Archangel Raphael – The Angel Of Healing & Restoration

Miracle healing is what most people think of when they hear the name, Archangel Raphael.


But healing is so much more than recovering from terminal illnesses…


If you’re looking for healing whether for your physical health or for non-physical states such as your relationships with people, emotional challenges or even healing your relationship with money, then the celestial doctor is here for you!


Learning how to connect with Archangel Raphael is the divine way to true healing.


The kind of healing that’s deep, complete, and permanent in all aspects of your life so you can live in your best health and enjoy a full and fulfilling life no matter your circumstance.


Raphael is dedicated to supporting and guiding you and if you watch all the way to the end of this video, we’ll show you the five aspects of what an upward spiral of infinite healing means to you and learn the best way to connect with Archangel Raphael as your dearest friend.


Who Is Archangel Raphael?


Archangel Raphael is the angelic realm’s supreme healer. His main role is to heal, support, and guide the people of God in matters related to health and healing.


His name in Hebrew means “God heals” or “Who he heals” which was believed by many to have come from the Hebrew word “Rophe” which means “medicine doctor”.


That’s why Raphael is popular among people from the healing field and the patron angel of healers, physicians, and travelers even of matchmakers.


Infinite healing is what Archangel Raphael can give you. It encompasses physical, relationship, financial, mental, and spiritual healing which makes up your entire being.


Here are the 5 ways you can work with Raphael:

Physical Healing


Have you been feeling tired lately?


Or suffering from physical health issues?


As the supreme healer of the angelic realm, Raphael will guide you in finding what is wrong with your body. He may provide you direct healing for any sickness you are suffering from.


However, it is important to note that Archangel Raphael is bound by the law of free will and you have to take the initiative to ask Raphael for help.


When you ask for his assistance, he will also motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle, help you let go of unhealthy habits, and lead you intuitively to exercise and eat a healthy diet.


Raphael knows the importance of your physical health in the fulfillment of your life’s purpose and dreams. And he will always be with you throughout your journey to total healing.


When you call upon him, he will respond to you quickly and send you the healing you need.


There may be times when miraculous healing may not happen instantaneously, but you need not worry for divine ways are often different from our ways. His healing wisdom may change his methods which will always be in accordance with the highest good for all. And his timing is always the best timing.


But rest assured that Raphael sees and understands you. He knows that health issues may restrain you from living a full life… and whether Raphael bestows physical healing or not, he sees things from the vantage point of the cosmos to give you what is needed at this point in time.

Relationship Healing


Are you challenged by a difficult relationship or disappointed by your loved ones?


Your relationships with other people are important in motivating you in life, and also in surrounding you with the love, comfort, and support you need. Even though your loved ones may not always be there for you, Raphael will always be your friend in need and a dependable ally who will never disappoint you.


Talk to Raphael and pour your heart out to him. He knows that a conversation with a dear friend is deeply healing, and will help you to release the pain that is in your heart.


When it comes to your relationships, Archangel Raphael is a great mediator and intercessor that will act as a shield and the power to heal past relationship wounds and baggage, so you won’t need to carry that heavy load into your present relationship.


Your friends and loved ones are only human and they need the same healing touch from Archangel Raphael.


Ask for angelic guidance to deal with difficult relationships and pray for their healing as well.


You may be surprised that things will change when you look at them through the eyes of Raphael.


Emotional Healing


When you get overwhelmed with too many negative emotions, it affects your physical state as well.


Raphael will help you to identify the emotional issues that affect your health negatively and will act as your emotional anchor for your heart.


There is an emotional link to your health issues that arise from negative emotions.


But through the guidance of Raphael, you will find full healing of your mind, body, emotion, and spirit which will revitalize your entire being.


Raphael helps you to be mindful of your thoughts as well. It is because when your mind is filled with harmful thoughts, doubts, and worries, it will eventually manifest physically in the form of many health issues that you could be unaware of.


Your mind is amazing and fragile at the same time. It processes hundreds of thousands of thoughts a day that it will be hard to filter through it all and let go of all negativities.


Raphael can step in and assist you with mental healing, which means finding peace amidst all the turmoil in your life that causes you to be overwhelmed.


Ask and you shall receive and the peace of mind which surpasses all understanding will eventually lead you to live a better and healthier life.


Spiritual Healing


Another component of infinite healing that Archangel Raphael can give you is spiritual or energy healing.


Previous soul contracts or karmic bonds may be preventing you from living well in this lifetime.


Archangel Raphael can definitely help you in this area so ask for help and he will untie the knots.


Sometimes, we hold on to these bad energies subconsciously and it can only be known when you understand the patterns that lead to energy blocks, relationship issues, and financial crisis.


All these patterns can be broken by Raphael’s healing energy.


He can help you release these negative energies as he showers you with his green light of healing and comfort.


If you’re a healer, then it is even more, a reason for you to call upon Archangel Raphael for he is the healer’s healer. You can’t run on an empty tank and Raphael’s spiritual energy will refill your healing powers again.


Financial Healing


Lastly, Archangel Raphael can help you find financial healing.


Your financial state is also connected to your vibration and energy. When you are in a lower state, you may find it hard to manifest wealth and abundance in your life, trapping you into financial distress.


Your thoughts about money affect you unknowingly.


Thoughts like, “Money is the root of all evil” or “Money doesn’t grow on trees” are of a lower financial vibration and Raphael reminds you that abundance is infinite that is, you can’t take abundance away from abundance… for abundance will remain as an endless source.


Through Archangel Raphael, you will be guided to raise your vibration so you can connect with the energy of money and finally let go of the thoughts that you do not have enough.


Once healed, look around again and you’ll find that you have more than enough… not just to survive but to thrive.


There is always a divine order to healing


Archangels and Archangel Raphael bring about miraculous healing in ways that are only known to them, and the Divine based on their healing wisdom.


And one thing is for sure, divine healing is always creative and perfect for the receiver which shows the healing power of angels and the divine.


Here’s a story of how powerfully divine healing and Archangel Raphael’s healing work…


Emily was released by her employer because her post was only temporary, and she was signed in as a contract employee. And so, she looked for another job and got one that was too stressful for her to handle.


A few months later, she developed insomnia and she always gets neck and shoulder pain with dizziness which has been alarming. So, she prayed hard for healing to Archangel Raphael.


The next day, while she was at her desk working, she received a call from her former employer inviting her to apply for a newly opened permanent post which was better than the previous one she handled, and that she would be working again with those people she loved working with.

She transferred back to her former employer and was happy. After a few weeks at work, her symptoms disappeared. That’s when she realized that Archangel Raphael sent healing through removing the root cause of her illness which is a highly stressful job.


This shows us that healing comes to us in ways that are sometimes unexpected. Thus, as we ask, we need not tell him what he should do as it will only delay healing. We just have to tell him our pains and sufferings and ask for healing and he will know what to do.


Working Directly With Archangel Raphael


Knowing about the five aspects of infinite healing is not enough as you might wonder how you can connect with Archangel Raphael easily.


Like every other guide, Archangel Raphael will always be ready to answer you when you call upon him.


Invocation prayers are always effective in calling upon the angels for help, especially when used during meditation.


This is your way of communicating directly and personally with Archangel Raphael.


With invocation prayers and meditations, you are opening yourself to receive healing and guidance from Raphael.


In this way, you are letting him know what health issues you are suffering from and what pains you at the moment.


It is your way of letting go of the doubts and worries you have about the healing powers of the universe.


As you let Archangel Raphael into your life, he will assist you in finding ultimate healing and peace.


To help you get started in connecting with Archangel Raphael, you can use this simple invocation prayer especially made for you.


Oh, Beloved Archangel Raphael, supreme healer of the universe, I pray to you today. May you grace me with your presence. Please envelop me in your healing green light and the comfort of your warm wings.


These days, I feel my soul growing tired, my body is lethargic, my emotions are overwhelming, and my mind is in chaos. I worry about my health and condition every day.


I turn to you and your heavenly powers. I know that your presence and your pure energy can guide me and help me find infinite healing. I pray to you, oh, Archangel Raphael, that you may shine your light around and within me so I will have the courage to let go and release the emotions, the thoughts, the things that are preventing me from healing.


I know that you will always be there for me, and I thank you for your faithfulness.


Hear my prayers, Archangel Raphael, and heal my spirit.


Thank you so much.


Always know that infinite healing is your birthright from heaven and Archangel Raphael can lead you to it.


But you must be completely willing to receive happiness and healing in your life.


Know that the angels and archangels will never steal your free will from you. They will wait for you to call them. They will wait for you to be ready to accept and follow their guidance.


Whenever you decide to let your heavenly guides assist you, know that they will immediately be there for you.