Why Can’t I Find Love?

Everyone desires to be loved and love in return but some may lament not having that kind of love in their life due to difficult challenges in the past.


There are people who are also so lucky to have easily found the love of their life and lived happily ever after. They found their love in their youth while others found theirs later in life.


The reason why some people find it so hard to find their mates is because of very high and unrealistic expectations. When we have an exact image of our soulmate in our minds, it will be very hard for us to see the version of this person in reality.


It also prevents us from seeing other suitable mates because we are focused on one specific set of traits that we set for our soulmate.


Another reason why people find it difficult to find their soulmate is because they don’t love themselves enough that they keep on choosing people who do not see their worth. They don’t believe enough that they deserve someone who will truly love them for all that they are.


There are also those who feel alone for a very long time because they feel they can’t connect to someone and wonder if they will ever find a meaningful connection with another soul. They either are not prepared to meet the love of their life yet or they are just too engrossed with their own self that they don’t know how to care for another person.


Whatever it is that’s keeping you from finding your mate, the best way to approach it is to work on yourself. Enjoy your life, educate yourself and work on your passion and life’s purpose. Fill and complete your life with everything you need and everything that’s important to you. So, even if you find your soulmate or not you are still complete and a very happy and fulfilled single person.


When you are not trying to desperately chase someone, your soulmate will just appear in your path where you are heading and together you will be on the same path and there will be no conflict of dreams and desires because you are heading in the same direction. And that’s how it feels like when you finally find your soulmate.


Will I ever find love?

Do you doubt if you’ll ever find the love of your life? Maybe you’ve watched a lot of romantic movies and wondered if you deserve to have that kind of love…


Alas, some people become desperate in their attempt to find love. The thought of being alone scares them and they settle with whoever is available. And when things get bad or stale they wonder if they will ever find happiness and everlasting love.


Starting off your search for love with this negative question does not set you on a good start. In order to find love, you have to believe 100% in your heart that you are meant to meet your one true love.


Doubting will not help you attract love into your life. Instead, you will attract those people which resonate with this negative energy.


You will only be doubtful of the people you meet or doubt your ability to attract the right one and just settle with those you think you deserve. When you doubt, you are making yourself believe that you don’t deserve your soulmate which leads you to end up with someone who’s second best.


How to attract my one true love?

If you’ve been single for a very long time and you desire to be in a loving relationship, then you may wonder if it is possible to attract your one true love – especially as you grow older.


Attracting your one true love is to become the exact person who’s right for him/her. It involves working on yourself and making it better and better. When you strive to achieve the best version of yourself, you are becoming someone that you truly like and become the person that you can be proud of.


Concentrate on making yourself better and wherever you are in your life right now, you will just meet your soulmate along the way. You will attract exactly those that resonate with your energy. And if you like and love yourself, there is no doubt that you will also like and love who you attract.


When you meet your soulmate at the time of your life when you are most happy and fulfilled, you are attracting the same person who’s also in his/her life’s most happy and fulfilled phase.


A Prayer for your Angel’s Guidance to find love

Dear angels in heaven,


I come to you today with my hand in my heart.


I call for your angelic advice as I search for happiness and love throughout my life.


May you continue to bring me your support and courage to find the love I deserve.


Please keep sending your energies my way so I can attract the person you have prepared for me.


Please shine your bright, powerful light on my path of true love.


Thank you at all times for being there with me.