How Do I Receive Financial Blessings?

When you are struggling with money, you can’t help but wish some kind of miracle would come to you and shower you with financial blessings.


You often wonder where you can find the financial miracles that will help you get out of your dire situations.


Some would be hesitant to ask their angels to help them when it comes to money and finances.


But remember that your angels’ main mission is to help you get through everything in your life journey and that includes the financial aspect.


What keeps you from receiving financial blessings?

Many of us believed that money is evil and that it can’t go together with angels and spirituality. They seem to be two opposing sides of the spectrum.


But did you know that abundance is your divine imprint? And because you are abundance, you are meant to attract abundance in every aspect of your life may it be in health, relationships, career, and even financial abundance.


If you work on your spirituality, you will be able to unleash this divine imprint and manifest it in your life.


This shows that spirituality and money are actually connected. Your financial experiences are a manifestation of the consciousness that produced them. And your consciousness is directly pegged to your soul and spirituality while angels help you in your spiritual journey.


This tells us that money and angels can be together as well and angels can definitely help us earth beings with our financial affairs.


It does not mean though that you can ask angels to help you win the lotto. Angels help you in ways that improve your finances and your life’s condition allow you to be freer and give you the time and resources to enrich your spiritual life.


They are ready to help you financially because they understand that we humans need money for our practical needs in order to grow and thrive in the material plane.


They know what you need and they are keen to bring to you just the right amount of help that you need. 


And in order to receive their blessings, you need to prepare and open yourself to receive. This means that when you ask your angels to intervene and beg for their help with your finances, you are giving them the go signal to act on your behalf as they will not intervene with your free will. 


And as you allow them to help you, you will also allow yourself to trust your angels and open yourself up to expect and receive the blessings that they are sending you.


Therefore, it’s okay to ask angels to help you with your finances. Although it may not always be what you want it to be, they will always send help that will not harm you and it’s always for the highest good.


For The Highest Good

Our angels love us so much that when they hear a request for financial help, they will come rushing in to help us in any way they can.


But this does not mean that they will always give you exactly what you have asked for. They send help according to what you need and based on what they see as fitting for the situation. 


This means that they may not automatically send you what you have asked for exactly or they may give it exactly but not immediately as they know when is the perfect time for their help to arrive.


In many cases, our angels may find a different solution whenever we ask for money. They go for a solution that is most fitting to the issue that we are really facing removing the need for any unnecessary amount of money or things. They always go for the easiest way and find the simplest and most beautiful solution to our problems.


For example, your city is not giving you better opportunities to earn enough for your growing family and instead you want to transfer to a bigger city but you are burdened with the cost of the transfer, from where you should live to the upfront expenses that you need to spend in order to settle. 


And so you prayed to your angel for a provision that you will be able to find the money needed for relocation. But instead, a previous colleague whom you have helped before was transferred by their company to the city you wish to transfer to and inform you of a vacant position in another department that he thought would be perfect for you. You applied for the job and you were accepted for the position with good compensation including a relocation package.


This suddenly removed the need for you to find the money for the move and your angel gave you a better solution to your problem. That solution is better and simpler for you to change your situation.


So be ready for the help your angels are sending your way. It may not be exactly what you prayed for but solves your problems anyway and in a better way.


Once you receive help from your angels, it is fitting to thank them for their help as it is important to also acknowledge their help and contribution.


Your Intention Matters

Angels know what’s in your heart and your intentions. That’s why you need to be mindful of your intentions for asking for help with your finances.


When you pray for money to come just for the sake of boosting your ego like you want to buy a better and more expensive car or to buy designer items in order to impress others and yourself, these kinds of requests may be ignored by angels as these are not essential to your growth.


Their job is to help you with your genuine needs and does not include indulging ego requests. So examine your requests and find them in your heart if it is a real needs before you pray for financial help and engage angels.


Pray with Your Angels to Ask for Financial Blessings from God


Praying and requesting help from above gives you the assurance that your financial problems will find solutions. 


It also helps that when you’re done asking for heavenly help, you are also able to let go of your concerns that you already have laid down and offered to your angels. 


Although it may feel like it’s the opposite of what you’re feeling, you need to trust your angels and be confident that your prayers have been granted, and try to relax.


It is important to let go and to be grateful so you are open to the blessings that are coming your way.


When you feel so desperate for wanting something, you are setting up an energetic barrier that blocks all the blessings from reaching you.


It is only when you learn to let go of wishing and fighting to get what you want that you open up and get ready to receive the blessings. In this way, it can freely flow towards you and actually reach you.


It doesn’t help when you constantly demand from the universe or you always think about your problems and the lack of money as you only energize the problem and it will continue to manifest in your life.


But when you let go and relax, you are allowing blessings and solutions to come to you. When you are peaceful, grateful, and full of faith, it will simply flow to you naturally.


Whatever it is that’s financially bothering you, offer it to your angel and ask for assistance. Sometimes, problems like this can become so heavy it takes away your peace. You can ask your guardian angel or any angel as they have the capacity to extend help.


However, there are also angels whom you can call for a specific purpose as these are their lines of expertise.


When it comes to money and abundance, you can call upon Archangels Ariel and Raziel.


Angels Of Abundance

Archangel Ariel


Archangel Ariel is the angel of abundance and prosperity. She can help start moving things in your life towards prosperity.


The reason you may be in a state of lack is that your energetic field is full of blockages that prevent money from manifesting in your life. And thus, you need to change and rearrange some things in your life to clear the blockages and open you up to the blessings of the divine.


It could be your messy home that is generating the negative feng shui or the negative thought patterns that prevent you from receiving the flow of wealth.


Archangel Ariel is the angel to call upon to clear your energetic blocks. 


When you ask her for help with regard to your financial affairs, you could expect swift and sudden changes in your life as she starts to clear your path to move and realign you to the flow of abundance and wealth. 


Archangel Raziel


On the other hand, Archangel Raziel can also help you manifest your dreams of abundance and prosperity. He is like a kind wizard who takes your prayers seriously and grants you solutions to your financial woes in accordance with what you truly need and always for your highest good.


Take comfort in your abundance angels and believe in your heart that your financial problems have solutions and soon you will be free. Start saying your prayers now and wait for the blessings and the best answer to your prayer to come your way.


Prayer for Prosperity and Financial Blessings

Dearest Archangel Ariel, please look into my deepest troubles and feel me.


I humbly ask you for help with my messy financial situation.


Please take me under your wings and lift me up from this tiring situation.


I praise you for your love and compassion.


Help me to listen to your wisdom and follow your guidance always so I may know what to do.


Deliver my prayers to the Divine.


I open myself to your love and light. I open myself to your blessings and miracles.


Thank you for being faithful and for setting me on stable ground.