Will My Friends Support Me?

It’s important to remember that friends are friends for a reason. Your friend maybe someone who’s reliable and kind, but they’re also not going to be there for you all the time. It’s okay if they don’t know how or aren’t comfortable doing so; sometimes we need space from each other anyway (and maybe our relationship isn’t built on mutual support).


What if your friend is someone whose support you rely on? Maybe you’ve gotten used to having it and it feels like more of a priority than theirs does for them. You’re not alone—lots of people have friends who are not the best at being there when they need them.


Just remember that a true friend will always support you all the time when you need them the most.


Friends Are Friends For A Reason.

It’s important to remember that some people are more comfortable offering support than others. If you’ve been told something by a friend that leads you to believe they don’t care about your situation, it’s possible they aren’t good at expressing themselves in these situations. Some people are more comfortable being there for their friends during difficult times than others, so don’t discount their ability to be there when needed just because of one off-hand comment or awkward conversation.


In short: maybe your friend just isn’t the type of person who knows how to offer support in times like this. Or maybe they’re trying but aren’t doing a great job at it—but then again, neither are most of us! The point is that it doesn’t reflect how much someone cares about you; sometimes we all need help figuring out what the best way is for us to show support for each other and ourselves during hard times in our lives.


A Friend Who’s Normally Reliable Fails To Be There For You When You Need Them.

Here’s the thing: friends are supposed to be there for you when you need them. We all know this, but sometimes in the heat of the moment or in the throes of other responsibilities, we forget what our friends mean to us and take them for granted. You shouldn’t have to face hard times alone; your friends should be there for you when you need them most. 


However, it’s important to remember that your friend might not be able to support you exactly how you’d like them to—and that’s okay! Remembering these things can help keep both parties sane as they navigate their individual journeys toward emotional health, personal growth, and happiness.”


It Can Make You Start To Wonder If They’re A Real Friend.


You might find yourself wondering if they’re a real friend.


A good friend, or true friend, will support you in your journey of self-realization and growth. If they do not, it’s a good time to re-evaluate the relationship. You can still be friends with them but you have to be clear about what you need from them in order for them to become a better friends for you and what their role is going forward. It may mean that this is just not the right relationship anymore and that it may be time for both of us to move on separately as individuals who are just friends and nothing more than that.


Be Specific About Why You Needed Their Help – It Might Make It Clearer That They Should Have Been There For You.

When you do ask for help, be specific about what you need. It’s easy to assume people know you’re going through something and assume they’ll just know what to do or say, but that’s not always the case. So give them some examples of things they could have helped with. For example:


  • I really needed someone to listen when I was upset about my breakup (and/or other stressful events).
  • I needed someone who understood why I was sad and could empathize with me without being too pushy about it.
  • If you’d been there for me, we could have gone for a walk together or done some yoga at home together instead of sitting in front of our laptops alone all weekend like we did last week when we were both down in the dumps.”


Angel Message Advice For A Genuine Friend Support


The angels hear your thoughts and we will help you all the time. Remember that your friend is one of the most genuine people you’ve ever met. They’re kind, thoughtful, and caring, and they always make time for you.


But sometimes it can feel like they don’t need as much help as you do. That’s why we asked angel messengers to help us find out what your friend needs from you right now.


Here’s what they said: “Your friend needs you to help them accept that they deserve to be happy.”


We know it might seem like your friend has everything going for them—a great job, a wonderful family, and plenty of friends—but the truth is that everyone deserves to be happy. And sometimes the best way to make someone happy is by accepting them for who they are—and letting them know how much you love them!


Prayer For A Friend’s Support

Dear Angels in Heaven,


I pray to you today for my friends to support me in my time of need. 


I know that they may not understand what I am going through and that some of them may not be able to support me in the way that I need.


 Please help them to understand how important their support is to me and help them to give it freely. 


Thank you for hearing my prayer, Amen.