Why Am I Struggling With Money?

Most people struggle with money at some point in their lives. Even the rich struggle to handle their finances effectively. We even hear about how millionaires lost their fortune because of poor management. 


No matter your status, you would benefit from knowing why you struggle so much with money and finances. 


How can you turn this state around and receive more abundance and manifest money in your life?


To start with, here are some questions you need to ask yourself.


How is your relationship with money?

Do you find yourself waking up filled with worry about money? Are your entire days consumed with the feeling that you never seem to attract enough money?


Like the question above, again it goes back to one’s obsession with money. After all, in the human mind, we tend to obsess about what we can’t get not knowing that the more we obsess about something, the further away it gets.


There are days when all we could think about is our money problems. Though money is not everything in life, it is still an important aspect of our survival and comfort.


As we experience financial difficulties in life, we become self-absorbed and all we can think about are our problems – the rent, the bills, the debts, etc.  Suddenly, we fail to see anything but our problems and our own stress.


In moments like this, our anxiety and stress make our abundance vibration lower and it gets hard to manifest money. And you continue to struggle with your finances.


Why can’t I feel grateful for what I have?

It is often said that we don’t value something until it is gone.


Perhaps you can ask yourself the following questions:


Do you thank the heavens or the universe for every blessing that comes into your life no matter how little they may seem?


Or are you someone who couldn’t be bothered by the small things because you put all your focus on the big things ahead?


Do you find yourself wondering why your neighbors could easily renovate their homes, and buy new cars or gadgets?


Do you often wonder why others seemed to be so blessed while you still spend your waking hours hustling for a payroll that could barely get you by?


Indisputably, it is hard to appreciate the small blessings when you compare yourself to others.


What you may not know is, the lack of gratitude and appreciation for every blessing, small and big, disrupts the energy of abundance making it hard for the blessings to flow through.


How do you see the world as a cup half-full or half-empty?

We all have a need to feel certain and sure in this world and we hate to be disappointed. Those who have a tendency to see the cup half-empty are less likely to feel that the world is a cup that is half-full for good reason.


Perhaps they consider what science said that our resources are dwindling and subsequently, we think about how these resources are unfairly distributed to humanity.


However, most people do not really consider the world abundant when the population keeps on ballooning while the natural resources continue to diminish by the hour.


They think that only the rich could get richer because they have all the available resources and opportunities to grow their wealth.


They think that the poor could only look at them with envy and dream of their life and most would give up their right to an abundant life.


In reality, we are living in a world that is more abundant than ever. Information is freely available. There are more job opportunities on the internet than in any other era. You have a choice to choose whether your world is half-empty or half-full.


How to get out of your struggle and receive abundance from the Divine?

One way or another, everyone asks for Divine blessings and guidance.


We often ask for guidance on when we should take the next step.


Is it time to look for a better job? Will we be blessed with higher-earning work?


Is it time to start that business venture brewing in your mind?


Realizing the blessings from the Divine will depend on how aware you are of their signs and synchronicities and on the strength and consistency of your connection to the Source.


True and absolute abundance comes from the Universe and it showers unto us when we pray for it.


How we see the universe and the guidance from it will dictate the blessings that we can receive.


Doubts and apprehensions on your part in the whole universe will get you nowhere but where you are.


Believing that your manifestation is coming to you will hasten the process.


The Divine will guide you in your manifestation so you do not need to put more effort into it. It will ease into your life like a missing puzzle to a big and bright picture.


Of course, you could get disheartened when you’re suddenly faced with multiple problems or when the results are far from what you expected.


There are moments when you actually want to manifest more money then suddenly there are money problems and emergencies popping out like mushrooms. Do not falter.


See it as a challenge from the Universe who wants to know if you stand firm with your intentions and try to see if you still want to manifest even with the obvious hardships you are facing.


Clearing your stuck energy and aligning your vibration to the energy of abundance will help you receive more blessings than you can ever imagine.


Shed off your negative energies: all those fears, doubts, stress, and anxiety that keep you up at night. These will not help you in any way and in any aspect of your life. Work and meditate to make your energy more positive and raise your vibration higher.


Shed off your limiting beliefs. When you are bombarded by debts your whole life, you may be subconsciously suffering from limiting beliefs. Do not feel bad, it is definitely not your fault. These limiting beliefs come into your life by influence, environmental and social.


Visualize clearly your intentions. Manifesting can only be effective and successful when you can visualize your reality fully and completely. Establish your intention and desire clearly without any hidden intentions or ulterior motives. Imagine and visualize yourself living with gratitude that it has already come true.


There are a lot of visualizing techniques that you can utilize to help you effectively visualize your goals. Daydream and imagine yourself in your desired state.

Imagine a life filled with abundance and financial freedom and start living it.


The lesson: Your belief in yourself and in the universe will deliver you to the life you have dreamed of.


When you believe that you deserve every blessing coming into your life, you can envision the life you want with the freedom you have longed for.


Your beliefs will set you on the path that will align your vibration to the frequency of the universe.


Remember that abundance is inherently yours. All these challenges that hinder can be handled as you tread the path of true and absolute abundance with the guidance of the universe.


Prayer for Prosperity and Financial Blessings

Dearest Archangel Ariel, please look into my deepest troubles and feel me.


I humbly ask you for help with my messy financial situation.


Please take me under your wings and lift me up from this tiring situation.


I praise you for your love and compassion.


Help me to listen to your wisdom and follow your guidance always so I may know what to do.


Deliver my prayers to the Divine.


I open myself to your love and light. I open myself to your blessings and miracles.


Thank you for being faithful and for setting me on stable ground.