Why Is Cash Flow Always Tight?

Do you always fall short on your bills? 


Are you living from paycheck to paycheck?


It seemed like there are more expenses than money coming in making you worry about how you can save up for emergencies. It starts to eat at you because you can only provide for the necessities when you want to be able to give your family what they want every once in a while.


There are many factors to consider about having negative cash flows whether it is in your personal finances or in your business. If it happens a couple of times, you can just brush it off and work around it. It could have just been because of some unforeseen events.


But when it has become the general theme of your life, you’ll be rendered hopeless in the long. You start to get anxious and depressed and burnt out because you can’t seem to meet your needs no matter how hard you try.


In other words, you are living in scarcity.


What makes you live in scarcity?

Have you ever felt like no matter how much you earn, or how hard you work, you are still barely getting by in your life?


Hopelessness gets to you and you feel like there is no way out of the pile of bills you need to pay and debts you need to return. You get overwhelmed by your current situation and the only thing left in your mind is that you are in an eternal scarcity.


Do you feel scarcity because of your low-paying job?


More than the material scarcity of your resources, it also affects your way of thinking and approaching things especially when it comes to the fulfillment of your goals and dreams.


For instance, when you are hungry, you tend to focus on food. Someone jobless would focus on his scarcity of opportunities.


When you are lonely, you think about how you have no friends to turn to, how isolated you feel and how you have a scarcity of companions. When one is pressured by a deadline, we get pressed by how little time we have.


When you have a scarcity of money, you find yourself juggling rent, loans, due bills, and debts. 


You are always counting the days until you receive the next paycheck.


You find yourself sacrificing things more, resisting your desires, and neglecting your wants. It could potentially result in your willpower being lessened.


Studies actually see this as a reason why the poor often have a hard time controlling themselves, are unable to give up vices, and lacking in freedom of mind because the scarcity mindset is more pronounced for them.


Such a mindset impairs your ability to make sound plans for yourself and your family and makes you more impulsive as you focus on short-term needs.


For instance, you would definitely buy more food on payday instead of thinking about saving some of it for your emergency funds.


The scarcity mindset is the feeling, the perception, that you do not have enough of something and even when you are not poor, you could still be ensnared with the scarcity mindset.


Sometimes, it is the result of a much earlier experience, a childhood faced with hardships, and unnecessary restrictions that made home in our subconscious and take root to form a continuing scarcity mindset even when we have plenty to go around.


If we put it in a different light, the scarcity mindset has become a lifestyle you need to get out of. When you opt to continue living this way, you will fail to see the opportunities you can take to change your life.


You may have unknowingly limited yourself because you think you do not have enough.


Here are 10 signs that you have a scarcity mindset

1. You constantly worry about money. It is like the first and last thing on your mind is how and why you do not have enough money.


2. You judge rich people. You find yourself needlessly judging people with money as privileged, spoiled, brats, lucky or arrogant because they have too much money.


3. You convinced yourself that money is evil. You think that having too much money is bad and it makes people become greedy. You tell yourself that you will be happier with what you have now than to face the complications of having too much money.


4. You avoid money like a plague. You’d find yourself not being able to handle money wisely. It was like you just had your payday and suddenly, you don’t have money again.


5. You tend to overspend. As we mentioned earlier, because of your feeling of scarcity, you tend to overspend. You’d buy more food on payday; you’d buy anything the moment you have your hands on some money.


6. Underspending. Ironically, underspending is also a sign of having a scarcity mindset in the sense that you restrict yourself from buying other things because you think you do not have enough money to spend.


7. You can’t be really happy about others’ achievements. When someone you know, a family member, a neighbor, a workmate, or a friend, gets promoted, or bought a new car, or made new renovations on their home, your ego feels attacked and you think about why it wasn’t you.


8. You compare yourself to others. You might have set your standard for someone based on what they have. You think about your worth in comparison to others and it becomes frustrating when you keep coming up behind them.


9. You keep justifying for yourself. When things do not go your way, or when the results of your endeavor do not meet your expectations, you make excuses as to why you feel they come to be. You talk big but you can’t follow through with your goals.


10. You do not share. Selfishness overcomes you as you constantly think that you might have nothing in the coming days. So, you find it hard to share your things with others. You would protect what you have because it is yours and they can work to have theirs. 


The only way to get out of the scarcity mindset and shift to an abundance mindset


Subconsciously, you know what you have to do.


You may not be aware yet but you know the steps you need to take. Your fear of change and of the unknown are the reasons why you find it hard to let go of your old beliefs.


Asking the right questions about the life you want to live will help you see the reality of your abundance in front of you.


When you ask yourself, “How can I find the support and guidance of the universe to sustain me in this life?”, you’ll easily find the answers you need.


Here are simple prayers to ask for financial help from your angel.

Prayer to Eliminate Debt


Dearest Archangel Ariel, I humbly ask for your assistance against financial debt right now. 


I long that I don’t owe anything to anyone except my obligation as a human to love others.


Help me with my struggles and free me from the financial oppression these debts are causing me.


Help me to speak of financial prosperity and abundance only. 


Send me miracles in my finances because I believe that you want me to be peaceful and free.


Let me prioritize love from now on instead of money.


And so it is.


Prayer To Turn My Hopeless Situation Around

Dearest angels, I humbly pray for deliverance from my overwhelming financial situation.


I can’t imagine what will happen to me if I don’t receive a miracle in my dire situation.


Hear my anxiety and my cry for help and let me experience your grace and compassion.


I humbly ask you to please turn my hopeless situation around and allow me to find hope.


Guide me and let me see the way out of this situation.


Empower me to do good economically so I may thrive even in this hopeless situation.


Guide me to find the right way towards financial freedom.




Prayer for Prosperity and Financial Blessings

Dearest Archangel Ariel, please look into my deepest troubles and feel me.


I humbly ask you for help with my messy financial situation.


Please take me under your wings and lift me up from this tiring situation.


I praise you for your love and compassion.


Help me to listen to your wisdom and follow your guidance always so I may know what to do.


Deliver my prayers to the Divine.


I open myself to your love and light. I open myself to your blessings and miracles.


Thank you for being faithful and for setting me on stable ground.