How Do Soul Mate Relationships Work?

Have you met someone where you felt an undeniable draw towards that person? It is said that even before you were conceived, your spiritual half has already been determined. It is believed that each soul has a perfect match and that is your soulmate. In this article, you’ll learn how to recognize your soulmate and what angels have to do with leading you to them.


What is a soulmate connection?


They are people whom you feel destined to meet and share life with. And when you’re around them, you feel that undeniable feeling of being at home. However, there are times that the same person might sometimes drive you crazy or even cause you pain or contribute to your most transformational wounds. This person with whom you are strongly connected on a soul level is what we often know as a soulmate.


But what is this soul connection feel like? You already have an idea. You may have dreamt of having someone who fully understands you and sees your soul. But a person like this is so hard to find as not all people can have a soul connection with you.


A soul connection is when two people feel like they are connected on a soul level in a meaningful and extraordinary way. It is the sense of feeling that your connection goes beyond the material plane.


A link between you that transcends the physical details of your relationship that for example, although you both know you are officemates or lovers, you know that something more powerful has brought you together or is at play. There could also be that feeling that you have known each other for so long or you’ve met the person in a past life or that weird feeling that your souls have agreed before this life to meet in this lifetime.


Soul connections will make our lives richer, happier, and more meaningful which will help us create the “happy ever after” that we are longing for. There is no other kind of happiness that’s as deep and as fulfilling as having someone who sees you, understands you, and touches your soul.


But how do you recognize a soul mate? Your wish to find your soulmate may just about to happen but you are hindered by your own beliefs because of your experiences in the past. Finding your soulmate may not be as easy as you hoped it would be. That’s why some people give up finding their soulmates because of the uncertainty.


Angels can help you to find your soul mate if you learn how to connect with them. So they will send you signs to keep you motivated. The Universe has made sure that we can find the people we have soul connections with.

In this new age, more and more people believe in soulmates.
As more people become more aware of their spirituality and soul awakenings, soulmates and soul connections have become more than just concepts in fantasy novels and movies. 


Right from the start, the universe has picked out special people that will cross our path to help us in our journey. However, as we go through our lives, we become preoccupied that we fail to notice when our soulmates have entered our life.


Some people have to go through other relationships before meeting their soulmates. It is undeniable that we need to get ready in every aspect of our being before we meet our soulmates to have a lasting relationship with them.


This makes it important to know the signs from our angels and the Divine so we can easily listen to our intuition and make the right choices concerning our soulmates.


It will help us take action on how we will deal with our soulmate relationships.


Here are 7 signs from the angels that you are about to meet your soulmate:


1. Soulmate Dreams


One of the most common signs from the angels concerning our inevitable meeting with our soulmates is through dreams.


Sometimes, our angels will give us a really simple dream about our soulmates approaching like showing their faces, what kind of person they are, or where we will meet them.


Sometimes, it could be a complex dream where we are shown different symbolisms of our soulmates as though we have to be careful in discerning when or how we will meet them.


Our angels use dreams all the time to give us different signs. Soulmate dreams, whether simple or complex, will always mean that your soulmate is near and you will meet each other very soon.


2. Seeing angel numbers everywhere 


Another favorite and common angel sign are angel numbers.


Angels are fond of this way especially when they need to give us special messages.  When it comes to messages about your soulmate and soul connections, angel number 111 or 1111 is especially used to convey these messages.


When this angel number shows itself to you more often, know that these are not coincidences.  Through this angel sign, your guardian angels want you to be aware and to pay attention to your surroundings and the people you are with at the moment.


Your angels want to guide you and your soul in recognizing your soulmate.


3. You find yourself exploring things


Another angel sign that you are about to meet your soulmate is when you find yourself getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new things.


This could manifest in a way that suddenly you gave in to the urge of starting a new career path. Or it could be that you finally took a vacation alone or you have decided to go somewhere you haven’t been to before. It could also be taking up a new hobby or starting to learn a new skill.


This strong urge of going beyond what you are used to is a guiding force that will show you new territories, things, and people.


It is as though you are being prepared for your soulmate relationship.


4. You prioritize your development and self-love


We all strive to grow and love ourselves for who we are. It can be hard at the start especially when there have been a lot of traumas and pain in the past.


However, we know that loving ourselves and prioritizing our development is crucial in any relationship we want to have. A sign that your soulmate is about to enter your life is when your self-love and development have been steadily progressing.


This is where you understand who you are and what you need in a relationship. You are confident that you can make your relationships work. And you understand that your happiness comes from you first and that this same happiness is what you will share in your soulmate relationship.


5. You have healed from your past relationship


Another angels sign that you are about to see your soulmate is when you have fully moved on from your past heartbreak.


You have healed your heart and you have picked up lessons from your past relationships that may help you in the future relationship you will have with your soulmate.


Your angels are trying to help you realize the best thing about being in a relationship.


At this moment, you will understand that your soulmate relationship is not about having a lifetime partner but about meeting and having someone who has a deep connection with you. Someone who understands you, who has the same energy vibration with you, and will truly understand you.


6. You feel ready to go into a relationship


Wanting a relationship and being ready for one are two different things.  You can want a relationship but you may not be ready for it and it will result in heartbreaks and mistakes.


When you feel like you are ready to go through all the intricacies of having a soulmate, then this is a sign from your angels that you are about to meet your soulmate.


This means that your self-love and development have helped you prepare for when you will be with your soulmate.


You will feel your energy level is higher than in the past. You feel lighter and you have this thought that you are someone who can build a lasting relationship.


7. Your intuition tells you


Do you feel the nudge, the gut feeling that you are about to meet someone special? Deep down in your heart, you are certain that you will meet your soulmate.


Through your intuition, your angels are telling you that you are about to meet your soulmate. And when you meet “the one”, you will have that instant knowing and feeling that you have finally met “the one”. It may sound cliche like it’s something a character will say in a chick flick movie, but this is the most common way of knowing that you have finally met the one.


It is not always love at first sight. There are times when you have known the person for a long time, but because you are still on different energy planes, you did not know that you were soulmates.


Only when you are ready, when your vibrations are aligned, that you will feel it inside you. Your angels want you to listen to your intuition when this time comes so you will not miss it.


Learning about the signs will help you prepare for a meaningful meeting with your soulmate. This will help you recognize him/her immediately so you won’t miss the chance.


Or if you’re not sure, do you wonder if you are already in a relationship with your soulmate.


What if you’re already in a relationship with your soulmate but you just didn’t recognize him/her?


You might be wasting your time trying to find “the one” where in fact you are already with him/her.


Many of us think that a soulmate relationship is a perfect harmonious union of pure bliss. Instead, your spiritual soulmate is the one who is meant to help you complete yourself.


We, humans, are social beings, and we are aware that no one can complete his life’s mission alone. All of us need a helping hand to become better people and to achieve our goals. And thus, a soulmate relationship isn’t always a blissful experience as most of us think.


What makes it meaningful and powerful is that being in a sincere, caring, honest, people and committed soulmate relationship will help you grow to be the best version of yourself. And that includes pushing yourself beyond your limits and outside of your comfort zone to reveal your best self.


The soulmate relationship that we have in mind is a perfect mutually symbiotic union. However, this is not always the case as it can also be rough at the beginning.


It can feel like you are not meant for each other but trying to be together. Sometimes, it can feel like you do not fit together at all like a mismatched puzzle. But the magic happens when you keep on trying, twisting, turning, and flipping the puzzle pieces that you’ll eventually find the moment of the perfect fit. And you will feel it in the deepest part of your soul that you’ve found the right one.


This is because there are many instances where soulmates appear in disguise. Many have not been physically attracted to each other when they first met. But there is an unmistakable mysterious force that brings them forward to that one person with a certain feeling in their heart that they have found the right person for them.


You may have that checklist of what you want to have in a partner but if you are courageous enough to deviate from your partner checklist and open your eyes, your heart, and your soul, you are opening yourself to unexpected possibilities. If you use your heart and soul instead of your perfect person checklist, you might be one of the luckiest people who have found their true soul match.


So how do you know if you have already found your soulmate?


1. You Will Know It In Your Heart


It may seem strange but once you have found the one, there is an unmistakable feeling of certainty in your heart that you are with “the one”.


For some reason, there is something within you that tells you you’ve found the perfect one for you. It’s as if there is a spiritual force peeling you off of everything you previously expected and allowing yourself to be in it completely.


2. Your Paths Have Crossed Before


Soulmates have met each other at different times in the past. Although you may not have connected, it could be that you were in the same place at the same time.


You could be sitting at the same café in a foreign country, being at the same airport, or just buying groceries at the same supermarket. Or you could just be staying at the same condominium building. The odds are so many that your paths have crossed before, yet you never met until the time is right.


3. You Will Meet Your Soulmate At The Right Time


Meeting our soulmate is one of life’s wondrous blessings and so we need to be ready once he/she comes and prepare ourselves to receive the soul connection.


You don’t want to crew this up, so you have to be prepared to meet your soulmate. You may have to go through relationships that don’t work out or you’d have to be ready to let go of your perfect person checklist.


Whatever life throws at you to prepare you for the one, ultimately timing is everything and you will meet your soulmate at the right time.


4. You Find Peace In Each Other’s Space


You will feel an unmistakable peace and comfort being quiet together. Your soulmate is like the warmth and comfort on a cold winter night.


Whether you’re just staying in your room quietly doing your own thing or together in a ride in your thoughts, there’s a comfortable and peaceful quiet between you.


5. You Can Hear Your Partner’s Silent Thoughts


Your soul connection as soulmates brings depth into your relationship that you can feel and hear your partner’s thoughts even if they’re not expressing them verbally.


6. You Can Feel Each Other Emotions


You know each other so well that it’s as if you’re in each other’s shoes. You can feel each other’s emotions whether sadness, worries, stress, or any positive emotions your partner is feeling. With this, you can easily share each other’s happiness and pain.


You can tell how his/her day was, the moment he/she stepped into your house.


That’s how connected your souls are.


7. You Know Each Other’s Flaws And Accepts It


All of us have flaws and it’s good to find someone who knows it but still accepts it. Our soulmates can see through us and understand us in a way that they know what our flaws are but are okay with them.


Our partner is there for us to always look for the good in us even if things don’t look so good. They know how to encourage us and allow us to do things we are good at and turn our flaws into a useful asset that makes us better.


8. You Share The Same Values And Life Goals


Your inner core is in alignment with your partner’s. You have the same values, ethics, and life goals. You may have different approaches on how to achieve your goals, but ultimately you both want the same results.


9. You’re Not Afraid To Open Up And Have A Conversation


You are not afraid to open up and bare yourself. You feel safe in your partner’s love and care for you. Conversations can be challenging, and it is often uncomfortable to express personal concerns or attempt to make decisions.


But both of you know that if you join together, and approach things together, you will be able to work things out.


10. There’s Mutual Respect Of Each Other’s Differences And Opinions


As individuals, you both are aware that you have different personalities and opinions.


Oftentimes, it is believed that soulmates are opposites that at times this could become challenging. This happens especially in times when you are being forced to let the other person complete you.


Although you still have your own opinion, you chose to honor and respect your partner as you deeply respect and care for him/her. Instead of just disagreeing with his/her opinion, you listen and honor the differences.


 11. You Complete And Complement Each Other


Although you are already complete when you meet your soulmate, essentially and soulfully, your partner fills in your blanks.


We are well aware that nobody is perfect, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. That’s why soulmates complete and complement each other. They are both a component of balance, of the yin and yang energy in a perfectly harmonious relationship.


It could be that one person is an extrovert, while the other is an introvert. One may be good at generating ideas while the other is excellent in execution and making brilliant ideas come to life.


Soulmates are often opposite forces that are attracted to a person who has their missing pieces.


12. You Are Each Other’s Home


Being in each other’s arms washes away all your fears, worries, and stresses. It feels like home to be in your partner’s arms and there is no place you’d rather be at the end of the day.


All of us experience bad days at work, at our daily commute, or anything in our daily activities. As soon as we get home and be with our partner, whatever bad thing that happened during the day seems bearable or completely gone.


You will feel the warmth in your heart, and an inner peace that makes you feel at home. You don’t need to say anything. Everything exists in the silent and blissful togetherness of two souls. Not just any two souls but souls that were always meant to be together eternally.


These are some of the major signs you are already in a relationship with your soulmate. This will give you an idea of how lucky you are to have found the one. Although angels can help you see the signs, your soul will also know, and you will know it for sure by how right it feels.


May your angels lead you to your soulmate.