Archangel Selaphiel – Your Faithfulness Will Be Rewarded With Countless Blessings

Archangel Selaphiel is the angel who will always affirm your prayers for blessings in life.

As the archangel of prayers, Selaphiel works to unite your energies with the Divine in order for you to reach his enlightenment and miracles.

With his assistance, all your prayers will be heard of by the Supreme Being, and will help you strengthen your faith for his benevolence and vibrations.

Come to Archangel Selaphiel right now to get your thoughts and prayers sent and connect to the energies of the universe!


Archangel’s Selaphiel Advice for you

As Archangel Selaphiel is the angel of prayers, he assures that all your prayers are currently being heard by your angels!

In order to get your calls to the universe heard by the celestial beings in heaven, you need to be able to concentrate on the message you want to convey through prayers.

Always focus on your faith to guide your thoughts and help inform your ideas for an ideal life. This means that you should not be afraid to follow your heart’s desires.

Always bear in mind that the advice of the higher being is always going towards your welfare and success. Do not give up on your faith in Him and be discouraged with life. 

With faith, you can always get back up in life and be more enlightened on the best mindset to have in order to continue with life. Giving up means that you will have to restart your efforts, which can be incredibly frustrating. Even if there will be instances when things don’t go as expected, this doesn’t mean that success is impossible to achieve.

Since nothing in life is simple, effort and patience are crucial when striving to achieve something. Work tirelessly until you achieve your goals, then rejoice in your success!


What Archangel Selaphiel Wants You To Act Upon

Archangel Selaphiel is the archangel who will certainly guide you toward connecting with the heavens. You must act on their inspiration if you want to follow your angels’ guidance and accomplish your objectives. This entails acting upon the information they are giving you, whether it comes in the form of a hint, a sign, or something more overt like an actual dream.

If you need assistance from your angels to get you in touch with God, feel free to call them and ask for their help! If you feel an urge or a mood that inspires you, pay attention to it! Even better, ask Archangel Selaphiel for specific instructions, and he will provide them. However, don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what he wants specifically from you. Instead, trust that he knows what’s best and move forward with whichever course of action currently feels the most intuitive and natural to you.


A Prayer from Selaphiel to Claim His Blessings

Dear Archangel Selaphiel,

I come to you today with a prayer.

I ask that you guide me toward enlightenment in my lifetime.

Allow me to get in touch with the love of God and feel his presence in me.

Heighten my capabilities to find opportunities and resources I need to achieve my dreams.

And enlighten me so that I can safely navigate my life path and succeed in finding my true purpose in life.