What Must I Do To Leave A Legacy?

You have what it takes to leave a legacy in this world that will inspire all the others who know you and watch your journey.


Every one of us dreamed of being able to create our name, to make it big, to live a life that will inspire others, and to be remembered. We all want to be someone who has lived life and not just exists.


You have the power of creation. You can create a legacy that the world will remember.


Creation is an act or process of bringing something into existence. Creativity on the other hand is the ability of an individual to go beyond traditional ways of thinking or acting and to develop new and original ideas, methods, or objects. It perceives the world in new and different ways, discovers hidden patterns, makes connections between seemingly unrelated things and events, and generates solutions. It involves both 2 processes of thinking and then producing.


To come out with a beautiful creation, a wonderful legacy, a person must be able to translate a creative idea through a person’s creativity. 


Creativity being an ability is a skill that’s specific to an individual just like riding a horse, swimming, or coding a script. It may seem to come naturally to others, but it is something that anyone can summon and improve if given the right amount of time, effort, and attention. 


Creativity goes beyond imagining and generating an idea. It is also about developing and that is, going out and doing the research to prove an idea or trying and test a process if it works. And if it’s an object, you go out and build it.


Creativity is almost synonymous with innovation. The difference between them is that innovation is the realization of a new or substantially improved product, service, or process that brings value to people’s lives through society, business, or government. And in the process of innovation, creativity is a very crucial part. Without creativity, there can be no innovation but both of these disciplines create value.


How to Create Your Legacy

You are the creator of your life. You are gifted with creativity to propel you into creating the reality you want and working on leaving a legacy that people will find inspiration in.


Here is how you can activate your gifts of creation and start creating your legacy:


Create A Vision


Create a vision and your vision will become your blueprint for the future and legacy you want to create. What you see creates your ability to step into that future you see in your vision. Anything amazing that you attempt to do is a product of your vision. After all, how will you be able to reach something if you haven’t seen it in your mind or even have an idea of it?


It is your vision that sparks hope when things are rough, and misfortunes become familiar. It is therefore wise not to rob your future of a limited vision. It does not give you the confidence to move forward when you don’t know exactly where you are going. 


There can be lots of reasons for our lack of vision. One of them is the pain of failures in the past that made us stop progressing. It could also be because of the complacency with past successes. But we need to remember that all our failures bring experience and insight as well as strengthen us. These insights will be the foundation for your wonderful legacy.


Our life nowadays has been enriched by those who are able to see beyond present circumstances and innovations. They have changed the future by seeing big visions. They transform this vision into reality and became catalysts for change. 


Being able to create a vision will bring with it your commitment to learn and look inward. Do it every time with fresh pair of eyes and perspective as using the same and tired eyes will unlikely see a bright future. It’s also worth noting that some perspectives of the past may have good input for your future vision. As they say, history repeats itself. It is then helpful to look into the past to better anticipate the future. And of course, you can draw some inspiration from what you read, hear and feel. 


Create a plan that awakens the spirit inside you!


Create A Structure 

You need to create a structure and restore order that you can work with as you create a legacy you can be proud of. 


Chaos is rampant in our everyday life and in the world. It will distract you from pursuing your passion and creating the reality you want. 


Order needs to be part of your daily life. An orderly life speaks of being aligned with your skills and abilities, personality, passions, and dreams. No one will be able to structure the most authentic and right structure for you but yourself. By knowing yourself truly and patterning your life accordingly, you will be able to align your deeds with your heart.


For each of us, there is an environment where we function our best. If you aren’t there yet, then by all means search or design the environment for yourself.


Oversee Development


Being able to create a vision and develop a structure is already more than half of the work of creating a legacy. However, being able to oversee your vision to come into life is equally important. The absence of execution of your visions will keep it as a vision forever and its potential will never be manifested or appreciated in its entirety. Your legacy will remain to be a dream.


This means that we must hold ourselves accountable for acting on our visions, take the actions that will solidify our plans, and take steps to fulfill our legacy. 


It is important to oversee our own development otherwise, our vision will remain a dream. We must own the responsibility. We have already been empowered, but it is what we do with that power that matters.


Design from your authentic self

Creating a blueprint of your life and the legacy you want to leave must come from your authentic self as this will be the most accurate blueprint for you. You’re the only one who can decide which one is best for your life and your originality and creativity shine bright with your unique self.


Being able to know your purpose, your true why, and your authentic self is the way to create only one thing that matters that will outlive you and benefit the world. This is the legacy you want to leave in the world.


Ask Your Angels for Help and Inspiration


Sometimes, the only thing keeping you from taking action in creating and working toward your legacy is an inspiration.


As you go through your journey, there will be people who will discourage you. Some will question your choices and decisions.


But you do not have to be alone in this journey. You have your angels with you and you can always turn to them when you need help. They will provide you with guidance and inspiration so you can successfully create your own legacy.


Archangel Uriel is the angel that will guide you and help you in your journey to create the life you want. As the angel of creativity and illumination, she will provide you with inspiration and illuminate your path toward your legacy.


Here is a simple prayer you can use to ask Angel Uriel for help and inspiration:

Archangel Uriel, the angel of creativity, wisdom, and illumination, I thank God for bestowing His light upon you and I pray that you send this light to my life.

 Please shine the Light of God into my heart and inspire my life with a great purpose.

 Whenever I’m facing difficulty, illuminate my mind with God’s wisdom and creativity and help me find creative solutions that will bring peace to my life.

 I am especially concerned with (say your intention). Thank you for hearing me out and for helping me. Amen.