Angel Signs – Angel Feathers

Do wonder how angels will communicate with you and make you feel their presence? How can we know that they are guiding us and leading us to the light and love of the Divine?


Because angels are spiritual beings filled with the energy of love and light, it can be difficult to see them unless you set your vibration in alignment with their high vibration. Setting your vibration frequency is a long process and a journey that you need to decide on your own.


On the other hand, while you could not yet see or feel the presence of the angels easily, their faithfulness will show in signs and synchronicities that are happening around you and for you.


What you may have thought as mere coincidences can be a message from the angels that they are with you, they are protecting you and they will lead you to where you most desire.


Flashes of lights, angel numbers, cloud shapes, flowers, and angel feathers are some of the signs that angels put in our path as a way to make us feel their love and presence.


Every communication, every sign from the angels is a reminder for us to open our consciousness, to become more aware of their presence, and in a way make it easier for them to envelop us with the vibration of the divine, the light of the source and transcend us to the higher level of spiritual consciousness.


When we become aware of the angelic signs around us, we become more aware of how our life is being led by the angels to assure us that we are treading the right path and that we are on the right track toward our dreams. 


The Angel Feathers

Of all the signs that the angels give us, finding feathers in your path or in peculiar times and events may be the most common and the most symbolic sign that they are with us.


Are you always finding feathers in your path?


Or you might just be praying to your angel and suddenly, a small object fell from the sky, and when you looked at it, it is a small feather.


Or you could be taking a walk one morning, lost in your thoughts and worries, and you find a feather directly in your path.


All of these are signs that your angels are with you, they got your back and they are telling you the answers to your questions.


Despite our common depiction of how angels look, with wings, of course, angels actually do not need wings to fly. 


The wings we picture them with, are representative of their lightness, their love, and their higher vibrational frequency that allows them to fly through the Universe, carrying out the missions from the Source, the messages from the infinite down to us, human and physical beings, so we can unravel our destiny as the Universe truly want it.


While angels love to appear to us with wings, for those who can’t see them yet, they communicate through feathers as a sign that they are near and they are watching over you.


Angel feathers are signs that the angels deliberately put in your path at the most perfect time to give you the assurance that you need during that time, to comfort you from your worries, and to tell you that you are treading the right path.


Also, angels use feathers to remind you of their presence, to increase your awareness so may see things not as they appear to be but how it affects your life and the life of people around you.


In the lightness of a feather, you can see the speed, love, and truth of the infinite power of the Source. 


It shows the lightness of your future when you decide to journey to the realm of higher beings and become in alignment with your angels.


It is the sign of a fresh start, to open your spiritual self and let go of the things so you can connect and hold the hands of your angels.


Different Colors of Angel Feathers and Their Meanings

More than just using any feathers of any bird, the angels will also give you specific messages depending on the feathers they used, and the color of the feathers you find.


The white feather is the most commonly used angel feather and it is the same color that we used to draw the angels with. White is the symbol of purity such as the pureness of the angels as our helpers and as agents of the Universe. 


It reminds us of the vastness of the love of the Source if we keep our faith. The white feather you may find in your path or on the bench you are sitting on tells you that you are always protected by the angels.


Blue feathers are a reminder to remain calm amidst the chaos that surrounds you through whatever circumstances you may be in. Through the blue feather, your angel is transmitting calmness and peaceful energy so you can have a better connection with them. Sometimes, when you are in a misunderstanding with other people, seeing a blue feather will remind you of the value of listening so that you can be listened to.


Feathers tinged with red speaks of passion. Sometimes, when you are confused as to the path you are in, wondering if the passion in your heart should be pursued, finding a red feather given by your angel will encourage you to follow the path you dream of. Through this feather, the angel is giving you courage and strength so you can pursue whatever your heart desires.


Finding a green feather is a message from your angels that you are about to receive abundance and attract money in your life. You may be about to open the door to an opportunity you have longed for to change your circumstances.


When you spot a black feather on the ground, on your porch, or anywhere near you, know that it is your angel reminding you that they are always protecting you. They are gifting you with a wisdom that you need to make the best choices and telling you of your endless capabilities you might have forgotten.


If ever you forget about the unconditional love that your angel is giving you, you will encounter a feather with a hint of the color pink, or a full dominant color of pink. Tune into love and your angel will show you endless grace and mercy reminding you that they will never leave your side and they will always care for you.


The angels also bring joy and happiness through a yellow feather. Sometimes when the going gets tough and you are struggling with your problems, the encouragement your angels will give you is a reminder to be cheerful, to go through life lightly, and to focus on your needs and your dreams.


When you are struggling with creativity, be aware of orange feathers in your path for these are reminders from your angels to listen to your inner voice. They are telling you to stay positive, to be aware of your intuition so success can come to you concerning your current projects.


A reminder to stay grounded, optimistic and be a receptacle of stability energy is a brown feather that your angel put in your sight. The angel is telling you to keep your physical being in alignment with your spiritual energy so your journey can become easier.


These are just basic meanings of the different colors of angel feathers you may find and encounter as a sign from your angels to help you with your everyday life. But the most effective way to uncover the most specific meaning of the feather you have found or you will find is by being more aware of your spirituality, your connection to them and your state of vibrational energy. Growing spiritually, you can look deep within you, realize what you want and need and know that the angels are giving you the right answers at the right time.


If you are not yet finding your own angel feathers, you can always ask the angels for signs.


Again, the angels come to you in accordance with how you want to receive them. They will never violate your free will or act independently. Depending on your level of awareness and faith in them, shown by how you reverently pray for their presence and guidance, they will show you the signs you look for as often as you want.


The angels will always answer our prayers, they will always listen to us. In fact, they are just waiting for you to call on them so they can envelop you with the bright light of their love and glory.


Now, that you know about the way the angels communicate with each one of us and the meaning of the angel feathers you find, you can exponentially understand better the message the angels are trying to tell you.


Angel Sign Prayer

To help you connect with your angels and receive more signs from them, use this short prayer to ask them to fill your life with their presence and guidance.


Dear Angels of God, 


Thank you for coming to me today.

Thank you for the gift of guidance by way of these angelic signs.

Pray for me as I find my way toward success and a better life.

May you always find me in my times of need and show me the right choices to act upon.

I open myself to your divine signs. 

Please let your light guide me in the path the Divine has prepared for me.

Please be there for me always.