Archangel Michael – Heaven’s Mightiest Angel Of Protection

Do you feel helpless at times in your life and you find yourself looking for divine deliverance?


If you are in harms way and you need a strong presence to save you or you need someone to rescue you from a troubling situation, then Archangel Michael is your go-to angel to turn to in a crisis.


No intruder – whether physical or psychological can stand in your way when you know how to connect with Archangel Michael the angel of protection.


Who Exactly Is Archangel Michael And Where Did He Come From?


Archangel Michael is one of the most celebrated of the Angels and bodiless powers.


He is known as the Archistrategos or the chief commander of celestial beings.


He is an exceptionally strong angel who is known to protect and defend the people of God. He has very strong energy and he’s very passionate about bringing truth and justice to the world. 


Many who connect with his energies attest that he communicates conspicuously with people whenever he sends help and guidance. 


Michael is known as one of the most popular angels and celestial guides. His Hebrew name means “Who is like God?” in English.


His name represents the “chief prince” of the heavens and the angel of protection.


As the leader of the angels and the most powerful archangel, he is the champion of the faithful in their fight against the evil power.


Legend says that in the war between God and Lucifer, Archangel Michael is the one who led the angels to battle and won against the rogue angels. He has been serving the Earth as the defender of Faith.


That’s why in religious texts, he has been depicted as the Archangel who helped humanity a lot of times. 


When Jericho fell, Archangel Michael appeared before Joshua with a sword drawn. 


He also helped Archangel Gabriel defeat the Persians. 


Since the beginning of time, our valiant Archangel Michael has already been there for us, and it is expected that he will have an important role at the end of time.


In one of Daniel’s visions, it is said that Archangel Michael, the great prince, will arise at the end of times when the nations face a time of distress unlike no other.


Michael gives us reassurance that he will be there for us at this time of our life, we just need to ask for his protection and guidance.


A Brief History Of Archangel Michael…


However, most of us don’t know much about this great archangel. And so, this is what we’re going to look into in this video below and explore how Archangel Michael is depicted in different religious faith such as Christianity, Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, and Judaism.


In Christianity, Archangel Michael was portrayed slaying Satan as a dragon. Epiphanius of Salamis referred to him as a replacement of Satan. As soon as Satan fell, he was appointed to replace the role of Satan when he was still one of the faithful angels.


The early Christians regarded St. Michael the archangel as a healer to whom they give the care of their sick. He was acclaimed as a healer in Phrygia a place known as Turkey today. While they regarded some of the martyrs as military patrons, the likes of St. George and St Theodore.


In the early 4th century, Emperor Constantine at Chalcedon built the Michaelion. It was known as the earliest and most famous sanctuary of Archangel Michael which was also linked with healing waters.


This image was later changed. He became an icon as a warrior saint slaying a dragon because of a major art piece at the Michaelion which was a painting of Michael slaying a serpent.


In Catholicism, the archangels are mentioned in the sacred scripture performing their role as God’s messengers to people. They appear during critical times in the salvation process.


Our dear Archangel Michael is presented as the leader of the faithful angels as they fight against the rebel angels headed by Lucifer, or Satan, who instigated a war in heaven against the will of God.


Throughout history, he is known as the special protector of the people of Jesus Christ and guarded the chosen people of Israel. And he is the one who will defend God’s Holy Church against the battle of the Antichrist.


In Protestantism, there are some Protestant denominations who recognize Michael as an archangel. In the Anglican and Methodist tradition, there are only 4 angels who were recognized as archangels, and they are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel.


However, the American evangelist Billy Graham believed that based on the sacred scripture, only Michael is explicitly labeled as an archangel in Jude 1:9.


In Islam, the Quran mentions Michael as one of the 4 archangels whose name is also spelled Mika’il together with Jibrail, Israfil, and Azrail.


He is believed to be responsible for the forces of nature. He delivers nourishments for bodies and souls and looks after the universal and environmental events.


He is said to be friendly and asks for God’s mercy for humans. That’s why Mikail is often described as the archangel of mercy. He is further responsible for the rewards given to good people in their lifetime.


What’s interesting is that it is believed that angels are created from the tears of Michael who become his helpers.


Another interesting fact about Archangel Michael is that he was created 500 years before Jibrail but 500 years after Israfil according to the “Book of the Dead”.


In Judaism, Michael is believed to be an advocate of Israel according to rabbinic Jewish tradition. And so, he sometimes had to fight with the leaders of the other nations and with the angel Samael, the accuser of Israel. 


The fight between Michael and Samael can be traced back to the time when Samael was cast down from heaven. He took hold of Michael’s wings so he can bring Michael with him as he falls. But God did not allow this to happen and saved Michael.


Throughout different religious beliefs, Michael is believed to be an archangel who is faithful to God and a protector of His people.


Archangel Michael’s Role In Your Life And How He Can Help You


Archangel Michael especially brings protection, healing, blessings, miracles, and divine intervention.


Although all archangels will be there for us at a moment’s notice and they are all willing to help us, most of the time, it appears that it is Archangel Michael who is most known and shows up regularly in our lives.


While all archangels have great power and grace but as spirit beings, they have a very subtle presence that they work silently in the background for your behalf.


Archangel Michael on the other hand is known to communicate boldly with people that he seems to have a more evident and instant presence. He is especially a hands-on archangel who is always watching over us.


To call upon Archangel Michael for assistance, it helps to know the ideal times we can request his blessings and guidance.


As most doctors have a specialization, each archangel also has specialized domains where they can be of more help.


We have identified 7 ideal times or situations that we would be needing Archangel Michael as he is the perfect angel for these instances.


Bear in mind that there is no problem that is too difficult for Archangel Michael, he will always be there for you when you call.


You also don’t need to worry if he will have time for you as he can be with countless people at once. Just be prepared for his presence as you will feel a noticeable energetic shift in the room when he shows up for duty.


Archangel Michael Will Be Your Most Trusted Angel to Help You Face Your Fears


All of us have something we need to work on or need to change but always avoid facing the issue.


It could be facing bravely a scary diagnosis or addressing a relationship issue with your partner or with co-workers or a bad habit that you can’t let go of because you fear change. 


These are situations that would need you to muster extraordinary courage that Archangel Michael could well supply you with.


Archangel Michael’s hallmarks are courage and strength, and you are with the right angel if you face something terrifying or just something that makes you feel intimidated. 


Just call upon him in your prayers, journals, or thoughts and he will help you face your fears.


He may answer your request in many ways.


He could give you the gift of courage and strength, so you feel braver and more confident as well as peaceful.


He could also send you guidance to know how to handle the situation and bring you more opportunities, people, and resources to help you face this challenge.


Or he could clear your path for you, walk ahead of you and fight your battles for you in the context of the truth that he can’t control fate and people’s free will.


And of course, he will bring you to see the light of hope in your fearful situation.


You Can Ask Michael to Cut Energy Cords


What are energetic cords? These are invisible bonds in the form of energy that stretches through time and space. This cord connects you to people, places, ideas, situations, organizations, issues, or patterns.


This simply means that they become and are part of our lives. However, not all of these connections are good for us. There are those that we want to move on from so that we can shift and heal.


We may be able to do the moving on process in the physical plane as we take actions to move on, but there is a big possibility that there will be remnants of it in the spiritual realm as we are still connected through energy cords. This shows us that moving on becomes more powerful when we combine physical efforts with energetic works by asking Archangel Michael to cut the energy cords for us.


You can ask Archangel Michael to cut the energetic cord that binds you from your ex or a treacherous friend that you want to cut off from your life. Tell him what needs cutting and imagine yourself connected to a cord or just a golden rope that connects you to that person. Then imagine Archangel Michael’s loving presence in his massive wings and mighty sword of light as he raises his sword severing the cord in one mighty movement. And you see the golden rope vanished.


After this, you will feel differently but you’ll eventually return to balance in the next few hours or few days at most.


If the cord is old and challenging, the exercise can be repeated in a week or two.


Ask To Be Protected by His Shield


Unknown to many, we all have an energetic boundary surrounding us. This boundary can allow outside energies that are helpful and necessary and can shield you from anything that’s not necessary and can drain you out.


However, there are times that we would be needing extra protection like an energetic shield or armor when we are exposed to intense and harsh energies.


It helps to ask Archangel Michael to shield you with his armor when you’re putting yourself out to interact with someone who is too negative, extremely toxic, and difficult to deal with, so you’ll be surrounded with a protective layer that doesn’t allow the negative energy to cling to your aura.


His shield also helps stabilize and protect your own energy and peace.


Archangel Michael Can Be Someone You Can Lean On


There are times in our lives that we need someone to lean on. Although we have family and friends who can lend us a hand, they also have their own problems and responsibilities that they can’t be there for us all the time.


The same goes for healthcare professionals, life coaches, and counselors, they can only be of help to us in a given time.


On the other hand, Archangel Michael is not hindered by these limitations as the law of physics does not apply to him. That’s why he is your best bet when you need someone to lean on any time of the day. You can share all your worries and vulnerabilities with him, so you’ll never feel alone as you face life’s difficulties.


Archangel Michael Watches Over You Even as You Sleep


There may be a lot of things that are going on in your mind that keep you from falling asleep. Or your fears and worries bring you nightmares at night. Or you may not feel at ease sleeping as you worry about your health and your safety as well as your family.


Archangel Michael is always there for you. You just need to feel his presence every time so you become peaceful and able to sleep trusting that he will be watching over you as you sleep.


Imagine him with his sword of light illuminating your whole space and standing guard beside you while you sleep. Keep this image in your mind and you will always be assured of his presence.



el Michael Can Always Give You Divine Support


Facing challenging times in your life or struggling with anything, it helps to ask for comfort from families and friends. You can also add to your list your ever-reliable Archangel Michael. Don’t be afraid or intimidated by the presence of an angel as they only want to extend their help.


Call on Archangel Michael and he will support you all throughout your struggles. Acknowledge his presence and put him in your thoughts once in a while and don’t forget to thank him for his assistance.


Archangel Michael Will Always Be There During a Crisis


When it comes to a crisis, it is often Archangel Michael whom God sends to help people with their urgent needs during a crisis. He is ready and willing to help no matter what kind of protection you currently need and in what sort of situation you are in. He will give you the needed strength and courage to deal with your situation.


It could be that you’ll be hearing his voice audibly speaking or see his aura within your proximity. There are people who can attest they saw Archangel Michael’s blue and purple light during a crisis and heard his voice clearly.


He manifests in different ways, but he usually makes his presence clear as he is a clear communicator. His guidance will always be clear in your mind or strongly felt by your intuition.


And of course, never underestimate the magic of synchronicity as you can also decipher his guidance through it.


Since Archangel Michael is a powerful protector, he is often present in your life without you realizing it. He can be everywhere and be with you wherever you may be especially in your own home. So how do you know if he is in your house?


Signs That You Have Archangel Michael’s Protection


  • A sense of peace envelops your home


After a long day of stress and problems, you want nothing more than to come home to the quiet of your own peace.


Or when you have been through so many backhanded attacks and subtle insults, you want to shut yourself inside your home to be surrounded by the things that bring you comfort and security.


But it is not always the case. Sometimes we come home to more chaos, more stress. 


However, Archangel Michael will always be with you to envelop you in His protection and peace. 


Archangel Michael knows how much you struggle in your daily life and he would often come to you to guard you against all harm.


He wants you to feel his presence and love so you can be comforted. He wants to assure you that you are not alone and that your prayers are heard.


  • Your house is bathed in blue or purple hues


As beings of light, angels are generally associated with pure white light and color. 


However, archangels are often distinguished by the unique hues that represent their divinity and role in our lives.


Archangel Michael has always been associated with the colors blue and purple that describe his aura and protection. 


When Archangel Michael visits your home, you will notice shimmering tones of blue and purple in your furniture or little objects in your home. It shows his aura spreading over your house to provide protection from possible harm and negative vibes.


  • You feel warm and tingly sensations


As a very powerful archangel, Archangel Michael has a clear and bold presence.


A lot of people have reported feeling the warmth of Archangel Michael when he comes near them.


Have you ever woken up and felt warm all over? Or when you opened your doors and you get a tingly sensation and you instantly feel comforted?


The comforting energy of Archangel Michael has spread through your home and into you. It is an undeniable sign that Archangel Michael watches over you in your own home.


  • You’d see him everywhere


You’re just chilling on your couch watching TV or reading a book and suddenly, you find Michael everywhere.


You flipped through the channels and suddenly a commercial or a drama has someone named Michael on it.


You scroll through your social media, and you find images of Archangel Michael, with his flaming sword. Or you could be reading a book and suddenly a new character comes and he’s named Michael.


These are not coincidences but signs and synchronicities from Archangel Michael to help you notice his presence in your life and your home.


  • Flickering or flashes of light


Has your light been acting up after you prayed and connected with Archangel Michael?


Did you just turn your head because you saw a flash of light from your peripheral?


The energy of the angels is really powerful and they usually cause electricity to fluctuate when they visit people or make their presence known.


When you are connecting with Archangel Michael, you will often see the flickering of lights in your mind’s eye.


Also, a sign that Archangel Michael has come to your home is when you notice some light glows or halos around the house.


  • You found a feather inside your home


Another sign that Archangel Michael is in your house is when he leaves feathers for you to find.


It could be a feather you had stashed in your craft box, it could be a feather you found on your window sill, or it could be from a pet bird but you found far from the cage. These are all from Archangel Michael.


This physical sign is a way for Michael to get his message to you – a message of protection and guidance. He wants you to know that you can trust him and you can call on him anytime you need.


Angels often communicate with us directly or indirectly. 


However, our consciousness is influenced by the material plane we live in and it prevents us from noticing the signs they send us. 


Being here means that you are slowly letting go of these influences and you are becoming more conscious and aware of the guidance from your angels.


Continue communicating and connecting with the angels so you can easily understand their message for you and receive the blessing they bring from the Divine.


Archangel Michael has been faithful to God and His people since the beginning of time. So, don’t hesitate to ask for his help and guidance as he will respond to your request promptly. You just have to call for his help as he can’t interfere with your free will.