Angel Message Of The Day: Archangel Raguel – Your Angels Will Show You The Way To True Love

The path leading to your eventual reunion with your twin flame is not the easiest path to follow among all your manifestation paths. Often, this once-in-a-lifetime event in someone’s life happens after they encounter certain situations that lead them to this fateful meeting. 


So, for you to manifest your dreams of finding the love of your life soon, your angels are here to assist you. And among all the willing guides in heaven, connect with Archangel Raguel and let your heart be filled with hopes of passion soon to be in your grasp at the right time.


Consider this card as God’s heavenly message for you to find where your love path will soon take you. He will soon enlighten your thoughts and widen your perceptions of what lies ahead for you. In due time, you will unlock the knowledge required to achieve your life goals.


The Universe will be guiding you on what you will need to realize your dreams. What you require right now is to open your mind to everything that you should know about the world that you’re in. Only then will you be able to connect with the vibrations of the Universe and allow its energies to soon reach everyone that you care about and will care for throughout your lifetime.


Archangel Raguel will ensure you that the Universe has heard your call and is ready to call out your twin flame to soon be by your side. With him as your spiritual advisor, you will quickly find the light that your heart has been looking for in someone. Your kindred spirits will quickly long for their eventual reunion, and trust that your intuition will be your guide towards that when the time comes.


Archangel Raguel’s Advice for you

Archangel Raguel’s primary goal as our guide on Earth is to help you be more connected with God and to implore you to learn from His guidance so that you may discover the mysteries that will lead you to eventually connect with the love of your life soon.


To be able to find out the identity of your soulmate, Raguel will be there to let you know that your love manifestation has to start with your faithfulness to divine intervention. Raguel is not only here to reveal the traits of the person who you will soon find and grow to love in the near future. He is here to govern your thoughts and let you know what your love will also be looking forward to in life and will help you both to achieve your life goals.


To love is to heal from the past, and Raguel wants you to know that you can only be capable of loving if you are capable of letting go of your past. Raguel also deeply understands and believes in your will to learn and grow as a person, a friend, and a lover. This will be the first step toward realizing your goals. If you ever lose hope in your life’s decisions or have trouble figuring out how the pieces of your jigsaw fit together, your spirits will be there to guide you and demonstrate your worthiness.


Trust that there will be people around you that will be by your side to help you in your pursuit towards finding love. With their help, you will soon be able to fill the gaps left inside of your heart from the pain of your early heartaches. Trust that the last person that will be able to mend it is the ones that will soon be your lover in the future;


What Archangel Raguel Wants You To Act Upon

Accept Archangel Raguel’s warm and tender energy as it starts to flow through you to connect with him.


Raguel is working hard to help you with whatever you may need to overcome life’s challenges and be stronger for those that you care about. His assistance will allow you to establish solid, reliable, and wonderful bonds with everyone in your immediate vicinity. In due time, you will soon be able to lead the life path that the Divine has already planned for you.


It is not a coincidence that you are reading this letter today. This is an example of how your angels are aiding you in embracing this gift and beginning to lead the life you’ve always wanted.


Believe in the hard work of your spirits above to bless and guide you at all times. Trust in his long-term plans for you and open your hand and heart to soon get to where it wants to take you: towards your true love in the end.


A Prayer from Archangel Raphael to Claim his Blessings,


Dearest Archangel Raphael,

I come to you with thankfulness in my heart for your unrelenting love and support.

I appreciate your commitment to being close to me at all times.

I appreciate everything you do to keep my connection to God strong.

I heartfully need your guidance so that I can follow the path that the universe has chosen for me.

Please assist me in feeling your warmth at all times. May you give me the wisdom and guidance I need to get through this.

Open my spirit and soul to discover the inner strength that will eventually bring me toward the love that I long desired.

Thank you so much for your guidance. Amen.