to be trapped in a cycle of money problems and never be able to break free from it.


Know that when you’re worried about paying your bills, fearing that you can’t afford to put gas in your car or you can’t sleep at night as you’re waiting for checks in the mail, it is because your vibrations around money are very low and it keeps you trapped in this cycle unless you remember God’s plan.


How Archangel Ariel helps you out of your debt

Archangel Ariel, your angel of wealth is the angel that oversees all resources on the planet and she wants to reassure you that wealth and abundance are your birthrights. You weren’t meant to struggle.


Archangel Ariel can help you out of your debt situation when you open yourself to her connection and guidance.


She wants you to know that divine deliverance will start coming your way if you believe in the truth about money and abundance rather than the lies that you’re in lack and scarcity. 


When you stay positive and open yourself to the truth that angels are there for you, you become more open to noticing the wealth signs from your angels and you can start taking advantage of opportunities instead of missing them.


Here’s how you can ask angels for money opportunities.


  • Learn To Be Open To New Ways Angels Can Help You


Angels can definitely help you when it comes to money matters. That’s why it is important to look out for opportunities disguised as problems so the angels can use them to help you in unexpected ways.


It should be noted that asking angels to help you win the lotto, while possible, is actually limiting the scope that they can help you. Financial help often comes in ways you might not expect. You must remain open. After all, every situation – even financial challenges aligned for the “highest and greatest good” in the universe.


So instead of expecting ONLY to win the lotto so you can pay off all your debts, instead, your angels might bring you to the right people who can help you find a better job or find long-term customers for your business so you can easily pay off your debts. Or if you lost your job so abruptly and don’t know what to do, it might be that something better is coming.


A head barista was laid off because the coffee shop he’s working for closed during the pandemic. He struggled to find ways to earn money and feed his family until he decided to make coffee in the street. He set up his coffee table and made great coffee for passersby. People loved it and now he has recovered.


The Divine works in mysterious ways. Even negative financial circumstances are used to turn things around. So when you’ve lost your job or a big client and you need to find another, it is God’s way of leading you to a different path so you’ll wind up making more money compared to the old way. Stay open and you’ll start to see it as a form of Divine deliverance from your present situation.


  • Ask sincerely


Angels are always with you. They watch and observe you every day. They know exactly what you need but they’re just waiting for you to ask for their help. After all, they are bound by the law of Free Will and will only intervene when you ask earnestly and trust in faith that they are on the way to help you.


You have access to divine help, so ask for their assistance sincerely and thank them for their love and help. The more you do it, you will activate the vibration of abundance. Your angels want you to keep speaking it so that it becomes a part of who you are. 


When this happens, your expectations become clear and you’ll start noticing more and more opportunities around you. You’ll realize that you’re not as alone in your problems as you thought. You’ll start to notice that resources are available to you everywhere. Previously you wouldn’t have noticed these signs, but after asking sincerely, your eyes will be opened and you’ll see nothing but abundant opportunities always!


When you ask with clarity, it is like searching for the things you want on YouTube for example, “What does angel number 1111 mean”… Very soon, you’ll start noticing videos which explain the meanings of angel number 1111 everywhere on your social media platform. So If you do ask for something specific such as an opportunity for a new job in a specific place when you seek your angel’s help, you’ll soon start noticing people around you asking for help and targeted job opportunities that you’ll be able to respond to as your mind becomes more aware of what you want.


They know what you truly want and will give you the best solutions to your problems.


  • Prepare To Be Surprised By How Your Angels Answer Your Prayers


When you ask for help from your angels, it may or may not come exactly as what you have asked for.


They employ many ways to bring you just the right amount of help that you need and it may come in unexpected ways.


Whatever or however answers come to you, trust that it is for your highest good. 


For example, you may meet someone who looks like a promising new venture partner, but your angel knows that person isn’t the right one for you. Instead, they will close one door so a better one will open. They may help you meet more people from your line of work and help you find a better partner for you along the way.


Angels will open up opportunities for you. Sometimes it’s too unexpected, you just have to embrace and prepare for it.


  • Prepare Your Heart To Receive Their Help And The Strength To Follow Through


When you ask your angels to intervene with money matters, you are allowing them to act on your behalf and change your current circumstances. Even when they are ready to help you with new opportunities, you have to be prepared to rise up to the occasion and have the strength to handle it.


For example, you prayed to be promoted to be the head of your department but if you’re not that willing to take on the responsibilities that come with the position, you won’t be able to utilize that blessing from your angels well. Sometimes a better financial opportunity will require you to relocate or temporarily leave loved ones such as friends and family behind.


These are choices you must be prepared to make. Some sacrifices are necessary so that bigger blessings can come your way.


A man once left the comfort of his home, his friends, and his family to take a job in a foreign country and had to learn a new language. Because he embraced the opportunity, he was able to learn a foreign language and culture, receive better pay and learn new skills that served him even better when he finished working in that foreign country and came back.


So when you pray for a miracle, it also means that you have to be prepared for the responsibilities of the coming opportunity as it will surely come with a huge responsibility on your part.


  • Raising Your Vibration From Lower Emotional Energies To Higher Ones


You may have great challenges with your finances and feel that you don’t have much control over it, but the one area that you have the most control is how you feel about it.


Archangel Ariel wants you to know that how you feel about your financial situation will determine your personal vibration. A lower vibration emanates an energy of fear, guilt, shame, anger, and suffering while a higher vibration is one of love, peace, joy, and gratitude. When you are having a lower vibration, you’ll tend to repel financial opportunities and miss great signs from your angels. But at a higher vibration, you’ll be able to attract great financial opportunities and respond to them in a better way.


Give thanks to your angels even before you receive their blessings. This will open you up to the many blessings that are available for you to enjoy. Expressing gratitude sets your mind and heart into a blessed and abundant state which will help you attract good fortune into your life.


Asking your angels for help will delight your angels. They love you, care for you, and will only want the best for your life.


Trust that your angels will deliver you from your financial mess and help you make changes in your life so you will be better at stewarding your resources.


Here are simple prayers to ask for financial help from your angel.

Prayer to Eliminate Debt


Dearest Archangel Ariel, I humbly ask for your assistance against financial debt right now. 


I long that I don’t owe anything to anyone except my obligation as a human to love others.


Help me with my struggles and free me from the financial oppression these debts are causing me.


Help me to speak of financial prosperity and abundance only. 


Send me miracles in my finances because I believe that you want me to be peaceful and free.


Let me prioritize love from now on instead of money.


And so it is.


Prayer To Turn My Hopeless Situation Around

Dearest angels, I humbly pray for deliverance from my overwhelming financial situation.


I can’t imagine what will happen to me if I don’t receive a miracle in my dire situation.


Hear my anxiety and my cry for help and let me experience your grace and compassion.


I humbly ask you to please turn my hopeless situation around and allow me to find hope.


Guide me and let me see the way out of this situation.


Empower me to do good economically so I may thrive even in this hopeless situation.


Guide me to find the right way towards financial freedom.




Prayer for Prosperity


Dearest Archangel Ariel, please look into my deepest troubles and feel me.


I humbly ask you for help with my messy financial situation.


Please take me under your wings and lift me up from this tiring situation.


I praise you for your love and compassion.


Help me to listen to your wisdom and follow your guidance always so I may know what to do.


I pray for prosperity to overcome poverty and may abundance take over my life.


Thank you for being faithful and for setting me on stable ground.