Angel Signs – Animal Messengers

Whether you’re aware or not, your angels have always been around you. 


Skeptics tend to question their existence but there are clear signs that they’ve been working behind the scenes in your life.


The term “angel” was from the Greek word “anglos”, which was also derived from the Hebrew word, “malakh” meaning “messenger”.


In a way, we can say that the angels’ primary function is to bring important spiritual messages to us from the Divine. They are our guides so we can discover who we are and what we are meant to do.


We know that life is a journey and like how we trek a mountain, we can’t go through our life journey blindly.


Our life journey will never be as smooth-sailing as we wish it is, so we are provided with guides that can help us find the right direction leading us to the path that will bring us success and fulfillment of our life purpose.


Angels have no gender and can appear in whatever form they want to people they visit and meet.


In the olden days, those who believed in angels associated them with specific religions. This is because many of the angels were introduced by religious authorities.


Christians and Muslims believed that angels are God’s messengers and work as people’s guardians. Angels help humans in many aspects. They heal the sick, guide us to the right path, protect us from harm, lead us to our soulmates, and many more.


However, angels are not confined to any one religion or belief. The way they help and provide support to everyone has no religious boundaries. Anyone who would call upon them will be heard and given assistance.


This fast-paced material world could raise their brows and question the existence of our angels. But we can’t deny the many stories of personal encounters from people who have been blessed to meet their angels in whatever form they appeared.


Even when we can’t see them, they are there much like the air we breathe but can’t see.


We are just so caught up with the confusion of this material plane that we often do not notice the signs from our guardian angels. 


Knowing the signs of the angels’ existence will help you call upon them whenever you require guidance and assistance. You can have the advantage of understanding the messages they bring and tapping into their divine wisdom.


Animals as Signs from Your angels

Sending animal messengers to you is another way for your angels to talk to you and let you know that they are watching over you.


Are you often seeing the same animals around you or in your dreams?


Does it seem like they are watching you or observing you as you go about your day?


Or do you feel a certain affinity with some animals?


Animal messengers are also referred to as Spirit animals.


Spirit animals bring us messages and guidance that will help us find our way through life.


Our angels often use animals to provide us with their protection and warn us of imminent danger. They will help us get through the challenges we are facing. They come to us when we need them most and offer their support to whatever endeavor we are undertaking.


The messages from the animal messengers can be easy to understand when you know what their characteristics are. Their characteristics reflect the capabilities and possibilities your angels want you to know.


Some animal messengers you need to know


Different spirit animals bring different messages that will touch different aspects of our life and bring specific guidance for us.



When dogs come to you in your dreams, you are reminded of the importance of your intuition, protection, generosity, and fidelity.


It could also be a warning for you. A dog would often come in your dreams to warn you about betrayals. Sometimes, they represent someone in your dreams. If you dreamt of being bitten by a dog, it could be a warning that someone close to you may be unfaithful. They could also be a personal representation of you as you become aware of the inner conflict you have been avoiding within yourself.


Have you recently encountered a dog that is not your pet?


White dogs that are symbols of pure feelings and magic. When a white dog comes to you, it is a sign of positive change and spiritual transformation.


Do not get irritated when a stray dog is following you on a rainy day, because they bring good fortune to you.


This animal messenger is also reminding you that you are a creation of love and light. 


You may have been doubting your ability to love and find the love that you want. 


But this animal messenger from your angels show that you are capable of giving and receiving unconditional love. Think back to those times where you receive the kindness of strangers. Think back to those memories of you showing love to the people you care about.


This angel signs will also guide you as you cherish the relationships you have right now. Your angels want you to know that true friendship exists and you can have that when you fully open yourself to it.




Here are the messages, symbols, and teachings the wolf brings to you:


  • The wolf in your dream brings great change.


It is not uncommon for our animal messengers to come to us in our dreams since it is when we are more susceptible to their presence and messages. Dreaming of the wolf spirit animal means you are about to face a major change in your life. Changes will always worry us but the wolf shows itself to remind us that we are not alone and that the imminent changes will bring us to a higher path where we can grow.


The wolf also gives us warnings through our dreams, especially in our physical and emotional state. It wants us to be vigilant and be aware of threats to our person.


Through our dreams, the wolf teaches us to trust in its guidance and its desire to make us better.


  • The wolf wants you to listen to your instincts and intuition.


Wolves are very intelligent and instinctual animals and having the wolf as your spirit animal messenger shows your intelligence and invaluable instincts. The wolf will point you to the right path where you can find a deeper understanding of the world. 


The wolf wants to remind you that you can successfully champion any challenge when you let your intuition lead you to the solution. You have to be careful in keeping the balance of your instinctual nature and the strong emotions inside you so you can keep yourself living in harmony and peace.


  • A path to the freedom you desire.


Wolves have this deep desire for freedom and it shows in their fierce run and the way they fearlessly live their life. As your spirit guide, the wolf is reminding you to live your life as you want it – free and joyful. 


The wolf wants you to rediscover life every day with a burning passion. This spirit animal messenger wants you to embrace your authentic self and express it to the world.


  • You are being reminded of the importance of your relationships.


Wolves are admired for their love and loyalty to their pack. While no relationship is perfect whether it’s familial, platonic, or romantic, you understand that these people are your support system. The wolf spirit animal wants you to find warmth and love with the people who can encourage you to grow and become your best self. 


The wolf wants you to find the love that you desire and will warn you away from people who might take advantage of you.


  • Whatever you are facing, you can overcome it.


A powerful message from your wolf spirit animal is that you can overcome the hurdles you are currently facing. The wolf comes to you with the knowledge that you are on your way to a great transformation and spiritual journey. 


It knows that you have doubts and fears. But it also reminds you that it chose you because of your inner strength and power and it has all the confidence that you can triumph over any challenge. With its guidance, you can always hit the ground running.


  1. Stay on your spiritual path.


Your wolf spirit animal wants you to stay in your path. Yes, you have found it. The wolf symbolizes your spirituality and Inner Wisdom. You are being guided through your path where you will be provided with the support and assurance that you need. 


You are evolving steadily and you will soon shine through as you let your intuition guide you.



Here are the meanings when your angels send the eagle as your animal messenger:


  1. A reminder to rise to the skies but also to keep grounded as well


While the eagle helps you to look at the big picture, it is also a reminder that you don’t want to keep your head in the clouds but also to keep your feet on the ground as well. The eagle may spend hours roaming the skies to keep a watchful eye on its prey, but it comes down to the ground to strike with precision. This is a metaphor for you to plan for the big picture and execute with precision and power. 


  1. A flying eagle overhead teaches you to see things from a broader perspective


If you’re facing a difficult problem in your life, it means that you can’t find solutions from the level of the perspective that created it. The flying eagle invites you to see things from a higher level so you can step outside your limitations, your emotional attachments, and the repeating patterns that prevent you from seeing the big picture. All you need to do is take a step back, see it from a broader perspective, and trust that there is a higher meaning for all that is happening.


  1. An eagle that crosses your path means victory is around the corner

If an eagle crosses your path, it brings a message to interrupt the usual patterns you have been living your life because you’ve been over-analyzing what to do instead of following your heart. After all, it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day without taking a break from your routines to see the deeper spiritual meaning.

  1. Eagles soar, but ducks quack


Have you been complaining too much about a persisting and debilitating problem? The eagle is here to remind you that, unlike the other birds, eagles simply fly above and leave the other birds in the dust. If people have been complaining too much around you, the eagle gently reminds us it is time to leave others who are still ‘quacking’ about their problems and rise to a new level.


  1. An opening of your Eagle Eye which is your 3rd eye


The eagle is well known to have an ‘eagle eye’. This means that your 3rd eye which is what your intuition sees is activated and ready to guide you. How can an eagle see so far and still catch its prey with targeted precision? By relying on your intuition and keeping an eye out for signs and synchronicities.


  1. When you notice a feather from an eagle


Eagle feathers like angel feathers are important signs that encourage us. According to Native American traditions, the eagle feather is adorned on the sacred pipe as it represents the symbol of the Great Spirit. Shamans use feathers in their rituals and an eagle feather represents strength and where power flows mightily. It also means you are ready to be a chief, to be a leader.


  1. Did you dream of an eagle recently?


When you dream of eagles, it means that your wish is about to be fulfilled as opportunities are aligned, and you are ready to evolve and let truth and power be the driving force in your life. It also means that courage and personal power are represented as your dream state is a subconscious manifestation of the things you wish to manifest.



Here are 5 meanings of seeing a spider:


  1.   You are being reminded to find the balance in your past present and future.


Many people may be afraid of spiders but they are very fragile creatures and easily break.


Though your past is bound to you, it does not mean that you cannot heal from it and break it when it is hurting your life. Our pasts are not meant to be dwelt in but they are lessons we can use to support our present and future.


When you cannot find the balance between these aspects of who you are, you may continue to dangle in life unable to create the life you want.



  1.   You are being encouraged to create your reality and manifest your dreams.


The spider spirit animal is your creative guide as you journey to become the master and the creator of your life. The energy of creation is natural to spiders and it symbolizes your ability to weave your dreams and reality constantly. 


The best way to actualize your dreams and aspirations is to write them down on a piece of paper. Just as a spider can only build a tapestry when it spins its web, your thoughts can’t manifest solely in your head… it only works after you write it down and see it in front of you.


  1.   Dreaming of Spiders is a warning.


Spiders can induce fear and caution by coming to you in your dreams. You are being warned of the dangers lurking in your waking hours. The spider wants you to be aware of what is happening around you. There is a possibility that people will betray you and cheat on you. You might be surrounded by lies and the spider spirit animal wants to lead you out of it.


When a spider seems to be threatening you in your dreams, it is because you are worried about your relationships. You are hesitant to let yourself be entangled in emotion-driven conflicts with people.


Dreaming of spiderwebs has a connection to your creativity. It means that you have a creative idea brewing in your mind. You may be starting a project or stepping into creative endeavors. Your spirit animal wants you to remember to be patient as you wait for the results of your passion and dedication.


  1.   The Black Widow is giving you power and strength.


Black Widow spiders symbolize so much power. It represents femininity, sexual power, and independence. Some people would see a Black Widow as a fragile spider in need of help. But when the Black Widow comes to you as your spirit animal, it means that it is gifting you its powerful attributes that will help you face life and keep you from being a victim of your circumstances. There is power in how you become the person that binds the people around you. There is power in how you weave and plan your life so you can achieve everything you desire.


  1.   The Spider spirit animal wants you to cast your web as far as you can.


The Spider wants to encourage you to open yourself and set your web as wide and far as you can. Like the intricate web of a spider, this spirit animal will help you make the right connections that will bring you to the best path for your success.


The spider will help you create the life you want by weaving beautiful patterns of possibilities and opportunities for you.


There are other animal messengers that your angels will send to you to bring you messages. You just need to be more aware when they come to you and start taking your attention.


Angel Sign Prayer

To help you connect with your angels and receive more signs from them, use this short prayer to ask them to fill your life with their presence and guidance.


Dear Angels of God, 


Thank you for coming to me today.

Thank you for the gift of guidance by way of these angelic signs.

Pray for me as I find my way toward success and a better life.

May you always find me in my times of need and show me the right choices to act upon.

I open myself to your divine signs. 

Please let your light guide me in the path the Divine has prepared for me.

Please be there for me always.