Archangel Verchiel – Your Angels Will Wrap You With Powerful Protection

You’re going to be protected by the archangel Verchiel, who is known for being a powerful protector and healer. Your angels are ready to wrap you in their love and protection.


When you feel like you need protection, reach out to Verchiel and ask him to help you. If you’re feeling off balance, he can help you find your center again. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, he can clear the way for calmness.


Let your angels around you know that they can rely on Verchiel’s strength if they need it too!


Archangel’s Verchiel Advice for you

Archangel Verchiel is the angel of protection. He is known for keeping you safe, even in times of great danger.


When you are feeling threatened or unsafe, you can call on Archangel Verchiel to wrap you in a protective shield that will keep all harm away from you. He will also help you to sense when there is a threat around so that you can take action to get away from it—or stay quiet and hidden if necessary.


If you have been experiencing attacks against your energy field or body, Archangel Verchiel can help to repair those injuries quickly and efficiently so that they do not cause long-term damage or illness.


Archangel Verchiel is also a great ally if you are seeking guidance on an issue where someone has wronged or hurt you. His advice will help guide you through what steps to take next when dealing with this situation, as well as give insight into why it happened in the first place so that it does not happen again.


What Archangel Verchiel Wants You To Act Upon

Archangel Verchiel is the angel of protection and safety. You can call upon him to help you protect yourself and your loved ones, especially when you’re in danger or being threatened.


His energy is a powerful shield that can deflect negative energy and help keep you safe from harm. He’s also there to guide you through times of uncertainty, or when things feel chaotic or unpredictable.


When you’re feeling overwhelmed by life, he’ll be there to help you find clarity and peace in the midst of chaos. He’ll give you the courage to face whatever comes your way, whether it’s a difficult situation at work or an emergency at home.


A Prayer from Verchiel  to Claim His Blessings

Dear Archangel Verchiel, 

Please wrap me in your powerful protection.

I ask that you protect me from all harm and danger, especially from people who wish to hurt me or do me wrong.

Please give me the courage and strength to overcome any challenges I may face.

Please surround me with light, love, and joy today.

Thank you Archangel Verchiel for the blessings you have shared with me today.