Angel Signs – Scents

Sending signs is your angels’ way of communicating with you and guiding you in your life journey. 


As spiritual beings, the angels are filled with energy of love and light. They operate in a higher vibration which makes it difficult for them to interact with us directly. 


Your angels have always been watching over you from the moment you were born. They make their presence known by showing you signs and synchronicities that will get your attention and make you realize that God is by your side.


What you may have thought as mere coincidences can be a message from the angels that they are with you, they are protecting you and they will lead you to where you most desire.


Flashes of lights, angel numbers, cloud shapes, flowers, and angel feathers are some of the signs that angels put in our path as a way to make us feel their love and presence.


Every communication, every sign from the angels is a reminder for us to open our consciousness, to become more aware of their presence, and in a way make it easier for them to envelop us with the vibration of the divine, the light of the source and transcend us to the higher level of spiritual consciousness.


When we become aware of the angelic signs around us, we become more aware of how our life is being led by the angels to assure us that we are treading the right path and that we are on the right track toward our dreams.



Your angels can send distinctive scents and fragrances to you when you connect with them or when you ask them for guidance.


Your angels usually send scents to get your attention for something or someone specific in your life that you need to address. 


Different scents have different meanings. Your angels use different scents to convey specific messages to help you in your current situation.


  • Flower Scents


Smelling flowers while you are connecting or praying to your angels means that they are with you at the moment. The most common flower scent they will send to you is the smell of roses. The rose is considered to have the highest vibration among all the flowers so it is easier for the angels to use this flower to get your attention.


  • Food Scents


Another scent your angels will send to you when you are meditating or praying about them is the smell of food. Your angels will make you remember your favorite food to bring you comfort and joy at the moment. 


Through this scent, your angels will guide you to find healing and love even in the middle of confusion and uncertainties the world will drag you in. Like a warm home-cooked meal, your angels want you to know that they will be there to give you rest when things are getting heavier.


  • Smelling one of your loved ones when you are alone


Your angels know when you are worrying about your loved ones. They know when your thoughts and heart are heavy with thoughts of them.


To give you comfort, they will often send scents associated with your loved ones so you will know that they are watching over them, too, for you. 


Specific Scents of Your Archangels

It is believed that angels have unique scents that will help us identify who’s wanting to communicate with us.


The archangels watching over you also have favored scents they use to make sure that you know they are the ones watching over you at the moment.


You can tell if it’s Archangel Gabriel when you smell floral and heady scents.


The scents of lavender and rose are associated with Archangel Michael.


Archangel Chamuel comes in a refreshing scent dominated by eucalyptus and lemon.


When you smell something spicy like ginger and cinnamon, it’s Archangel Uriel.


Archangel Jophiel comes in floral and citrusy scents such as rose, geranium, and grapefruit.


Scents with earthy and floral tones are linked to Archangel Ariel.


Archangel Raphael can be distinguished by his unique blend of herbal and sweet scents such as sandalwood and sage.


Archangel Zadkiel comes with a woodsy smell while Archangel Jeremiel is warm and woodsy.


You can tell it’s Archangel Haniel when your space is filled with a spicy oriental scent while 


Archangel Raguel is more like a floral fruity fragrance.


Archangel Raziel comes in a floral woodsy fragrance while Archangel Azrael in vanilla scents.


Archangel Metatron is associated with heavy and woody scents like absinthe and juniper while 


Archangel Sandalphon also comes in heavy and woody scents but more like a sweet whisky smell.


You might get confused with Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon as they both come in heavy and woody scents. This is not a surprise as they are twin brothers.


Angel Sign Prayer

To further connect with your angels using the power of angel signs, use this prayer and seek their guidance for you to one day lead a better life:


Oh, heavenly angels of the universe, 


I come to you in this moment to ask for your guidance and protection as I endeavor to accomplish my goals and fulfill my divine purpose.


Please bless me with wisdom to do what is right and good.


Please open my consciousness to your signs and guidance.


Please light my path. Connect with me and guide me to achieve my dreams.


Thank you so much, Dear Angels. Amen.