Is There Still Hope For My Relationship?

To love and be loved in return is one of life’s greatest blessings and the highest expression of our souls.


Love is one of life’s greatest blessings. It makes your life better and happier. But sometimes, love doesn’t happen the way you want it to. Love sometimes fails and breaks your heart which makes you contemplate your relationships.


It leaves a big hole in your heart, and it takes time to heal. Heartbreak is one of life’s most painful experiences and it makes some people afraid to take risks and face their circumstances.


But you are not all alone in your journey, you can seek the help of your family and friends and seek healing from your angels. You can ask them for answers when you do not know what to do.


They will not impose upon your will. They will just show you possibilities and alternatives. Ultimately, you will have to decide for yourself.


Angel Raguel’s Message for You

Archangel Raguel, the Angel of Harmony, blesses you with an encouraging message today. She is known to deliver God’s will in relationships so you can find fairness and peace. 


Archangel Raguel knows how much you treasure every relationship you have. There are times when you back down from arguments because you do not want to make things worse.


But you are losing yourself every time you let people get their way with you. You are losing your self-worth and your peace. It is time for you to take what you deserve from the people who claim they care for you. 


Archangel Raguel wants you to remember that if a relationship is not serving you anymore, it is alright to cut it off. Although it will be really hard and painful, you need it to save yourself and start growing into your best self. He knows that there is so much love inside you. This love deserved to be reciprocated and not taken for granted. 


When you decide to let go, remember that Raguel will wait for your call to help you as well as the other angels who swore to watch and love you. Know that your angels are never too busy when it comes to your welfare. They will always prioritize you so they want you to prioritize yourself as well.


This is the time to think about yourself and what is best for you. Just because you let go of some things does not mean you have not loved with all your heart.


Angel Raguel knows that there is guilt trying to hinder you because you think you can still save something unsaveable.


But you are not meant to lose yourself as you shower someone with love. You are not meant to lose love for yourself just to show someone what it means to love.


Giving up means you have done everything you can to make your relationship work. It means you have exhausted everything and there is nothing left anymore. 


Right now, Archangel Raguel wants you to fill your life with peace and harmony by focusing on yourself.


When you learn to be at peace with yourself, you will also come to a point when you finally come to see and understand what went wrong in your relationships.


You now understand that even though those relationships have failed, they didn’t fail to give you important lessons that made you a better person.


After all, how will you know the right one without going through the wrong ones?


You may be hurting right now, but this has given you clarity about what you want and need from a partner.


This has given you a solid sense of self and the idea of what matters to you. It also helped you learn how to set up better boundaries.


You now know what you want and no longer enter into a relationship blindly hoping for the best because you know that anything less than what you want isn’t just worth it.


You’ve realized that you’re finally done with the wrong ones and just wait for the right one. The angels want to stop you from entertaining those who will only bring you lame company and unwanted drama.


Archangel Raguel Prayer For Love & Harmony

“Beloved Archangel Raguel, I call upon your presence now.


Allow me to feel your radiance and your energy of peace and harmony.


Adjust my inner light and vibration and lead me to be aligned with the highest and healthiest relationships in my life.


Help me willingly release the heavy energy of unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.


And encourage me to open my heart to new positive experiences


I humbly ask you to guide my choices.


Help me to find clarity and see my life’s direction clearly.


Please comfort and support me as I acknowledge and release my fears.


Help me know and feel that I deserve all the best out of life and love.


I am now ready to feel safe, happy, and secure in my life.


And so it is … Amen.