How Can I Overcome Health Problems?

Your body has the natural ability to heal itself.


It is time for you to discover that you have the power to actually improve your overall health and heal yourself.


All living things have their own ability to regenerate and be healed and it is not even hard to prove this. Have you witnessed yourself heal from cuts and bruises even without medical intervention? 


You see, your body is amazing!


It doesn’t just heal simple cuts and bruises; it is actually equipped with a natural self-repair mechanism that’s influenced by your body’s energy, thoughts, and emotions. And if you know how to balance and control your energy, your body will know how to fix any type of health issues – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.


But if that’s the case, why do we even need medicines to heal?


Sometimes our body needs help to heal, but it can certainly heal itself.


You see, when our bodies cannot withstand illnesses anymore, chances are we will resort to taking medicines. We go to hospitals when the pain is getting uncontrollable and unbearable. But sometimes the problem becomes worse when we do not give much attention to the root cause of the problem because our only goal is to get immediate relief.


Modern conventional medicine is the most accepted mode of curing diseases as it provides a clearer picture of the causes of various physiological and psychological causes of certain diseases which is why a lot of people are fixated on this healing method.


However, there are still ailments that are beyond modern sciences’ ability to decipher let alone heal. An example of this is cancer. Chemotherapy is a powerful drug often used to kill cancer cells but it does not guarantee total healing since there are still probabilities that cancer cells might come back and regenerate. To add, it isn’t made to treat its related symptoms which can also trigger another type of dysfunction.


This is the reason why many cancer patients are not actually healing because scientific medicines target only what is needed to be repaired ignoring the fact that when a part of a whole is damaged, the whole wouldn’t function as it was before.


This is not to discredit modern medical sciences as it has helped mankind to have access to treatment with ease and expand the lives of many individuals.


The illnesses and diseases that you experience physically are the results of an imbalance of energy within your body that causes your self-repair mechanism to fail to function properly. But if you can learn to enhance your natural self-healing mechanism by raising your energy vibration, you will be able to heal yourself in so many ways!


The key is learning to tune into the process.


Tuning into your energy body is not a complex process and it is not even hard to do. It is as simple as changing the channel frequency of your radio to be able to get a good and clear signal.


Once you know how to balance the flow of your energy you can be guaranteed ease and even miracles in your life.


How to Self-heal and Overcome Health Problems

There are five steps to revive your life even though mishaps had almost ruined your life.


One of them is to believe that you can heal yourself. Take the above situation as an example. The man mentioned above is losing his will to live. This mindset might have brought him into thinking that he can’t be healed anymore. Healing in this scenario means the healing of his heart. For one to be healed, he must also have a happy and free heart. He must believe that one day, all things will be fine. He will find acceptance and peace sooner or later.


Another solution is listening to your body and intuition. You own your body, right? You have the ability to feel what is going on with your body. There is no one more than you that could determine what you need the most. Medical experts are just guidance for your smooth healing.


Next, determine the root cause of your illness. Any irregularities in the five aspects of human health could lead to certain illnesses. It is proper for everyone to strive hard to get a well-balanced life.


Fixing Karmic Debt will help in healing oneself. One can start by correcting his past mistakes or doing what he needs to do in the past. One must embed in his mind that Karmic Debt is not some sort of punishment. It is a way of teaching a lesson which is not to repeat what must not be repeated in our present life. We should make a mental note to resist temptations and bad deeds in the present. We must take a stand and be responsible for the actions we are taking every day. With this, we could live with a higher degree of awareness in life.


Finally, we could revitalize through energy healing. This will help us in balancing the energy flow within our body. The healing method promotes well-being and reduces stress and anxiety. This doesn’t only cover the mental and emotional facets of human life. This also aids in reducing the side effects of medications, boosting the immune systems of the patients, and contributing to uplifting the quality of life of every person.


Whenever you suffer from any illnesses, do not forget to seek the healing of your mind and soul also. Our body is just a vessel. Our mind and soul must fit into it. And to live a harmonious life, the three must find balance first and that is through holistic healing.


How Archangels can help us in living a healthy life

Now that we know the principles on how to properly take care of our bodies from the last chapter, let us now explore how the Creator’s divine angels can help us sustain healthy living.


When it comes to taking care of our bodies, did you know that we could ask our angels to help us in our health journey? They are the ones sent by the Source to oversee and make sure that His words and aid have reached His people.


We all have angels with us. From the moment we are born until the last days of our physical life. These loving light beings stay with us and remain faithful to us regardless if we believe in them or not.


Angels are always gentle and loving. They look at us through the eyes of unconditional love and there is nothing we can do that can make them leave us.


Do you realize what that means?


It means that God loves us so much that He sent an army of loving and powerful angels that are always ready to love us, protect us, heal us and help us in times of need. But there is one interesting fact about angels that you ought to know. And that is the Law of Free Will.


The angels will never coerce you because you alone have the power to exercise your free will. Hence, when you desire help, you need to express your intention and ask them to help you. It is only by then that they can intervene and point you in the right direction.


That said the best way to connect with angels is to know who they are.


Prayer to Connect with Your Angels

Dear angels of God,


I am praying to you with a heart filled with hope.


Please guide me in my times of need.


In times when violence and hatred are strong,


Guide me away from harm.


Extinguish this uneasiness in my mind and these fears in my very soul,


With your help, I will be strong.


To my guardian angels,


I humbly accept you observing my every action.


I pray you can look after me in times when I may fail.


On this day, I believe in your presence,


I believe in the miracle that you asked for me.


Please follow me further on the path of enlightenment.


Please send me your beautiful signs that I am doing the right thing.


Please envelop me with your comfort in times of trouble.


Thank you for being there for me.


Thank you for the love and confidence in my actions.


Thank you for your divine protection, angels.


Hear my prayers. Amen.