How Can I Improve My Mental Well-being?

Your mental well-being is as important as your physical state. No one should ignore the state of their mental health in any circumstance.


The best way to improve your mental health is by cultivating inner peace in your life.


But how can you find inner peace in this chaotic world?


Connecting with your angels and tapping the energy of the Divine is the best answer to that.


First, you have to understand how your energy vibration works and affects your inner peace. You will also discover how you can raise your vibration so you can cultivate lasting peace within and outside your being.


Achieve Lasting Peace by Raising Your Vibration

Another way to help you combat mental stress is to keep your vibration high. When you constantly vibrate at high frequencies there will be no chance for negative energies to connect with you.


This means that no amount of negative emotions and thought patterns will be able to stay in your energetic fields as they are all low-energy vibrations. 


Everything that you see and know is made up of energy that vibrates and resonates in the beat and rhythm of our hearts that sing to the universe and beyond.


From both scientific and metaphysical points of view, we are beings filled with different energy levels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


These levels work on vibrational frequencies reflecting one’s overall state of being whether it is in the lower vibration or a higher state.


Having low vibrational energy can mean that you are struggling with your life, feeling as though you can never get out of your stressed and stuck state, you will feel heavy every day with the stress and anxiety you are facing. The negative energy tells you that you are bound by stress and you have no way out.


On the other hand, when you have high vibrations, it means that you are living with the flow of the universe having a deep knowledge of yourself, and the stress you are facing, and you easily understand what you need to do to find peace.


A higher frequency of your vibration makes you feel lighter physically, emotionally, and mentally opening up doors for clarity, peace, love, joy, security, knowledge, and wisdom in your life. 


Knowing the difference between the lower and higher vibration will show you the importance of working within yourself so you can raise yourself to a higher vibrational frequency. This is because we are finally aware of how it is to live with low vibration in comparison to living with a higher vibration.


Needless to say, it is imperative that you work on raising your vibrational energy to align with the energy of peace so you can surround your whole life with the serenity of the divine and battle out any negative emotion in your path.


The higher our vibrational energy, the more peaceful you can be which will emanate towards the people surrounding you, creating a ripple effect of lasting peace throughout the world.


How to raise your vibration with the help of the angels?

We have guardians who look after us even when we do not know their existence.


Not everyone acknowledges the presence of angels in our lives and how they guide us every step of the way.


But they are the explanation for the inexplicable tug to the right path, the nudge for action, and the subconscious that points us to the right choice.


Beyond the confinement of any religious affiliation, the angels are agents and soldiers of the Universe, the Source of all life. 


Their biggest mission is to guide and help us find our reason for existence and fulfill our life purpose.


Establishing a strong relationship with the angels will enable you to be filled with their divine peace and unwavering guidance.


But aside from this, the angels are known to be celestial beings of considerably high vibrational energy that enables them to be great protectors and agents of the universe.


Hence, when you have an unfaltering connection with them, you will be enveloped with their high vibrational energy which will, in turn, attract your own vibration so they can grow and rise higher.


Furthermore, you will be protected so that when you reach a high vibration, you can prevent being pulled into a lower vibration by people with lower frequencies surrounding you.


The angels are receptacles of the great love and peace of the universe and they can pass it to you without a second thought as long as you ask them for help and guidance.


Find Inner Peace with Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael’s name literally means “Angel of God” in Hebrew.


He is known as the Archangel of peace and comfort.


He was also known as the angel of death which makes most people fear him because they thought that he brings death with him.


These make people hesitant to call upon him.


In truth, however, Archangel Azrael does not bring death but helps those who have recently lost someone dear to them.


He also helps souls transition from death to the afterlife, from the physical realm to the spirit world.


He was the one who assists souls in letting go of their physical being and leads them to the next phase of their life.


Azrael also gives comfort to those souls entering the seven heavenly halls where they can assess the life they have lived.


This is where the souls reflect on their decisions, giving them a chance to heal their wounds, let go of regrets and prepare themselves for their next chapter.


As the angel of Peace, he brings comfort to those who are in suffering from grief. He surrounds humanity with the serenity of God so those who call upon him can find their peace amidst the chaos of their lives.


Archangel Azrael has this deep desire to spread Peace to the world.


He wants people to understand that peace comes from deep within before it can be felt or given to other people.


Seeing the energy of Azrael will fill you with the hope that you can face anything in the world. He can help you cleanse yourself of the negative energy around and inside you so you can become more at peace with yourself.


You are not alone in facing this challenging time of your life.


When you ask for him, he will always help you and will immediately send you comfort and healing, and peace.


Do not hesitate to call upon Archangel Azrael.