5 Signs Archangel Michael Is With You

When you feel in danger, who do you call?


Whenever you feel any discomfort or when you doubt the path you are on…


When you are afraid to fail and you don’t know who you should call, it is time to call upon heaven’s mightiest angel – Archangel Michael.


Archangel Michael has a very powerful energy. He is known as a powerful leader and the captain of the angels. He is also the Archangel of protection, of comfort, and of strength to conquer any challenges.


So, when you feel a lot of negativity, when you think you are about to fail, when you feel small and incapable, or when you feel unsafe and unsecured, Archangel Michael will help you turn these feelings around.


He will envelop you in protection, comfort you, give you strength to conquer any adversities, help you let go of your limiting beliefs and be with you to encourage you and support you in your journey.


Yes, it is true that as we work on our growth, we will inevitably take on the unknown and there will surely be uncertainties along the way. There will also times that we would doubt our efforts.  We also get disappointed by the results. And sometimes, we feel uncomfortable, vulnerable and in danger.


However, with the support and guidance of our archangels, we can go through our journey successfully.


Again, Archangel Michael is very powerful. He is very committed to assist humanity and help every one of us to grow, to unlock our power and align our energy to the highest state.


But how do we call upon Archangel Michael to help us and protect us?



If you want to connect with Archangel Michael, you must remember to ask him humbly and respectfully. While angels will never turn their backs from us, the reverence and humility we show is not for them but for our benefit to soften our hearts and receive their blessings easily.


Archangel Michael, like any other angel, is very easy to approach. He will readily help you and give you support.


When you feel worried and insecure, he will show you the light and his sword will effectively cut off any fears and limiting beliefs you have.


The accurate way to say his name is “Mee-Ka-El”. Pray to him and call him in this name.


Fill your heart, your mind and your soul with respect and reverence for him. Be clear of your intention and be certain of what you want from him. Believe that he is with you and be as faithful to him as he is with you.


You can call upon him anytime especially when you are struggling with your spiritual growth. When you are doubtful or fearful or when you need help raising your vibration, you can always ask him for protection and support. You can as well pray to him for strength and comfort and he will always answer you. He will definitely find ways to make you feel that he is with you always.


What we need to know are the signs Archangel Michael gives to make us know that he is with us after praying to him.


What are the signs to look for so we can be more aware of the presence of Archangel Michael?

Here are the five signs…



Sign #1 – You see flashes of lights.

If you are noticing flashes of lights, sudden flashes of light, know that it is Michael making his presence known to you. Archangel Michael is connected to the sun. When you are connecting with him you will surely see light and sudden flashes of it.


When will you likely see these lights?


You will see these lights when you are meditating and invoking the name and presence of Archangel Michael. You may also see these lights in your mind’s eye or in your peripheral vision. It could also be those times when you are walking, and the streetlight seemed to be fluctuating and flickering. Or when you see a halo as you look at the lightbulb, the sun or the moon.


Sign #2 – A sudden warmth enveloping you or parts of your body.

The second sign we want you to be aware of, is when you feel a warm tingling in your body or a part of your body. When Archangel Michael makes his presence known to you, you will feel a tingling warm feeling. It will feel like a reassurance that’s comforting and loving.


This is a sign that he is beside you. This warmth will bring you comfort and positive energy. You will feel light, secured, strong and fearless as the Archangel of Protection, Michael will make you feel his shield so you will know that he is protecting you. His warm and loving energy will envelop you and his hands will guide you to the right path.


Sign #3 – You frequently see images connected to Archangel Michael.

Another sign of Archangel Michael being with you is seeing pictures of him and of things connected to him. You might just be scrolling on your social media feeds and you come across the image of Archangel Michael. Or you come across sculptures on your way to an appointment. Or you notice a figurine of the archangel in a store.


Aside from the clear image of the Archangel, you will also see images of swords, shields and even warriors often. These are things connected to Michael as a warrior angel and protector of humans. When Archangel Michael tries to get your attention, he will frequently show you his pictures and pictures of these things. You will see it at random places and at random times. These artworks and symbols are Michael’s way of making you feel his presence.



Sign #4 – Receiving and hearing Angelic Guidance

When you begin to hear random angelic guidance, it is Archangel Michael guiding and protecting you. It will come to you in different ways or a combination of ways. You might hear it inside you, an inner voice or your inner sense of hearing.


Archangel Michael might send this guidance to you as thoughts – a big sign from Archangel Michael. These are thoughts that will empower you, support you, and will assure you that you are safe and protected. Something that he will give after you pray or call upon him for protection, support and guidance.


Another way to hear the guidance of Michael comes indirectly. You might hear it from a conversation, from music, a movie line, or advertisement signs. It is like a confirmation to you that Michael is with you and you are being protected. These are messages given to you through other people’s voice. And you know that even though they are not talking to you, the message is for you and it is from Archangel Michael.


Sign #5 – You will definitely feel protected.


The last sign is the feeling that someone is watching over you. You know how you feel as though there are eyes trained on you, but when you look around, no one seemed to be looking at you.


No, this is not a creepy feeling like a stalker looking at you. This feeling of someone watching over you brings with it the feeling that you are guided and that someone got your back.


Archangel Michael will envelop you in his energy of protection and defense. You have to be aware of every sensation, every feeling so you can recognize the light and energy of Archangel Michael. Think of those times when you invoke the presence of Archangel Michael and he instantly makes you feel better. That is because he is always with you.


Have you been experiencing these signs?


Now that you know of them, you will surely become more aware and will notice Archangel Michael’s presence more clearly.


Please remember that Archangel Michael, and all the angels are with you.


They are faithful and giving.


They will always help you and guide.


You just need to ask them and believe in them and blessings will flow.