Archangel Uriel  – The Angel of Illumination and Creativity

Do you need instant creative ideas and inspiration?


There’s one angel that can help you with that and he is Archangel Uriel.


He is the angel of creativity, prophecy, and illumination and the patron of the arts, enlightenment, and vision.


Who is Archangel Uriel?


Archangel Uriel is known to frequently grant humans sparks of inspiration and motivation as they seek to live fruitful and faithful lives.


This means that you can rely on him whenever you need some illumination and inspiration to help with your creative endeavors.


As he helps shine the light of God’s wisdom into your life, believe that you can get through your chosen path and create the life that you are always meant to create with his help.


You just have to call upon his name and ask for his assistance as he will never interfere with your free will.


In order to connect with Archangel Uriel, it is better to get to know him more.


So, how much do you know about this light being?


Archangel Uriel is the angel of creativity and illumination. A spirit being of the sharpest vision in all of heaven with incredibly high vibrational energy.


He is one of the seven archangels listed by name in the Book of Enoch of the apocryphal texts.


His name Uriel is a male name of Hebrew origin pronounced YUR-ee-el which means “God is Light” or “Light of God.”


Although he has a male name, he comes in both feminine and masculine energy depending on what you need at the time. But most believers have perceived him as a male and he is also most often depicted throughout history with masculine qualities.


Whatever form he appears to you, it is for the best way that he can connect with you because angels can take on any form. They can even take on a human form so that we can better relate with them and vice versa enabling us to connect with them easily.


Some of the most famous facts about Archangel Uriel is that he serves as a creative inspiration, and he is one of the main archangels in Judaism and Christianity.


Also, as an angel with incredibly high vibrational energy, he is often associated with power, lightning, thunder, fire, and electricity.


Throughout history, his angelic function varied because being the embodiment of the Light of God can mean a lot of things.


Archangel Uriel As The Light Of God


Archangel Uriel is one of the most powerful of all the archangels. He is in the same league as with the historically important archangels as Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. He is also referred to as St. Uriel just like these powerful and high energy archangels.


As a light of God, Archangel Uriel has a special ability to reflect the Light of God.


While God is the ultimate source of light, it’s strength and extent is unimaginable to us humans.


And thus, the closest we can get to have an experience of being in the actual presence of God is to have His light reflected upon us by Archangel Uriel.


And also because of this ability that he was called the “Angel of the Presence”.


Archangel Uriel is a divine being of immense light and power. He is providing us with a direct link to the realm of the spirit.


His amazing high vibrational frequency makes him able to act as a special channel of God’s wisdom and illumination.


He works lovingly and generously to illuminate the earth and all of humanity.


He gives unconditional service to us earthly beings and share the light of wisdom that illuminates our souls.


So if you are looking for a way to instantly raise your vibration and get access to higher energies, Archangel Uriel could definitely help


What does Archangel Uriel look like


Archangel Uriel is a magnificent angel with glistening big wings. He appears in red, gold and white energy.


In art, he is often portrayed carrying either a book or a scroll, both of which represent wisdom.


He is also connected with the symbol of an open hand holding a flame or the sun representing God’s truth.


His angelic energy color is red which represents him and his works. While there are also some sources that attributes the color yellow or gold to him.


In the Bible, Archangel Uriel is believed to be the angel who warned Noah of the coming flood.


On the other hand, in the Book of Adam and Eve, Archangel Uriel is depicted as the cherub who’s standing guard near the gates of Eden with a burning sword.


He is also listed as both cherub and seraph and has a long list of titles.


Generally, Archangel Uriel is portrayed as a guide who carries a scroll from which you will find answers to your life’s questions, and a staff or a bright lamp which symbolizes how he illuminates your life path as he guides you.


Sparks of Inspiration and Electricity


Archangel Uriel often sparks our minds with fresh ideas. He may sometimes physically get obvious through electrical signs because he is greatly connected with this mysterious force of  electricity.


You will know of his presence through flickering lights and electrical appliances fusing. He also manifests himself in thunderstorms.


Connecting With Archangel Uriel


Just like any other archangel, invoking the presence and connecting with powerful spiritual beings such as Archangel Uriel has a minimum requirement. It is very important to leave all your negative thoughts and feelings behind and allow yourself to open up to higher frequencies.


Clear and calm your mind as you come to him and open your heart as well as your intuition lines so you will be able to get his answers.


One great way to stop your negativities is to have a sacred space in your home where you can be calm and peaceful so you can do your spiritual works.


You can also use red crystals like ruby and place it in your sacred space as a representation of Uriel’s high energy.


You can employ many different ways to connect with Archangel Uriel.


You can start by quieting and calming your mind through chants, prayer invocations and meditations or reciting a litany.


When you are able to calm your mind, you can proceed to perform visualizations of Archangel Uriel.


Archangel Uriel prayer


Archangel Uriel, angel of creativity, wisdom, and illumination, I thank God for bestowing His light upon you and I pray that you send this light to my life.


Please shine the Light of God into my heart and inspire my life with a great purpose.


Whenever I’m facing difficulty, illuminate my mind with God’s wisdom and creativity and help me find creative solutions that will bring peace to my life.


I am especially concerned with (say your intention). Thank you for hearing me out and for helping me. Amen.


Archangel Uriel is good at translating lower energies into higher frequency vibrations.


Come to him whenever you experience a negative emotion as he will help you transform a negative experience into a spiritual lesson that will convert your understanding and bring you into higher spiritual consciousness.


Come to him as well whenever you need creative solutions to your problems and life issues and he will touch your heart and mind and lift your energy to higher frequencies.


May Archangel Uriel shine his light upon your life and guide you always.