Where Will I Meet My Soul Mate

Deep in your heart, you know that your soulmate is also waiting for the both of you to meet.


As you look for your connection, you sometimes wonder if you will be able to know when or where you will meet them. 


It is easy to give up the hope of ever finding your soulmate when you have spent most of your days waiting without results.


But your angels led you here so they can answer your question about your soulmate. Right now, they know that you are wondering where you will meet them and they want to guide you through this message so you will not miss the opportunity to meet them in the future.


What or who really is a soulmate?

A soulmate is someone with the same soul vibration as you. That’s why they are capable of understanding or comforting you both in good times and bad times. They give you company when you’re lonely and always make you feel special.


A mate means a friend or a companion while we refer to the soul as something beyond the physical. 


A mate needs a companion and that’s why people look for relationships. May it be for physical reasons or sexuality which can be quite beautiful to have in our life.


It could also be for mental reasons. This kind is what we’ve known as companionship which makes life even more amazing. 


It could also be for emotional reasons which we all call love. And this is what we believed to be the sweetest experience of all.


As we can see, physical compatibility, companionship, and love combined are all great things that can surely make life wonderful. These are the areas which our soulmates can have an impact on our lives.


Angel Signs That You About To Met Your Soulmate

The Universe has made sure that we can find the people we have soul connections with.


In this new age, more and more people believe in soulmates. 


As more people become more aware of their spirituality and soul awakenings, soulmates and soul connections have become more than just concepts in fantasy novels and movies.


Right from the start, the universe has picked out special people that will cross our paths to help us in our journey.


However, as we go through our lives, we become preoccupied that we fail to notice when our soulmates have entered our life. 


Some people have to go through other relationships before meeting their soulmates. 


It is undeniable that we need to get ready in every aspect of our being before we meet our soulmates to have a lasting relationship with them. 


It is important to know the signs from our angels and the Divine so we can easily listen to our intuition and make the right choices concerning our soulmates.


It will help us take action on how we will deal with our soulmate relationships. 


Here are 7 signs from the angels that you are about to meet your soulmate:


  •  Soulmate Dreams


One of the most common signs from the angels concerning our inevitable meeting with our soulmates is through dreams.


Sometimes, our angels will give us a really simple dream about our soulmates approaching like showing their faces, what kind of person they are, or where we will meet them.


Sometimes, it could be a complex dream where we are shown different symbolisms of our soulmates as though we have to be careful in discerning when or how we will meet them.


Our angels use dreams all the time to give us different signs. Soulmate dreams, whether simple or complex, will always mean that your soulmate is near and you will meet each other very soon.


  • Seeing angel numbers everywhere


Another favorite and common angel sign are angel numbers. Angels are fond of this way especially when they need to give us special messages.


Angel number 111 or 1111 is especially used to convey messages about our soulmates and soul connections. 


When this angel number shows itself to you more often, know that these are not coincidences. Through this angel sign, your guardian angels want you to be aware and to pay attention to your surroundings and the people you are with at the moment.


Your angels want to guide you and your soul in recognizing your soulmate.


  • You find yourself exploring things


Another angel sign that you are about to meet your soulmate is when you find yourself getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new things.


Suddenly you gave in to the urge of starting a new career path. Or it could be that you finally took a vacation alone or you have decided to go somewhere you haven’t been to before. You may have taken up a new hobby or started to learn a new skill.


This strong urge of going beyond what you are used to is a guiding force that will show you new territories and things. 


It is as though you are being prepared for your soulmate relationship.


  • You prioritize your development and self-love


We all strive to grow and love ourselves for who we are. It can be hard at the start especially when there have been a lot of traumas and pain in the past.


However, we know that loving ourselves and prioritizing our development is crucial in any relationship we want to have.


A sign that your soulmate is about to enter your life is when your self-love and development have been steadily progressing.


This is where you understand who you are and what you need in a relationship. You are confident that you can make your relationships work. 


You understand that your happiness comes from you first and that this same happiness is what you will share in your soulmate relationship.


  • You have healed from your past relationship

Another angels sign that you are about to see your soulmate is when you have fully moved on from your past heartbreak.


You have healed your heart and you have picked up lessons from your past relationships that may help you in the future relationship you will have with your soulmate.


Your angels are trying to help you realize the best thing about being in a relationship. 


At this moment, you will understand that your soulmate relationship is not about having a lifetime partner but about meeting and having someone who has a deep connection with you. Someone who understands you, who has the same energy vibration with you, and will truly understand you.


  • You feel ready to go into a relationship


Wanting a relationship and actually being ready for one are two different things. 


You can want a relationship but you may not be ready for it and it will result in heartbreaks and mistakes.


When you feel like you are ready to go through all the intricacies of having a soulmate, then this is a sign from your angels that you are about to meet your soulmate.


This means that your self-love and development have helped you prepare for when you will be with your soulmate.


You will feel your energy level is higher than in the past. You feel lighter and you have this thought that you are someone who can build a lasting relationship.


  • Your intuition tells you


Do you feel the nudge, the gut feeling that you are about to meet someone special?


Deep down in your heart, you are certain that you will meet your soulmate. 


Through your intuition, your angels are telling you that you are about to meet them soon.


Sometimes, when you meet them, you will feel that they are the ones. It may sound cliche like it’s something a character will say in a chick flick movie, but this is the most common way of knowing that you have finally met the one.


It is not always love at first sight. There are times when you have known the person for a long time, but because you are still on different energy planes, you did not know that you were soulmates. 


Only when you are ready, when your vibrations are aligned, that you will feel it inside you.


Your angels want you to listen to your intuition when this time comes so you will not miss it.


Archangel Chamuel Prayer to find your one true love

Dearest Archangel Chamuel, you know what’s in my heart and my intention


I humbly ask for your guidance and assistance


In finding my soul family, my soulmate


I especially pray for a partner who brings out the best in me


I pray for my soulmate to be someone who brings more love, joy, peace, and abundance to my life…


Who I can fully and truly love and who can as well receive my love


I pray for someone who loves, honors, and cherishes me for who I really am, and always.


Help me to recognize true love when it comes knocking at my heart and let it in.


Allow me to be willing to seek the truth 


Open my heart and clear my mind


And help me to get ready to welcome my soulmate into my life.


So it is.