Archangel Chamuel – Let Go And Create Space For Unconditional Love In Your Life

Archangel Chamuel is here to help you let go of the things that are holding you back from allowing unconditional love into your life.


Unconditional love is the most powerful force in the universe, and it’s available to everyone—you just have to let go of what’s holding you back from receiving it.


This angel card from Archangel Chamuel can help you do that by shining a light on your fears and then helping you let them go so that you can open yourself up to the full force of unconditional love.


You deserve to be loved by others and yourself! And Archangel Chamuel can help make this happen for you.


Archangel’s Chamuel Advice for you

Archangel Chamuel is the Archangel of unconditional love, and he wants you to know that you deserve it.


He knows that it’s hard sometimes to let go of the hurts, disappointments, and insecurities that have come into your life. But he also knows that when you’re able to do that, you’ll find a deep well of love within yourself—and with others.


Chamuel wants you to know that there are ways for you to create space in your life for this kind of love. You can start by forgiving yourself for past mistakes, and letting go of feelings of guilt or shame about things that happened in the past (or about things that might happen in the future). You can also work on being more kind and compassionate toward yourself—and those around you—because when we feel safe within our own skin and hearts, we are better able to extend those same kindnesses toward others.


What Archangel Chamuel  Wants You To Act Upon

Archangel Chamuel wants you to let go and create space for unconditional love in your life.


This is the divine power of forgiveness, which allows you to release yourself from the need to be right or prove your point. It’s about realizing that being right or wrong doesn’t matter as much as being happy and loving yourself.


To do this, you must first forgive yourself. You can’t forgive others until you’re able to forgive yourself. Once this happens, you’ll be able to see that everyone else has forgiven themselves too! And then, when we come together with others who are on the same page as us—the page where we’re all okay with everything—we can create a space where unconditional love can flow freely through us all.


A Prayer from Chamuel to Claim His Blessings:

Dear Archangel Chamuel,


I call upon you to let go of the old and make room for the new.


Let go of fear, doubt, and worry. Let go of old limiting beliefs. Let go of anything that no longer serves you at this moment.


Make room for unconditional love, peace, abundance, joy, and all that is good in your life.


Open yourself up to receive the blessings that are coming through your door right now!