Angel Message Of The Day: Archangel Sandalphon – Do What Makes Your Heart Sing

Archangel Sandalphon, the Angel of Music and Expression, wants you to know something really important to help you in life. Open your heart to his message from God and let it take root in your life.


This card is a reminder and support from God through Angel Sandalphon. Do what makes your heart sing and do not hide your true self from the world. With Sandalphon’s guidance, you can show the world who you are without fear that you will be judged and misunderstood.


The Divine and your angels lament the fact that the world is making it hard for you to show your passion and the true desires of your heart. Everywhere you look, the material is trying hard to fashion you into some kind of standard.


Your Celestial Guides want to assure you through Angel Sandalphon that it is alright to be your authentic self. It is alright not to conform to any standard made by society. It is alright for you to be your unique and beautiful self. Do not be afraid to follow the desires of your heart for it will lead you to your divine purpose.


Archangel Sandalphon’s advice for you

It’s not simple to try to decide what to do with your life. In actuality, the majority of people find this subject difficult and are always considering their purpose. When determining what to do, you could be compelled to do what others are doing. 


There is the fear of being the only one who traverses a different path. There is always the fear of being seen as an anomaly. Some would like to discriminate against others when they fail to understand the heart that beats its own rhythm.


But you are here because you seek confirmation. Your heart asked for a sign to sing its own tune and here is a sign from your angels.


Archangel Sandalphon is sending you this sign to encourage you to show your authentic self unapologetically. He wants you to live your life as designed by the Divine — a life filled with satisfaction, fulfillment, abundance, passion, healing, and love.


You are not meant to hide your beautiful self from the world. Your loving heart will always shine through and you are meant to brighten this world with your compassion and authenticity.


What Archangel Sandalphon Wants You To Act Upon

Let Archangel Sandalphon take your hand and show you how you can express your true self.


Angel Sandalphon wants you to connect with him so he can show you your endless possibilities and open doors of boundless opportunities for you. He wants to lead you to a life of truth and music. He wants your heart to sing and spread your light, your stories to the world.


This message is for you to kickstart your journey under the guidance of Archangel Sandalphon. Let him show you the beautiful life you deserve to have. Do not be afraid to let him into your life for he has the utmost respect for you and your free will. 


He will do as you ask, give you your wishes, and will make sure that you do not stray from the path you have chosen.


A Prayer from Archangel Sandalphon to claim his Blessings,


Dearest Archangel Sandalphon,

I pray to you today to ask for your guidance and support.

I open myself to the blessings you deliver from the Divine.

I open myself to the plans of the Universe.

I open my heart to your light. Let me show the world the love you fill me with.

Guide me as I live authentically in this life, to show the world what I am capable of.

May you always watch over me and help me so I will always have the courage to face my fears and doubts.