Why do I Feel Guilty When I Enjoy My Money?

Indulging in your money could not have been that dissatisfying, but somehow there will be times when it just feels terrible to do so when you could have spent it on something more meaningful. But can you blame yourself for buying something or spending your own money on things that you can’t just live without? For this question, your angels will be with you as you uncover the truth behind your expenses and find out how you can be more satisfied in the way that you could spend your money in the future.


Why do I spend money?


Why do you earn money in the first place? This question is very simple to answer, yet some people would just tend to spend their hard-earned money on things more on things that are just outside their line of reasoning. You should spend money on things that you need more than spending it on those that you don’t. 


But even still, there will be times when paying for something you need is just way too painful. Settling debts is a painful thing to experience because even though they are of high priority in your line of expenses, the fact that you resorted to being in debt to settle some financial problems that you may have can bring in that feeling of guilt and self-disappointment within you. In many ways, the main reason why it hurts to use your money in the first place is that you know you could have kept it for something you may need more in the future.


What problems does it lead towards?

One of the main issues that may come up when you have this lingering guilt over using your money for your own is that you can no longer truly enjoy the value of abundance in your life. Because you have so many obligations financially at this point in your life,  spending so much on unnecessary expenses could easily lead you towards no longer have enough money in case problems like health, chasing debtors, or unprecedented accidents or disasters could come into play. 


Always keep in mind that being overindulgent could cause a lot of problems financially if you are ill-prepared for things that could come up under your nose. While ultimately, your choice of how you spend your money lies solely at your discretion, without proper guidance, you could fall into the trap of buying or spending on things that are not only useless at this point in your life, but could also deplete the money that you could have used to pay for what you need instead.


During these times, you cannot afford to spend money on things that you don’t need. The universe teaches you so many things about life that you may need to internalize for yourself. Luckily, these teachings can be easily received by you if you look hard enough around you. Circumstances like these may not lead you toward the path of self-fulfillment, but don’t let this derail you from working toward the path of financial stability.


Throughout these times, know that you are always being followed by someone who can understand the situation that you are currently in. You may not find them anywhere with your naked eye, but celestial spirits are always around you to help guide you toward the path of financial relief and stability. You are not alone in this fight. In all the things that you do, trust that they will always be there to observe and lead you towards the path of good and that their benevolence will surely not let you down in your time of need.


How does my angel help with my financial problems?


One of the greatest gifts that the universe has brought to you to help you in your times of need are your angels. They are omnipotent beings capable of leading you towards a path of good life, financial stability, and enlightenment so that you can easily manage your monetary worries and problems on your own in the future. Dropping hints about your financial problems and the ways you can find relief from them is one of the ways they can help you understand what you need to do to take charge of your finances.


A seemingly unimportant sign may actually contain a wealth of information about what your angels want you to do to avoid ever experiencing financial trouble again. For instance, spotting a coin on a busy street is a sign from the angels telling you to be as frugal as you can be without being too greedy. Your angels are giving you a call to action to help you face your financial problems, which may or may not have anticipated, by emphasizing the need for you to manage your expenses carefully and save money for the things that matter most.


You will most surely anticipate having your angels by your side to help you navigate life in all the correct ways and at all the appropriate times. They are not only your financial advisors, but you can also rely on their life coaching guidancea to get you through life’s many challenges that will come your way. As your guardian, they will be there to defend you from the consequences of lying, which could also result in increased debts throughout your life. The most important thing is to never be scared to talk to them about your worries because they will always be there for you as a friend and someone you can easily turn to for a shoulder to cry on.


All of this means that if you need their help with your current troubles in life, your angels will most certainly be at your ready to assist you. They will quickly come to your aid through a brief prayer, assisting you in navigating life with ease and guiding you down the proper path forward.


A Prayer for Abundance to your Angels

One way to get in touch with your angels in heaven for guidance is through the use of heavenly prayers. In this way, they can clearly hear your call for help and be there instantly to help you in your path towards recovery from all your financial burdens in life.


Place yourself in a meditative state this time and put your hands together as you call for them in your time of need. Recite this prayer with all your heart and allow their spirit to listen to you right now:

Dear angel in heaven,


Thank you for the love and guidance.

Thank you for your benevolence and willfulness to help.

Come to me in my time of need as I navigate through my burdens in life.

Save me as I course through my perils in my finances and the stresses of all my expenses.

Guide me as I work towards all my issues and help me find my way through all my problems so I can achieve success in the future.

In my heart and mind, you will always have a place for me.


Thank you for all the blessings you give,