Angel Signs – Butterflies

Angels, in their desire to assist us through our life journey, find ways to deliver to us the messages of the Universe so they can lead us to the right path and ultimately discover our purpose in life.


Butterflies, as we now have a very short life span. 


When you look at it closely, butterflies hold the meaning of our spiritual journey in this world. 


We are like butterflies. The journey we are on resembles the life of a butterfly. In their short life, you might say that it is too fleeting to correlate to how we go through our spiritual journey. 


But like the butterfly, we started with nothing, like butterfly eggs on a leaf, waiting for a chance to explore the world. And much like a caterpillar, we try to get as much knowledge of life as we can, devouring experiences, going through meditations, reading all the relevant books, and partaking in spiritual courses, so we can ready ourselves for whatever we may face as we tread the path of the high spirits.


Then we become conscious of ourselves like a pupa cocooning. We looked deep inside ourselves, assessing our consciousness, wondering what we really want and need, what we dream to become, and how we can achieve it. As we decipher who we truly are, we become more conscious of our place in the order of the Universe, we become more aware of the power of the Divine, of the guidance of the angels.


Until we can finally spread our wings, made sturdy by our deep spiritual connections to the celestial beings. We become majestic as we are. Finally, like the butterflies’ service to the natural world, we are instruments to touch the lives of others, a catalyst for change and inspiration.


To some cultures, a butterfly is a sign of the deceased. And it is true. When you have recently lost someone you loved and cared for, your angels might send you a butterfly to comfort you and to tell you that the soul of your beloved is with them, still living on. Or it could be that your loved one left an essence of themselves in a butterfly to enable them to communicate and keep in touch with you.


Why a butterfly, though?

Well, butterflies are known as messenger creatures as they hold so much meaning in their lives. Angels loved to use nature to carry their messages for them to be delivered to us. One of their favorites is the butterfly.


Mainly, angels use butterflies to tell you that they are near you and they are always at your side. 


When you feel down and like you don’t know what to do with your life anymore, the angels will cheer you up by sending butterflies your way.


You are being guided. The butterflies will transmit courage to your heart from your angels. 


You are being reminded that though life may be short, there is beauty in it and that you are as beautiful as any creature on earth.


Another message from the angels is that the presence of the butterfly brings a sign of transformation and rebirth.


Are you going through a major life change, in your career, in your lifestyle, in your spiritual endeavors, in your relationships?


The butterflies you see as you go through any one of these things will accompany you in your endeavors. They will be with you, encouraging you along the way, and assuring you that everything will be alright and that you can do it.


Also, when you see a butterfly, you are reminded that now is the time to work on your transformation to becoming your highest spiritual self. You can become someone majestic as you start to become more aware of your angels and establish a deep connection with them.


Another message from the angels through the beautiful butterflies is to make time to look more within you, inside you. Focus on yourself, and assess your perspective. Become more aware of how you see things, your principles, and beliefs, and how all of these affect the way you are living your life.


It is not only in waking time of seeing a butterfly that a message is being delivered to you. 


Do you dream about butterflies? Are you wondering what they mean?


To know what message you are getting from your angels through your butterfly dreams, you must first know at what stage of a butterfly you have been dreaming.


Are you dreaming about a caterpillar, a cocoon, or a full-fledged butterfly?


Dreaming about a caterpillar will tell you to continue forward. It could be that you are facing many struggles in your journey and you are starting to wonder if you can make it through. You are being encouraged to not give up and to continue holding on.


When a butterfly appeared in your dream in a cocoon state, it might be a sign that you are slowly isolating yourself, being reclusive and detached from the world. Although you are on the quest to find yourself and look within, you must not sever yourself from the people who cared for you. Strengthen your bond with them, because they are the ones who will support you in your endeavors.


A gorgeous butterfly in your dreams is a sign that you are about to reach your desires, and that you are about to be free from your worries and fears. You can become someone more when you put your heart and soul into it. Like a butterfly, you are meant to touch lives, to inspire change and freedom.


Another interpretation is to be confident in your own beauty. You might be someone who lacks self-esteem and confidence in yourself and in your natural attractiveness. A butterfly in your dreams will remind you that you are beautiful in every unique way that you are.


Ultimately, the most important message that butterflies hold is that your angels are always with you.


Different Colors of Butterflies and Their Meaning

White Butterfly


A white butterfly symbolizes purity and internal growth. 


Whether they are pure white butterflies or white butterflies with beautiful details and spots, they bring important messages from our angels and the spiritual world.


White butterflies bring good omens and generally represent good luck and prosperity.


When a white butterfly shows up in your life often, it is a sign from your angels that you are about to enter a new phase, a new era in your life.


They know that you will be anxious and maybe apprehensive of the changes coming to you, but they want you to know that they are with you so you just need to believe in yourself.


They want to remind you to always be aware of what is happening around you so can find the signs and messages they send you to guide you in your new journey.


The white butterfly is also a symbol of transformation and purity which means that you are being guided into the new chapter where you will find fulfillment and happiness.


A white butterfly is also a sign that you are on the right spiritual path and that you are slowly discovering your higher self.


You might think that you are on a slow and difficult journey of finding your purpose and your soul mission. But your angels want you to know that this is a natural process.


Like how butterflies become magnificently winged creatures, we will find ourselves on a path where we cultivate self-awareness and self-consciousness. 


This path is slow and challenging. But with guidance from our angels, we will find our highest selves and embrace our highest potential. 


We will become more awakened and aware of who we are and find our spiritual existence.


Meditate more and connect with your angels so they can guide you in your spiritual journey.


Brown Butterfly

Brown Butterflies are known to bring about a brand new era for your life, by giving you a good reset, especially if things haven’t been going well in your life. 


When people think of the color brown, they might associate it with decay. But don’t be alarmed… brown is a renewing color. 


The color brown is associated with the earth, the fertility of the soil, and the abundance it bears. After all, when one is connected to the earth, they will absorb the nutrients it has to offer and grow.


Brown butterflies also represent the natural orders of life as you ponder the simplicity and the beauty in its modest nature.


It could be that you are waiting for a sign to change careers. Or you could be waiting for the perfect time to go into a new relationship. It could be that you are edging towards a new business venture.


Whatever you are waiting for, the brown butterfly is a sign that you are about to experience great changes in your life, and you don’t have to be afraid. It is a reminder to embrace change with anticipation and excitement.


Black  Butterfly


Generally, butterflies are believed to bring good luck and blessings.


But they could also bring with them some warnings to ensure that you are on the right path.


In many cultures, the black butterfly is an omen of misfortune and even death.


But the black butterfly is not only an ominous symbol.


It has a lot of positive and personal meanings.


First of all, let us clarify the death that most people associate with the black butterfly.


It does not necessarily mean the death of a person close to you.


In fact, it could mean “death” or the end of something that is a long time coming. 


It could be the end of a job, an idea, a relationship, or a project.


Just the same, it will be hard to accept at first but you need to understand that things end because they are no longer serving you.


When we need to end something, it is for our own good and for our growth.


Another secret that the black butterfly holds is it is being the symbol of rebirth or renewal.


When you see a black butterfly it could mean that you are ready to undergo a rebirth or a renewal.


This will usually come after a long dark period of your life when you have been feeling lonely, helpless, and hopeless.


The black butterfly will come to you as a signal of hope and the beginning of a new chapter in your life.


It is a sign that everything will be alright soon.


The universe is giving you the assurance that you are not alone in your battles and that you can always ask for help when you need it.


In this respect, the next secret from the black butterfly is connected to a change in your energy and perspective.


You are about to undergo a positive shift in your personal life that will help you let go of the negativity that is keeping you from moving forward.


In a way, you are about to release your limiting beliefs.


The black butterfly is a sign to take that crucial step of acknowledging your capabilities and your God-given gifts.


Green Butterfly

When a green butterfly is flying toward you or circles around you, know that you are blessed and that the angels want to communicate with you.


It could mean that you are attracting money into your life. 


You will soon be blessed financially.


If the green butterfly you have been seeing is flying around or near your home or even inside your home, it is a sign that your business or venture will see success.


The green butterfly is sending you hope from the Divine. 


The angels know how hard you work to achieve your goals. 


They want you to know that they are with you.


They want to make sure that you won’t give up in reaching your dreams because they will help you and will support you every step of the way.


There will be challenges and setbacks along the way but when you ask for help from them, they will answer you immediately.


They are sending you the green butterfly as a reminder that the energy of money and success will flow through to you.


The universe will bless you with the abundance that you deserve.


Yellow Butterfly


Seeing a yellow butterfly is a reminder that your happiness and creativity are starting to align.


The yellow butterfly is also a symbolism of hope and positivity.


Being stuck on a problem or a situation is normal and maybe inevitable.


However, it makes you think that there is no way out. You will get overwhelmed by the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.


The yellow butterfly would like to remind you that you can ask help from people around you. You can also ask help from your spiritual team.


A yellow butterfly also brings positivity to your life.


In a literal sense, when you see a yellow butterfly, it is a sign that something good and positive will come into your life.


Yellow is such a positive color that when you see it, you can actually feel its positive energy coming to you.


Yellow butterflies also symbolize new beginnings and new life.


It could be that a new era or phase is about to happen in your life.


It could be that you are having a new job, a promotion, a new pet, a wedding, a baby, or something you have been looking forward to for a long time.


A monumental change that will bring you joy, gratitude, and blessings.


It could be a sign that you are ready to enter a new relationship.


The yellow butterfly is a sign of a change coming into your life.


It could be a change in disposition or how you perceive life.


When you are seeing a yellow butterfly, you are reminded of the feeling of positivity and how light you will feel when you live filled with positive energy.


It is also an encouragement to let go of the things that are not serving you.


Lastly, the yellow butterfly comes to you bringing powerful spiritual messages.


It is a sign that you are about to have a positive spiritual experience.


Be conscious and aware of the signs and messages from your spirit guides. They are guiding and protecting you.


Pay attention to the messages and guidance of the Universe through your spirit guides.


You will be led to the right path.


Angel Sign Prayer

To help you connect with your angels and receive more signs from them, use this short prayer to ask them to fill your life with their presence and guidance.


Dear Angels of God, 


Thank you for coming to me today.

Thank you for the gift of guidance by way of these angelic signs.

Pray for me as I find my way toward success and a better life.

May you always find me in my times of need and show me the right choices to act upon.

I open myself to your divine signs. 

Please let your light guide me in the path the Divine has prepared for me.

Please be there for me always.